Carbonate of Strontia Enlarge
Exotic Mineralogy
Strontia carbonata

Carbonate of Strontia

  • Syn.
    • S. carbonata. Brit. Min. tab. 65.
    • Strontiane Carbonatée. Haüy Tab. 15.
    • Strontian. Werner. Aikin 166.

The variety of Carbonate of Strontia, exhibited in the upper figure upon this plate, is very unlike that given in British Mineralogy, and so much like in its contour to Carbonate of Lime, that it becomes truly interesting; the fracture, however, displays a surface and lustre very different. Jt is from the Leogang, in Salzburg, and is very rare.

Mr. Heüland’s cabinet.

The lower figure is an attempt to picture the beautifully white and brilliant variety from Braunsdorf, in Saxony, which is accompanied with Iron Pyrites, uponCarbonate of Lime. The modifications upon the crystals are probably the same as upon the above specimen; but the laces upon the edge of the prism arc so much enlarged as to form acute pyramids.

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