Dorifera rectirostris

Ecuadorean Lance-bill

Illustration not included in supplement volume

I have retained for the sake of uniformity the name Dorifera for the birds of the present genus, as it was employed by me in the previous volumes of this Monograph; but I admit that the more correct form of writing it would be Doryphora, as adopted by Messrs. Sclater and Salvin in their ‘Nomenclator Avium Neotropicalium.’

In point of fact the name Doryphora will have to be suppressed among the Trochilidæ; for it has already been employed by Illiger in entomology, and therefore the proper generic name to be used is Hemistephania of Reichenbach, as employed by Mr. Elliot.

D. rectirostris comes from Ecuador, where it replaces the Colombian D. ludoviciæ, of which, in fact it is only a larger race with a somewhat longer bill.

The following is a copy of the original description published by me in the ‘Introduction:’—

Bill and feet black; tarsi clothed with brown feathers; forehead brilliant glittering green; crown and back of the neck reddish bronze, passing into dull green on the back; upper tail-coverts washed with blue; tail black, tipped with greyish brown, largely on the external feathers, slightly on the middle ones; under surface olive; under tail-coverts grey; wings purplish brown.

I have not given a figure of this species, as there is not sufficient difference between it and D. ludoviciæ to be shown in a Plate.


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