Oligiste Iron ore Enlarge
JS July 1 1816.
British Mineralogy
Ferrum oligisticum

Oligiste Iron ore

  • Syn. Ferrum oxygenizatum. Brit. Min. tab. 64. 66.

This Iron ore is better known as a production of the Isle of Elba than as British; it is, however, found in various places, generally in laminæ, but seldom in thick crystals, see tab, 64 and 66. The specimen here delineated came from near Penzance in Cornwall, where it is sometimes found in finer specimens, although more generally of a rather confused appearance This expresses the usual aspect, while a few of the crystals show the modifications more distinctly, which are derived from the obtuse rhomb, as represented in the outline below; it is a variety between the uniternaire and binoternaire, of Hauy.

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