Native Palladium Enlarge
Feb 1 1812 published by Jas Sowerby London.
Exotic Mineralogy
Palladium nativum

Native Palladium

  • Syn. Palladium. Wollaston, Phil. Trans. 1804.

Native Palladium, nearly pure, is found interspersed among the Brazilian Platinum, from which it is distinguishable by the rugged appearance of its grains, which, on more minute examination, are found to have a shrubby, or ramified form. In colour they are scarcely different. It is somewhat harder than Iron, very malleable, and, in common with the other new metals found among Platinum, is nearly infusible. It was discovered by Dr. Wollaston, who has kindly permitted me to figure his specimens, which are perhaps the only ones that ever have been preserved.

The history of this new metal is too well known to tell at length here; suffice it to say, that it was not at first divulged by whom and in what manner it was discovered, till the art of some reputable Chemists was put to the foil. See Phil. Trans.

The three lower figures are magnified.

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