Genus Juliamyia Bonap.

The member or members, as the case may be, of the genus Juliamyia, stand quite alone and apart from all the other small Humming-Birds, and bear the same relationship to the Eucephalæ that the Sphenoproctus Pampa does to the Campylopteri. Some of the specimens of this form have brilliantly glittering crowns; in others this part of the head is dull-coloured; while the plumage of the body is alike in all.

These differences have sadly perplexed me for many years; but, after a very careful and minute examination of a great number of examples from various localities, I believe I shall be right in regarding the brilliantly coronetted bird as distinct from its dull-crowned ally, and in adopting Lesson’s name of Feliciana, believing that his description of the bird he has so called has reference to it.


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