Hœmatitic, or Wood Tin Enlarge
British Mineralogy
Stannum oxygenizatum

Hœmatitic, or Wood Tin

In my account of the Hæmatitic oxyde of Tin (vol. 4, p. 95.) I observed tin; scarcity of specimens attached to the rock: I have now been favoured with permission to figure a magnificent one, the matrix of which is Quartz, mixed with Tourmaline, by Mr. Ashurst Majendie, it is from Trethurgey moor, near St. Austell, where it was found among Stream or Pebble Tin, the only situation in which Wood Tin has ever been found; for although fragments with the matrix are sometimes met with, yet they are always rolled pieces, and the soil in which they occur is probably alluvial, and composed of the debris of rocks no longer remaining, as is evidenced further by the occurrence of Gold with the Stream Tin, which is not found in any rock in Cornwall, at present standing.

I have figured with this, two specimens of what the Miners very aptly call Toad’s-eye Tin ore; one was lent me by the same gentleman as the above; the other was Mr. Day’s: they are both parts of water worn masses; the Tin in them is a minute variety of the Wood Tin, and they were found in the same situation with it; the matrix is Quartz and Tourmaline.

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