Selasphorus flammula

Rosy-throated Flame-bearer

The throat in this species is of a metallic rosy-red colour, which renders it a conspicuous bird.

Its habitat appears to be confined to Costa Rica and Veragua; and nothing seems to be known of its habits, which, however, are doubtless similar to those of the other Selasphori.

The descriptions of both sexes are here copied from Mr. Elliot’s work above quoted:—

Male. Upper parts shining grass-green. Throat metallic rose-red. Breast and middle of abdomen white. Flanks buff mixed with green. Wings purplish brown. Under tail-coverts white. Tail purplish black, margined with rufous, the centre pair slightly washed with green on outer webs. Maxilla black, mandible flesh-colour, tip black. Total length 2\(\frac{7}{8}\) inches, wing 1\(\frac{5}{8}\), tail 1\(\frac{1}{4}\), culmen \(\frac{3}{8}\).

Female. Upper parts bronzy green, brownish upon the head. Flanks buff. Throat, breast and abdomen white; the throat spotted with dark brown. Under tail-coverts buff edged with white. Wings purplishbrown. Four central rectrices grass-green, edged on outer web with rufous; remainder black tipped with buffy white. Bill and feet black. In size same as the male.

An adult male, lent to me by Messrs. Salvin and Godman, is figured in the Plate along with a pair of S. ardens.


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