Stilbite Enlarge
Exotic Mineralogy
Silex fulgens


  • Syn.
    • Silex fulgens. Brit. Min. tabs. 259 & 524.
    • Strahl Zeolith. Werner.
    • Zeolithe rayonnée. Broch. i. 301.
    • Stilbite. Haüy iii. 161. Tabl. 48. Aikin 209. Bournon Catal. 101.

The present specimen of Stilbite is a variety by no means uncommon, although not met with in the British islands; its beauty renders it interesting.

The crystals are in prismatic groups, curiously expanded at each end, but still retaining the general form of the elongated dodecahedron, exhibited at the top of the plate; the surface of the specimen beneath the Stilbite is encrusted with mealy Zeolite (or nearly pulverulent Mesotype); it is from Ferro.

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