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Exotic Mineralogy
Sulphur nativum

Native Sulphur

Crystallized Sulphur has hitherto not occurred in Great Britain, it becomes therefore a fit subject to figure in an appendix to British Mineralogy. I have selected for this purpose the most magnificent group of crystals ever brought to England; but as the mass upon which they repose is very broad, I have omitted a great portion of it reusing principally the central parts, and condensing them a little. The crystals, although large, are not so remarkable for size as for their perfection and elegant distribution over a surface composed of acute crystals of Corbonate of Lime, covered by an opaque rough crust. It is the produce of a mine at Conilla, near Cadiz, which was opened many years ago by the King of Spain, for the express purpose of extracting a few of its magnificent treasures, with some of which the late Mr. Forster was indulged, the mine was immediately closed again, and I am told the works were destroyed by the French, while they blockaded Cadiz, towards the close of the last war. For the figure I am indebted to the liberality of Mr. Heüland, who now possesses the treasures above alluded to, and wliich I have often admired.

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