Cynanthus griseiventris

Grey-bellied Train-bearer

Illustration not included in supplement volume

Dr. Taczanowski has received this species from Paucal in Peru, where it was collected by Mr. Jelski.

The original specimen was not quite adult, and had the tail somewhat damaged.

The following is a translation of Dr. Taczanowski’s description:—

Above green, with the forehead scaly for a long distance and very brilliant; underneath entirely pale ashy grey; the throat bright blue; the feathers white at the base; vent white; wing-coverts uniform with the back, the edge of the wing white; first primary externally margined with white; tail deeply forked, brilliant green, the centre tail-feathers having a very broad apical lustre of reddish copper; outer tailfeathers blue-black, ending in green; tail bluish green below. Bill black; feet blackish.

[R. B. S.]


  • Cynanthus griseiventris, Tacz. Proc. Zool. Soc. 1883, p. 72.

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