Velvet Copper Ore Enlarge
Exotic Mineralogy
Cuprum velutinum

Velvet Copper Ore

  • Syn.
    • Kupfersammterz. Karsten Tab. 62. Werner.
    • Velvet Copper. Jameson’s System, ed. 2. iii. 153.

This splendid and valuable copper ore not having hitherto been analyzed, it is impossible to give it a correct name or place in the system; it is distinguished from other copper ores by its colour which is a pure rather pale blue, and the extreme delicacy of its fibres, which gives it the lustre of velvet. It encrusts the surface of mammilated brown Ironstone; hitherto it has been found only at Oravicza in the Bannat, and is rare there. The British Museum is in possession of the fine specimen figured.

It has been conjectured, but I do not know upon what grounds, that it is a combination of Oxide of Copper with Silex.

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