State Parks of the United States

Celebrating parks in every state

You’ve probably visited more state parks than you realize. As many as hundreds of areas in each state have been designated a protected area for public use. These posters celebrate these parks in every state. Each poster includes names of every park for a state designed in the style of old wood type posters.

Alabama poster on table

What is a state park? The term “state park” has many different meanings ranging from the official moniker of “state park” to recreation area, historic site, state beach, and more. Posters include the names of state parks as listed on each state’s official park website. Some states list just state parks and others list all types of areas. Where parks were specifically listed, only they were included. Each park's name also loosely corresponds to its size. Bigger names = bigger parks. Colors also correspond to size. Parks were broken down into three size categories (small, medium, large) and a unique set of colors was chosen for each.


Starting at $27.80 for 24×36″. More sizes available on ordering page.