Juliamyia feliciana

Felicia’s Humming-bird

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This species, which represents Juliamyia typica in Ecuador, is, according to Mr. Elliot, precisely like that species, “except that the crown of the head is metallic glittering green like the throat; in all other respects it is a facsimile of the above-named species. The female is like that of J. typica.”

Mr. Fraser met with the present bird at Babahoyo, where, however, he states that “it was not very common and only found in the deep bush, where it feeds on the tops of good-sized trees,” and again at Esmeraldas it was ‘taken catching flies among the cacao plantations. In October it was common everywhere, in December rare.” Mr. Stolzmann has also procured the species at Chimbo in Ecuador.

[R. B. S.]


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