Cynanthus cœlestis

Ecuador Train-bearer

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This Ecuador Train-bearer is “considerably larger than the C. cyanurus; it also presents a marked difference in the colouring of the under surface, which is uniform coppery brown instead of green; in other respects the colouring is very similar to the specimens from Bogota, with green and blue tails. In no instance have I seen a specimen from Ecuador with an entirely blue tail, whereas they frequently occur among those sent from Bogota.” (Gould, l. c.)

Mr. D. G. Elliot, in his ‘Synopsis’ (p. 152), does not admit the distinctness of the present bird from Colombian examples, and considers that Mr. Gould’s species was established on too slight grounds to be maintained. Count Von Berlepsch and Dr. Taczanowski, however, admit a certain amount of difference in the Ecuador bird.

[R. B. S.]


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