Allanite or Cerine Enlarge
Exotic Mineralogy
Cerium oxyferriferum

Allanite or Cerine

This variety of Allanite, for it appears to be no other, has been known but a short time; it occurs in flat elongated black crystals, that shoot irregularly into the copper pyrites, or among the fibrous Hornblende, that accompanies the Cerite (see tab. 25.) found at Riddarhytta, in Westmannland, in Sweden.

The crystals are seldom well defined, but they will, upon a careful inspection, be found to be rhomboidal prisms, with two broad sides, the obtuse angle seems to be a few degrees less than 120, they maybe distinguished readily by their uneven fracture in all directions, and the total want of laminæ, from Hornblende.

Mr. Hisinger has given the following analysis*:

Silica 30.17
Alumina 11.31
Lime 9.12
Oxide of Cerium 28.19
Oxide of Iron 20.72
Oxide of Copper 0.87
Volatile matter 0.40
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