Azurite Enlarge
Aug 1. 1811 published by Jas Sowerby London.
Exotic Mineralogy
Argilla cœrulea


  • Syn.
    • Lazulite. Haüy, Tableau 62.
    • Azurite. Sowerby’s Catalogue, 58. Jameson, 2. 542.
    • Lazulith. Werner.

This uncommon substance is found at Vorau in Styria, and at Salzbourg. The present specimens from Vorau, were lent me by the Count de Boumon, and the upper specimen is the more valuable, as part of a nearly right-angled prism, is seen enclosed in the Quartz very distinctly, while the rest is more or less scattered, although, upon nice examination, it appears to be mostly parts of prisms placed irregularly together. The lower figure shows some signs of the same form, and the more scattered parts are lighter in colour. There are some silvery parts of Mica about the Quartz, also some sparks of Specular Iron. See Tab. 64, B. M. Jameson remarks, that no Pyrites is found near this mineral. The longitudinal fracture seems foliated, cross-fracture in the direction of the diagonals of the base, between glassy and earthy; it is also translucid in the more glassy-looking parts, and more opaque in the earthy parts: the former is mostly darker blue, the latter resembling lightish smalt blue. It scratches glass. The upper specimen is greenish in some parts, and has some ochraceous Iron in the flaws of the Quartz. It is said by some to be imbedded in Mica slate.

Analysis of that from Salzbourg, by Tomsdorff.
Alumina 66.0
Magnesia 18.0
Silex 10.0
Lime 2.0
Iron 2.5
Loss 1.5
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