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Exotic Mineralogy
Tellurium argento-auriferum

Graphic Tellurium

  • Syn.
    • Aurum graphicum. De Born. 2, 470.
    • Tellure natif graphique. Haüy, 4, 326.
    • Tellure natif auro-argentifère. Haüy Tabl. 119.
    • Tellure graphique. Bourn. Catal. 451.
    • Native Tellurium α. Aikin, 140.
    • Graphic Tellurium. Nonnul. Graphic Gold. vulg.
    • Schrifterz. Werner.

This is the only kind of Tellurium hitherto unfigured in this work. It is the most showy species, but not the rarest. Its crystals approach nearest to those; of Native Tellurium, see tab. 64.; and are arranged against one another so as to form the frame-work, as it were, of hexahedral or trihedral tables, and various other forms, which have led to the idea of the primitive crystal being an octahedron. It occurs upon the surface of Quartz, in fissures in a grey porphyry, that contains also Pyrites, Blende, and native Gold. Offenbanya, in Transilvania, is the only country that has produced it.

Klaproth obtained from 100 parts:
Tellurium 60
Gold 30
Silver 10

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