Agyrtria maculicauda

Guiana Emerald

Illustration not included in supplement volume

According to Mr. Elliot this species is closely allied to A. fluviatis and A. apicalis, but has the centre tail-feathers green, tipped with black, the next ones on each side being bronzy green for two thirds of their length, the rest black; the remainder are green at the base, then black, with a metallic green spot on the tip, which graduates into white on its upper edge.

Its habitat is Guiana, and the following is a copy of the original description given by Mr. Gould:—

Adult. This is a very little species with a long thin bill; its breast is green as in the others. Centre of the abdomen white; under tail-coverts white, except in the centre, where they are dark brown; the two centre tail-feathers bronzy green, except at the extreme tip, which is greenish black, the next on each side bronze for half their length, then black; the three outer ones on each side bronzy green ah base, then broadly zoned with black, next to which they are green, and lastly white. Total length 3\(\frac{1}{2}\) inches, bill \(\frac{7}{8}\), wing 2, tail 1\(\frac{1}{8}\).

[R. B. S.]


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