Leucippus viridicauda

Berlepsch’s Whitethroat

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Count von Berlepsch has described this species as being different from the Peruvian L. leucogaster by reason of its uniform tail-feathers, these never being margined with white, as well as by its shorter bill.

The typical specimen was obtained by Mr. Henry Whitely at Huiro, in Southern Peru, and Count von Berlepsch remarks concerning it:—

I have sometimes looked upon this as being the young of L. leucogaster (Tschudi); but Dr. Taezanowski assures me that he has had many specimens of L. leucogaster under his eyes, aud amongst them young birds which already showed the white marks on the inner webs of the outer rectrices, of which L. viridicauda has not the slightest trace.

Dr. Taczanowski thinks the Huiro bird quite distinct; and we do not dissent from the opinion of our best authority on the birds of Peru.

[R. B. S.]


  • Leucippus viridicauda, Berlepsch, Ibis, 1883, p. 493.—Tacz. Orn. du Pérou, i. p. 399 (1884).

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