A reproduction of the subscribers who funded the printing of the 6 volumes containing 240 illustrations.

After publishing the original illustrations, a seventh book titled Fac-simile of autographs of subscribers to the Picturesque views of seats of noblemen and gentlemen of Great Britain and Ireland was produced that contained names, addresses, and signatures of the subscribers who paid in advance for the illustrations to be published as an acknowledgement of their contributions. Below is a reproduction of the complete list of 2,988 subscribers and signatures from notable groups.


Coat of arms

  1. SignatureH.R.H. The Prince of Wales, K.G.
  2. SignatureH.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh, K.G.
  3. SignatureH.R.H. The Duke of Connaught and Strathearne, K.G.
  4. SignatureH.R.H. Prince Leopold, K.G.
  5. SignatureH.R.H. The Princess Alice, Grand Duchess of Hesse Darmstadt
  6. SignatureH.R.H. The Duke of Cambridge, K.G.
  7. SignatureH.R.H. The Princess Mary of Cambridge, Duchess of Teck
  8. SignatureH.R.H. The Grand Duchess of Mecklenberg Strelitz
  9. SignatureH.R.H. Prince Christian of Schleswig Holstein, K.G.


  1. SignatureHis Grace The Duke of Norfolk, E.M.
  2. SignatureHis Grace The Duke of Grafton
  3. SignatureHis Grace The Duke of St. Albans
  4. SignatureHis Grace The Duke of Leeds
  5. SignatureHis Grace The Duke of Rutland, K.G.
  6. SignatureHis Grace The Duke of Hamilton
  7. SignatureHis Grace The Duke of Portland
  8. SignatureHis Grace The Duke of Manchester
  9. SignatureHis Grace The Duke of Newcastle
  10. SignatureHis Grace The Duke of Northumberland
  11. SignatureHis Grace The Duke of Westminster, K.G.
  12. SignatureHis Grace The Duke of Abercorn, K.G.
  13. SignatureHis Grace The Duke of Buccleuch, K.G.
  14. SignatureHis Grace The Duke of Argyll, K.T.
  15. SignatureHis Grace The Duke of Montrose


  1. SignatureThe Most Hon. The Marquis of Exeter
  2. SignatureThe Most Hon. The Marquis of Anglesey
  3. SignatureThe Most Hon. The Marquis of Cholmondeley
  4. SignatureThe Most Hon. The Marquis of Ailsbury, K.G.
  5. SignatureThe Most Hon. The Marquis of Bristol
  6. SignatureThe Most Hon. The Marquis of Londonderry
  7. SignatureThe Most Hon. The Marquis of Waterford
  8. SignatureThe Most Hon. The Marquis of Ely
  9. SignatureThe Most Hon. The Marquis of Lothian
  10. SignatureThe Most Hon. The Marquis of Ormonde
  11. SignatureThe Most Hon. The Marquis of Tweeddale


  1. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Shrewsbury & Talbot
  2. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Derby
  3. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery
  4. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Denbigh
  5. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Westmorland
  6. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Stamford and Warrington
  7. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Scarbrough
  8. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl Ferrers
  9. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Aylesford
  10. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Macclesfield
  11. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Harrington
  12. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Buckinghamshire
  13. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl Fitzwilliam, K.G.
  14. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Hardwicke
  15. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Clarendon
  16. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Mansfield
  17. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl Cadogan
  18. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Craven
  19. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Onslow
  20. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Romney
  21. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Wilton
  1. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl Nelson
  2. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Lonsdale
  3. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl Somers
  4. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Durham
  5. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Effingham
  6. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Yarborough
  7. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Zetland
  8. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Gainsborough
  9. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Ellesmere
  10. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Dartrey, K.P.
  11. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl Sydney, G.C.B.
  12. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Ravensworth
  13. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Aberdeen
  14. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Darnley
  15. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Egmont
  16. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Galloway
  17. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Carysfort
  18. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Sheffield
  19. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Glasgow
  20. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Roden
  21. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Dunmore
  1. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Beaconsfield, K.G.
  2. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Haddington
  3. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Dalhousie
  4. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Stair, K.T.
  5. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Dunraven
  6. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Lanesborough
  7. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Wicklow
  8. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Clonmell
  9. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Belmore
  10. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Kilmorey
  11. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Rosse
  12. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Caledon
  13. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl Annesley
  14. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Loudoun
  15. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Lathom
  16. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Dysart
  17. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl Grosvenor
  18. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Yarmouth
  19. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Bective, M.P.
  20. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Gosford, K.P.
  21. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Earl of Wiltshire


  1. SignatureThe Right Hon. Viscount Canterbury, K.C.B.
  2. SignatureThe Right Hon. Viscount Bridport
  3. SignatureThe Right Hon. Viscount Midleton
  4. SignatureThe Right Hon. Viscount Powerscourt, K.P.
  5. SignatureThe Right Hon. Viscount Valentia
  6. SignatureThe Right Hon. Viscount Templetown
  7. SignatureThe Right Hon. Viscount Dillon
  8. SignatureThe Right Hon. Viscount Gage
  9. SignatureThe Right Hon. Viscount Cranbrook, G.C.S.I.
  10. SignatureThe Rev. Viscount Molesworth
  11. SignatureThe Hon. Viscount Hinchingbrook, M.P.


  1. SignatureThe Right Hon. Lord Hastings
  2. SignatureThe Right Hon. Lord Clinton
  3. SignatureThe Right Hon. Lord Forbes
  4. SignatureThe Right Hon. Lord Willoughby de Broke
  5. SignatureThe Right Hon. Lord Windsor
  6. SignatureThe Right Hon. Lord Saye and Sele
  7. SignatureThe Right Hon. Lord Byron
  8. SignatureThe Right Hon. Lord Foley
  9. SignatureThe Right Hon. Lord Walsingham
  10. SignatureThe Right Hon. Lord Suffield
  11. SignatureThe Right Hon. Lord Lyttleton
  12. SignatureThe Right Hon. Lord Gwyndyr
  13. SignatureThe Right Hon. Lord Carington
  14. SignatureThe Right Hon. Lord Rayleigh
  15. SignatureThe Right Hon. Lord De L’isle and Dudley
  16. SignatureThe Right Hon. Lord Ashburton
  17. SignatureThe Right Hon. Lord Rossmore
  18. SignatureThe Right Hon. Lord Carew
  19. SignatureThe Right Hon. Lord Sudeley
  20. SignatureThe Right Hon. Lord Methuen
  21. SignatureThe Right Hon. Lord Lurgan
  22. SignatureThe Right Hon. Lord St. Leonards
  23. SignatureThe Right Hon. Lord O’Neill
  24. SignatureThe Right Hon. Lord Oranmore and Browne
  25. SignatureThe Right Hon. Lord Inchiquin
  26. SignatureThe Right Hon. Lord Robartes
  27. SignatureThe Right Hon. Lord Tollemarche of Helmingham
  28. SignatureThe Right Hon. Lord Gerard
  29. SignatureThe Right Hon. Lord Sackville
  30. SignatureThe Right Hon. Lord Alington
  31. SignatureThe Right Hon. Lord Harlech
  32. SignatureThe Right Hon. Lord Mount Temple
  33. SignatureThe Hon. Lord Herries
  34. SignatureThe Hon. Lord Hotham
  35. SignatureThe Hon. Lord Muncaster
  36. SignatureThe Hon. Lord Ruthven
  37. SignatureThe Hon. Lord Langford
  38. SignatureThe Hon. Lord Henry V. Cholmondeley
  39. SignatureThe Hon. Lord Henry Paget
  40. SignatureThe Rev. Lord Theobald Butler


  1. SignatureThe Hon. W. P. M. C. Talbot
  2. SignatureThe Hon. Randulph H. Stewart
  3. SignatureThe Hon. J. G. H. Manners-Sutton
  4. SignatureThe Hon. F. G. Molyneux
  5. SignatureThe Hon. W. H. J. North
  6. SignatureThe Hon. R. Baillie Hamilton
  7. SignatureThe Hon. John C. Dundas, M.P.
  8. SignatureThe Hon. W. Carrington, M.P.
  9. SignatureThe Hon. Mark Rolle
  10. SignatureThe Hon. John Bruce Ogilvy
  11. SignatureThe Hon. and Reverend C. J. Littleton
  12. SignatureThe Hon. and Reverend George Arbuthnot
  13. SignatureThe Hon. and Reverend Allan Brodrick

Foreigners of distinction*

  1. SignatureH.H. The Maharajah Dunleep Singh
  2. SignatureH.H. Thalla Juswunt Singh Jee Thakore of Limree
  3. SignatureH.H. Prince Check Nopowongse of Siam
  4. SignatureHis Excellency Count Münster German Ambassador
  5. SignatureHis Excellency The Nawab Sir Salar Jung, G.C.S.I. Baddr of Hyderabad
  6. SignatureHis Excellency Prince Mirza Malcolm Khan Persian Minister
  7. SignatureHis Excellency Kuo-Ta-Jen Chinese Minister
  8. SignatureHis Excllency Liu-Ta-Jen Assistant Chinese Minister
  9. Signature Sonada Kokichi Attaché to Japanese Legation, London

*The index of full names of subscribers including foreigners of distinction was separate from the signatures and corrections may be needed. (See the original signatures and index.) Please let me know if any corrections need to be made.

Ladies of rank

  1. SignatureThe Right Hon. Constance Marchioness of Lothian
  2. SignatureThe Right Hon. Louisa Marchioness of Waterford
  3. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Countess of Luderdale
  4. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Countess of Cardigan
  5. SignatureThe Right Hon. The Countess of Caledon
  6. SignatureThe Right Hon. Selina Viscountess Milton
  7. SignatureThe Right Hon. Louisa Lady Ashburton
  8. SignatureThe Hon. Lady Adeliza N. Manners
  9. SignatureThe Hon. Lady Rokewood Gage
  10. SignatureThe Hon. Lady John Chichester
  11. SignatureThe Dowager Lady Filmer
  12. SignatureThe Hon. Ellen Y. Prideaux-Brune
  13. SignatureThe Hon. Anne Dorethea Gilbert

Baronets and knights

  1. SignatureSir William R. Anson, Bart.
  2. SignatureSir Reginald P. Beauchamp, Bart.
  3. SignatureSir Williamson Booth, Bart.
  4. SignatureSir Francis Burdett, Bart.
  5. SignatureSir Hugh A. Chomeley, Bart.
  6. SignatureSir William Clayton, Bart.
  7. SignatureSir Talbot Clifford Constable, Bart.
  8. SignatureSir Daniel Cooper, Bart.
  9. SignatureSir Francis C. Ford, Bart.
  10. SignatureSir Robert N. C. Hamilton, Bart.
  11. SignatureSir Henry D. Ingilby, Bart.
  12. SignatureSir Harcourt Johnstone, Bart., M.P.
  13. SignatureSir John Lister Kaye, Bart.
  14. SignatureSir Wyndham Knatchbull, Bart.
  15. SignatureSir Charles Legard, Bart.
  16. SignatureSir John Leslie, Bart.
  17. SignatureSir Charles Mordaunt, Bart.
  18. SignatureSir John Murray, Bart.
  19. SignatureSir Richard C. Musgrave, Bart.
  20. SignatureSir Lydston Newman, Bart.
  21. SignatureSir Wm. W. R. Onslow, Bart.
  22. SignatureSir George R. Philips, Bart.
  23. SignatureSir Frederick L. Robinson, Bart.
  24. SignatureSir Charles Rushout, Bart.
  25. SignatureSir John St. Aubyn, Bart., M.P.
  26. SignatureSir David Salomons, Bart.
  27. SignatureSir Nicholas Wm. George Throgmorton, Bart.
  28. SignatureSir Henry Tufton, Bart.
  29. SignatureSir Mathew Wilson, Bart., M.P.
  30. SignatureSir Charles M. Wolseley, Bart.
  31. SignatureSir Watkin Williams Wynn, Bart., M.P.
  32. SignatureSir Julius Benedict, Kt.
  33. SignatureSir John Morris, Kt.
  34. SignatureSir John Bennett, Kt.
  35. SignatureSir James Ramsden, Kt.
  36. SignatureSir Lewis W. Jarvis, Kt.
  37. SignatureSir Albert Sassoon, Kt.
  38. SignatureSir James Meek, Kt.

Members of Parliament

  1. Signature James Lloyd Ashbury, Esq., M.P.
  2. Signature Henry W. F. Bolckow, Esq., M.P.
  3. Signature Henry A. Brassey, Esq., M.P.
  4. Signature Thomas Brassey, Esq., M.P.
  5. Signature Henry Chaplin, Esq., M.P.
  6. Signature John Corbett, Esq., M.P.
  7. Signature William Bromley Davenport, Esq., M.P.
  8. Signature Christopher B. Denison, Esq., M.P.
  9. Signature Joshua Fielden, Esq., M.P.
  10. Signature Francis J. Saville Foljambe, Esq., M.P.
  11. Signature William H. Foster, Esq., M.P.
  12. Signature Lewis Fry, Esq., M.P.
  13. Signature Edward Greene, Esq., M.P.
  14. Signature Robert W. Hanbury, Esq., M.P.
  15. Signature Robert Heath, Esq., M.P.
  16. Signature Henry A. Herbert, Esq., M.P.
  17. Signature Mitchell Henry, Esq., M.P.
  18. Signature Alexander Staveley Hill, Esq., M.P.
  19. Signature Thomas Knowles, Esq., M.P.
  20. Signature Major V. H. Vaughn Lee, Esq., M.P.
  21. Signature W. S. Gore Langton, Esq., M.P.
  22. Signature George Leeman, Esq., M.P.
  23. Signature Philip Wykeham Martin, Esq., M.P.
  24. Signature Lieutenant-Colonel John Sydney North, Esq., M.P.
  25. Signature Joseph Whitwell Pease, Esq., M.P.
  26. Signature Charles T. Praed, Esq., M.P.
  27. Signature Christopher Sykes, Esq., M.P.
  28. Signature Thomas Eades Walker, Esq., M.P.
  29. Signature John Walter, Esq., M.P.
  30. Signature Thomas O. Wethered, Esq., M.P.
  31. Signature E. W. Bridges Willyams, Esq., M.P.
  32. Signature Lieutenant-Colonel F. Maitland Wilson, Esq., M.P.
  33. Signature Charles H. Wilson, Esq., M.P.
  34. Signature Isaac Wilson, Esq., M.P.
  35. Signature Rowland Winn, Esq., M.P.
  36. Signature Colonel Owen Williams, Esq., M.P.


  1. SignatureAndover, Henry Hammans, Esq.
  2. SignatureArundel, Charles L. Evershed, Esq.
  3. SignatureBarrow-in-Furness, H. W. Schneider, Esq.
  4. SignatureBasingstroke, Henry Allen, Esq.
  5. SignatureBideford, Thomas Pollard, Esq.
  6. SignatureBodmin, John Crang, Esq.
  7. SignatureBrackley, Edward Taylor, Esq.
  8. SignatureBridgnorth, William Burton, Esq.
  9. SignatureBrighton, J. E. Mayall, Esq.
  10. SignatureBuckingham, Thomas Ridgway, Esq.
  11. SignatureCanterbury, John Hemery, Esq.
  12. SignatureChard, Frederick Mitchell, Esq.
  13. SignatureCheltenham, Henry Willmott, Esq.
  14. SignatureChester, William Johnson, Esq.
  15. SignatureChichester, Sharp Garland, Esq.
  16. SignatureChippenham, Richard Careless, Esq.
  17. SignatureChorley, Richard Jackson, Esq.
  18. SignatureChristchurch, George Ferrey, Esq.
  19. SignatureColchester, J. W. Bishop, Esq.
  20. SignatureCoventry, R. A. Dalton, Esq.
  21. SignatureDorchester, John P. Aldridge, Esq.
  22. SignatureDudley, Joseph Stokes, Esq.
  23. SignatureGlastonbury, John A. Porch, Esq.
  24. SignatureGodalming, Frederick Yate, Esq.
  25. SignatureGravesend, F. B. Nettleingham, Esq.
  26. SignatureGuildford, Fred T. Lethbridge, Esq.
  27. SignatureHanley, John R. Cooke, Esq.
  28. SignatureHelston, Frederick V. Hill, Esq.
  29. SignatureHenley-on-Thames, Robert Outhwaite, Esq.
  30. SignatureHigh Wycombe, William Phillips, Esq.
  31. SignatureHigham Ferrers, John Crew, Esq.
  32. SignatureIpswich, Edward Packard, Esq.
  33. SignatureKing’s Lynn, George Holditch, Esq.
  34. SignatureLewes, Thomas E. Beard, Esq.
  35. SignatureLiskeard, Silvanus Jenkin, Esq.
  36. SignatureLiverpool, John Grant Morris, Esq.
  37. SignatureLongton, Aaron Edwards, Esq.
  38. SignatureMaidenhead, William Woodbridge, Esq.
  39. SignatureMiddlesborough, Isaac Wilson, Esq.
  40. SignatureNewbury, Charles S. Slocock, Esq.
  41. SignatureNorwich, J. D. Smith, Esq.
  42. SignaturePenryn, James Martin, Esq.
  43. SignaturePeterborough, Henry P. Gates, Esq.
  44. SignaturePlymouth, Edward James, Esq.
  45. SignaturePreston, James Hull, Esq.
  46. SignatureReigate, E. Lambert, Esq.
  47. SignatureRyde, Henry Barrow, Esq.
  48. SignatureSalisbury, George Richardson, Esq.
  49. SignatureSandwich, John Hillier, Esq.
  50. SignatureShrewsbury, T. Slaney Eyton, Esq.
  51. SignatureSouth Molton, J. Galliford, Esq.
  52. SignatureSouthport, Richard Nicholson, Esq.
  53. SignatureSt. Alban’s, George Slade, Esq.
  54. SignatureWalsall, Thomas Checkley, Esq.
  55. SignatureWinchester, J. T. Clifton, Esq.
  56. SignatureWoverhampton, William Edwards, Esq.
  57. SignatureYarmouth, Edward H. H. Combe, Esq.
  58. SignatureLord Mayor York, John March, Esq.
Decorative filigree

All other subscribers


  1. Abberley, B. S., Dresden, Stoke-on-Trent
  2. Abbott, John, Magdalen Street, Norwich
  3. Abbott, William, 36 Avenhame Lane, Preston
  4. Adair, James J., 1 Lawn Terrace, Douglas, Isle of Man
  5. Adams, H. O., Duchess Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham
  6. Adamson, John, Colton Hall, Rugeley
  7. Adamson, Swainston, The Running Hills, Rugeley
  8. Addenbrooke, John, The Elms, Walsall
  9. Adderley, Captain E., Abbotswood, Romsey, Hants
  10. Adderley, Charles, Heron’s Cross, Stoke-on-Trent
  11. Adderley, William A., Dresden, Stoke-on-Trent
  12. Addison, S. T., Ellenhall, Stafford
  13. Addy, John, West Deeping, Cambs
  14. Adie, Charles, 35 Calverley Road, Tunbridge Wells
  15. Adlard, Edward, Postlip, Cheltenham
  16. Ainsworth, Lieutenant-Colonel W., Broughton Hall, Grange-over-Sands
  17. Ainsworth, Thomas, Broughton Hall, Blackburn
  18. Aitkin, Rev. Robert W., St. Paul Vicarage, Penzance
  19. Albery, Edwin, Midhurst, Sussex
  20. Alcock, Captain Harry, Manor Grange, Tunbridge Wells
  21. Alcock, Richard, The Hollies, Longport, Stoke-on-Trent
  22. Alderman, C. T. A., Mylor Bridge, Penryn
  23. Alderson, Frederick H., Southerton House, Hammersmith
  24. Aldham, Robert H., Kingstaith Square, King’s Lynn
  25. Aldridge, E., Christchurch, Hants
  26. Aldridge, R. F., South Hill School, Bury St. Edmunds
  27. Alexander, Joseph, Hungerford, Berks
  28. Alford, Frederick S., 61 Haverstock Hill, N.W.
  29. Allan, Major-Gen. A. Stewart, Kincardine, Park Lane, Richmond, Surrey
  30. Allbutt, A. H., Temple Row West, Birmingham
  31. Allbutt, Henry, Newbold Beeches, Leamington
  32. Allbutt, Josiah, Erdington, Birmingham
  33. Allcock, Annerly, Smethwick, Birmingham
  34. Allen, Rev. Willam, The Vicarage, Walsall
  35. Allen, Charles, Ravensworth, Pinner
  36. Allen, George, Eccleston, Chester
  37. Allen, R. A., 51 Villa Road, Handsworth, Birmingham
  38. Allen, robert, 6 Oak&rsquo's Crescent, Wolverhampton
  39. Allen, Thomas P., The Beeches, West Bromwich
  40. Allen, William, Worksop
  41. Allerton, John B., Florence, Longton, Stoke-onTrent
  42. Allison, John, Barrow-in-Furness
  43. Almond, George, Earnsdale House, Over Darwen
  44. Ambler, John C., 8 Walton's Parade, Preston
  45. Ambrose, Ambrose, 3 Railway Place, Bath
  46. Ames, Thomas, Huish House, Radstock, Bath
  47. Anderson, Robert A., Cirencester
  48. Anderton, E. D., Oakroyd, Falmouth
  49. Anderton, William, Gargrave, Skipton-in-Craven
  50. Anderton, William Ince, J.P., 45 Queen’s Gate Gardens, S.W.
  51. Andrews, Annie, Hall Farm, Evenley, Brackley, Northants
  52. Andrews, George, 2 Lansdown Villas, Weymouth
  53. Angell, John, B.O., Rumsey House, Calne, Wilts
  54. Ansderson, William A., M.D., J.P., Wilton Lodge, Hillingdon, Middlesex
  55. Anstey, John, Midhurst, Sussex
  56. Anstey, Thomas, 10 Ford Terrace, Coventry
  57. Appleton, John, Birch House, Worksop
  58. Archer, Henry, Royston, Herts
  59. Arthur, David, 14 Stafford Street, Liverpool
  60. Arthur, William, 156 Islington, Liverpool
  61. Ascott, Henry, New Inn Hotel, Bideford
  62. Ash, W. H., Porthcurnow, Cornwall
  63. Ashby, Frederick W., Staines
  64. Ashby, Morris, Colne House, Staines
  65. Ashby, Skidmore, Staines, Middlesex
  66. Ashdown, Levi, Leighton Buzzard
  67. Ashford, W. H., 40 Frederick Street, Birmingham
  68. Ashmall, Elias A., 25 Market Street, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent
  69. Astbury, James, Cape Hill, Smethwick, Birmingham
  70. Astley, Henry E., Hungerford, Berks
  71. Astley, James, J.P., Slater House, Osbaldeston, Blackburn
  72. Atherley, Colonel F. H., J.P., Landpeare Manor, Shanklin, Isle of Wight
  73. Athron, John, Avenue Road, Doncaster
  74. Atkey, Charles J., East Street, Chichester
  75. Atkins, John A., Strawbridge Mills, Wimborne
  76. Atlee, Charles, Byron House, Ealing
  77. Attlee, Charles, Holmbury, Lower Tooting
  78. Attlee, James, Grasmere, Lower Tooting
  79. Attlee, John, Rose Hill, Dorking
  80. Attlee, William, Woodcote, Dorking
  81. Attree, George, 5 Richmond Terrace, Brighton
  82. Attwood, Rev. George D., Hinton Rectory, Backley, Northants
  83. Attwood, M., Weston Jones, Newport, Salop
  84. Austwick, Charles, Farnham, Surrey
  85. Averill, Alfred, Bank House, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent
  86. Avison, Thomas, Cook Street, Liverpool
  87. Ayling, A., Midhurst, Sussex
  88. Ayre, C. J., Postmaster, Canterbury
  89. Ayris, John, Heigham Grove House, Norwich


  1. Babbage, W. H., Bagshot, Surrey
  2. Bagnall, Robert, Boothen, Stoke-on-Trent
  3. Bailey, E. C., The Shrubbery, Norwich
  4. Bain, David W., J.P., Portreath, Redruth
  5. Baines, W. V., High Wycombe, Bucks
  6. Baird, John, 26 Stafford Street, Liverpool
  7. Baird, Mathew, Dicconson Street, Wigan
  8. Baird, Robert, 7 Anson Street, Liverpool
  9. Baker, Christopher, jun., Hazelwell Hall, King's Heath, Warwickshire
  10. Baker, John, Colville House, Wisbeach
  11. Baker, Rosalind, Wokingham, Berks
  12. Baker, Thomas, jun., The Cottage, Lynton
  13. Baker & Son, Edward, 31 Augusta Street, Birmingham
  14. Baldiston, F., Glastonbury Lodge, Croydon
  15. Baldwin, James, Breedon House, King’s Norton, Birmingham
  16. Balkwill, Benjamin H., Launceston
  17. Ball, Major W. C., 6 Cambridge Park, Twickenham
  18. Ball, Jessee, Onega House, Trafalgar Road, Moseley, Birmingham
  19. Ball, William, Rothwell, Kettering
  20. Balls, W. W., North Grove, Lowestoft
  21. Balston, William, J.P., Springfiled, Maidstone
  22. Bankes, William, J.P., Weston House, Runcorn, Cheshire
  23. Banks, Edward, J.P., Sholden, Deal
  24. Banks, John D., 46 Church Street, Liverpool
  25. Banks, Robert, Bank Hall, Bretherton, Preston
  26. Banks, W., 9 Lune Street, Preston
  27. Banks, William J., J.P., Oxney Court, Dover
  28. Bannerman, Hugh, 197 Lord Street, Southport
  29. Bannister, William, Newham House, Havant
  30. Bantock, Benjamin B., The Fernery, Bradmore, Wolverhampton
  31. Barber, George H., The Elms, Hounslow
  32. Barber, Stephen, 378 Bristol Road, Birmingham
  33. Barber, Thomas, 41 Charlotte Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham
  34. Barclay, Joseph G., Leyton, Essex
  35. Barford, William, Gayhurst House, Peterborough
  36. Barker, Frederick, Longlands, Grange-over-Sands
  37. Barker, Harry, Fern Bank, Acock’s Green, Birmingham
  38. Barker, J. Daye, 45 Clarges Street, W.
  39. Barlow, Hilton J., Southampton
  40. Barlow, William, Tiled House, Pensnett, Dudley
  41. Barnard, H. C., Great Dunmow, Essex
  42. Barnes, S. J., Trafalgar Road, Moseley, Birmingham
  43. Barnes, W. G., Vanburgh Fields, Blackheath
  44. Barney, Thomas, 230 Hagley Road, Birmingham
  45. Baron, John L., 2 York Place, Northam, Southampton
  46. Barrett, William D., 2 Devonshire Terrace, Skipton-in-Craven
  47. Bartlett, Edward, Brackley, Northants
  48. Bartlett, Samuel, Somerleigh, Wimborne
  49. Barton, James L., Elmstree, Tetbury, Gloucestershire
  50. Barton, Samuel H., Fethard Grove, Co. Tipperary
  51. Barton, Thomas, Bawtry Doncaster
  52. Barton, Thomas, Ridgewood, Chorley
  53. Barwell, Edward, Market Place, East Dereham
  54. Bassett, Charles, 9 Barker Street, Birmingham
  55. Bate, Phoebe Lowe, Ronton House, Eccleshall
  56. Bateman, Henry, Church Green, Witney, Oxon
  57. Bateman, John, Wolverhampton Stret, Dudley
  58. Bath, Frederick, Sandown Villa, Church Fields, Salisbury
  59. Batting, Charles, West Street, Great Marlow
  60. Battye, Frances, Skelton Hall, York
  61. Baumgartner, Major-General R. J., Godmanchester, Huntingdon
  62. Bawtree, Octavius, West Trrace, Colchester
  63. Bayley, H., 10 Lee Road, Blackheath
  64. Bayley, W. H., Basingstoke
  65. Baynes, Rev. Canon R. H., St. Michael’s Vicarage, Coventry
  66. Baynes, Edward R., Aylesbury, Bucks
  67. Beadle, Mrs. F. J., Cray Cottage, Erith, Kent
  68. Beardsall, Rev. George, 6 Starkie Street, Preston
  69. Beardsley, A. B., Oundle
  70. Beardsley, Amos, Grange-over-Sands
  71. Beattie, Alfred, Chapel Street, Preston
  72. Beauchamp, E. B., J.P., Trevince, Scorrier, Redruth
  73. Beaumont, Rev. F. C., Lichfield
  74. Beaven, Charles, Shipton Magna, Tetbury, Gloucestershire
  75. Beck, C. Smedley, Bank Chambers, Norwich
  76. Beck, Edmund W., Sandringham, King’s Lynn
  77. Beckett, Samuel, Eccleston, Chester
  78. Beckett, Thomas, Hunter’s Lane, Birmingham
  79. Beckit, William S., Bridlesmith Gate, Nottingham
  80. Bedford, Thomas, Horsham
  81. Beech, Charles, Foundry Street, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent
  82. Beech, James, Moreton House, Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent
  83. Beer, A. J., St. Paul’s Canterbury
  84. Beeson, Susannah, Russell Farm, Wendover, Bucks
  85. Bell, James W., 10 Ullet Road, Liverpool
  86. Bell, Joseph, Saffron Walden, Essex
  87. Bell, Robert, Thornborough, Buckingham
  88. Bellenden, J. M‘Nab, M.D., Ruiton, Upper Gornal, Dudley
  89. Bellingham, J. G., Saffron Walden, Essex
  90. Belton, Edward, Tudworth Manor, Doncaster
  91. Benjamin, F., Woodlane, Falmouth
  92. Bennet, Langton, Boycott, Buckingham
  93. Bennett, Edwin, Enville, Stourbridge
  94. Bennett, Ralph, 73 Lichfield Street, Walsall
  95. Bennett, Robert C., 10 Gloucester Terrace, Weymouth
  96. Bennett, William E., Beachampton, Bucks
  97. Bennetts, Captain S., St. Agnes, Scorrier, Redruth
  98. Benson, James, Sandtoft, thorne, Doncaster
  99. Bent, James C., 105 Bristol Road, Birmingham
  100. Bentley, Rev. S., St. Mary’s Rectory, Bridgnorth
  101. Berry, Elizabeth, Holly Grove House, Hounslow
  102. Berry, Richard, Hough Lane, Leyland, Preston
  103. Best, William, Trafalgar Street, Winchester
  104. Bethell, Alfred, Bridgnorth
  105. Betts, John, Maldon, Essex
  106. Bevington, Ambrose, Eastwood Place, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent
  107. Bewes, Rev. Thomas A., Beaumont, Plymouth
  108. Bewes, Charles T., Home Lodge, Mannamead, Plymouth
  109. Bewley, Edward W., Harmer Stret, Gravesend
  110. Bickford, Emma, Lapley, Penkridge
  111. Bickley, C. H., 1 King Alfred Place, Birmingham
  112. Biggs, Edward T., High Street, Maidenhead
  113. Biggs, J. M., 6 Sunnyside Villas, Childs Hill, Hendon
  114. Bigland, John, Bigland Hall, Grange-over-Sands
  115. Bills, J., Instow, Bideford
  116. Binney, Rev. J. E., Summertown Vicarage, Oxford
  117. Birch, Frederick, The Ivies, Great Barr, Walsall
  118. Birchall, Colonel Thomas, Ribbleton Hall, Preston
  119. Bircham, Merrick B., Chosely, Docking, King’s Lynn
  120. Bird, Ernest, Downham Market
  121. Bird, Francis, 9 Vicarage Terrace, Walsall
  122. Bird, Frederick, Downham Market
  123. Bird, Henry, 15 Prospect Street, Reading
  124. Bird, Jacob M., Downham Market
  125. Bird, James, Wall Heath, Dudley
  126. Birth, William, Hartley House, Belvidere, Bath
  127. Bishop, J., Glastonbury
  128. Blaauw, Captain T. St. Leger, North Lodge, Newick Lewes
  129. Blaauw, M. E., Bucklands, Newick Lewes
  130. Blacker, E. J. Latham, M.B., Thrapston
  131. Blackie, Robert, Norfolk Street, King’s Lynn
  132. Blackledge, S. E., Park Road, Chorley
  133. Blackstone, Frederick, jun., High Street, Reigate
  134. Blackwell, Henry, Queen’s Hotel, Penzance
  135. Blackwell, James, Newton Lodge, Middlewich
  136. Bladon, T. W., Pershore Road, Birmingham
  137. Blake, J. J., The Chantry, Norwich
  138. Blake, James, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight
  139. Blamey, John, Stratton Terrace, Falmouth
  140. Blamey, M. H., 62 Charing Cross, W.
  141. Blamire, Rev. W. H., St. James’ Vicarage, Over Darwen
  142. Blandford, Rev. Thomas, 4 Telford Terrace, Herne Bay
  143. Blank, E., 10 Trump Street, E.C.
  144. Blencowe, William, Brackley, Northants
  145. Blenkarne, W. D’Heureux, Buckingham
  146. Bligh, John S., St. Botoph’s, Sevenoaks, Kent
  147. Bliss, John D., Witney, Oxon
  148. Bloom, F. S., St. Martin’s-at-Oak, Norwich
  149. Blurton, John, Dunstal, Abbot’s Bromley, Rugeley
  150. Blyth, Carleton, Queen’s Hotel, Reading
  151. Bodilly, Ralph H., 23 North Parade, Penzance
  152. Boger, Walter D., Wolsdon, Antony, Devonport
  153. Bolam, Henry, Little Ingestre, Stafford
  154. Bolton, John, Southfield, Blackburn
  155. Bolton, R. T., 85 Bridge Street West, Birmingham
  156. Bone, Alfred H., Union Street, Portsea
  157. Bonner, Charles F., Ayscoughpe Hall, Spalding
  158. Boorn, Joseph P., Fareham, Hants
  159. Borgnis, P., Highfields, Great Marlow
  160. Borrett, Eliza Jane, The Willows, Wyke Regis, Weymouth
  161. Boscher, Edward, Belle Vue House, Twickenham
  162. Bostock, Alfred, 135 Boughton Chester
  163. Bostock, Arthur R., Horsham
  164. Bostock, Edwin, Stone, Stafford
  165. Bostock, Thomas, Castle Terrace, Stafford
  166. Bott, Henry, High Street, Brentford
  167. Bottle, Jonathan T., Regent Street, Yarmouth
  168. Bouch, T W., 1 Old Hall Street, Liverpool
  169. Boucher, J. B., 5 The Parade, Surbiton Hill, Surrey
  170. Boult, Frederick H., 4 Cook Street, Liverpool
  171. Boulton, William S., Brunswick House, Norwich
  172. Bourne, James T., Stourton Hall, Stourbridge
  173. Bourne, John, Crabtree House, Brindle, Chorley
  174. Bourne, Stanford, 36 South Street, Horsham
  175. Bourne, Thomas, Fosbrook, Cheadle, Stoke-on-Trent
  176. Bouverie, Leut.-Col. Lawrence P., 2 Gambier Terrace, Liverpool
  177. Boville, Edward C., Grove Park Lodge, Chiswick
  178. Bowen, Thomas W., Goldthorn Hill, Wolverhampton
  179. Bower, A., Vauxhall Foundry, Liverpool
  180. Bower, Vernon, Knowl, Warwick
  181. Bowers, William, Harewood Park, Cheadle, Staffordshire
  182. Bowes, John, LL.D., Bluecoat School, Warrington
  183. Box, Ambrose V., High Street, Brentford
  184. Boxford, W. J., Offley Firs, Newport, Salop
  185. Boyd, R., M.D., Southall Park, Middlesex
  186. Boyle, Captain E. B., R.N., Hollamby House, Herne Bay
  187. Braby, John, Wellington Hotel, Tunbridge Wells
  188. Bradbury, John, J.P., 144 Lord Street, Southport
  189. Braden, John G., St. Michael’s Lewes
  190. Bradford, James E. G., Swindon, Wilts
  191. Bradley, Isaac, Lower Penn, Wolverhampton
  192. Bradley, Joseph, 4 York Buildings, Liverpool
  193. Bradley, Thomas, Tettenhall Road, Wolverhampton
  194. Bradley, W. G., South Street, Epsom
  195. Bradwell, Joseph, 5 Railway Place, Bath
  196. Brady, John, The Square, Barnstaple
  197. Braine, Samuel, Shirley Road, Acock’s Green, Birmingham
  198. Brakspear, W. H., J.P., Deanfield, Henley-on-Thames
  199. Branwell, John R., Penlee, Penzance
  200. Branwell, Thomas R., 4 North Parade, Penzance
  201. Brassey, Albert, Heythorp, Chipping Norton
  202. Bray, George T., Lanner House, Gwennap, Falmouth
  203. Bree, E. H., 1 Park Villas, Maidenhead
  204. Breedon, Joseph, Sycamore Lodge, Park Road, Moseley, Birmingham
  205. Breedon, William, Apsley House, King’s Heath, Warwickshire
  206. Bretherton, Rev. W., Broughton Vicarage, Preston
  207. Bretherton, William, Runshaw Hall, Euxton, Chorley
  208. Brett, Charles, J.P., The Wood, Ryde, Isle of Wight
  209. Brettell, Thomas, High Street, Dudley
  210. Brevitt, Horatio, Palmerston Terrace, Wolverhampton
  211. Brevitt, William Y., Penn Fields, Wolverhampton
  212. Brewer, John, J.P., The Oaks, Walsall
  213. Bridger, John W., Hitchin, Herts
  214. Briggs, William O., Brampton House, Newcastle-under-Lyne
  215. Brill, Daniel, Meadow House, Ealing
  216. Brill, John, Star and Garter Hotel, Kew Bridge
  217. Brindley, John, Wedgwood Place, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent
  218. Brine, J. E., Rowlands, Wimborne
  219. Briscoe, J. E., Albrighton, Wolverhampton
  220. Briscoe, Richard H., J.P., Somerford Hall, Brewood, Wolverhampton
  221. Brittain, Frederick W., Llanoweth House, Penzance
  222. Brittain, W., High Street, Malpas, Cheshire
  223. Britton, Arthur R., Star and Garter Hotel, Wolverhampton
  224. Brock, C. T., London
  225. Brogden, Arthur J., Yewbarrow Lodge, Grange-over-Sands
  226. Brooke, Edward, Caen Wood Towers, Highgate
  227. Brookes, W. H., jun., 7 Victoria Terrace, Walsall
  228. Brooks, Josiah, Bell Vue, Smethwick, Birmingham
  229. Brooks, R. Warner, Sunnyside, Edgbaston, Birmingham
  230. Brooks, Thomas, The Willows, Hoghton, Blackburn
  231. Brooks, William, Odiham, Hants
  232. Brothers, R., Cavendish Street, Ulverston
  233. Brotherton, Georgina, The Firs, Esher, Surrey
  234. Brotherton, John, Graisley, Wolverhampton
  235. Brotherton, John E., Penn Fields, Wolverhampton
  236. Brough, Benjamin H., Waterloo Works, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent
  237. Broughhall, J. W., 13 St. John’s Hill, Shrewsbury
  238. Brown, Rev. Claud, The Lodge, Harmondsworth
  239. Brown, Alfred, Bocking, Braintree, Essex
  240. Brown, C., Wells, Somerset
  241. Brown, Edward G., East Street, Lewes
  242. Brown, Francis, Tetbury, Gloucestershire
  243. Brown, George, 20 Lemon Street, Truro
  244. Brown, George, Roborough, Barnstaple
  245. Brown, Henry, Gilling Villa, Hove, Brighton
  246. Brown, Joseph, Frenchwood House, Preston
  247. Brown, W. B., 100 Fishergate, Preston
  248. Brown, W. Palgrave, jun., Southtown, Yarmouth, Norfolk
  249. Brown, William D., Tring House, Cambridge
  250. Brown, William Haigh, LL.D., Charterhouse, Godalming
  251. Brown & Albury, 154 Friar Street, Reading
  252. Brown-Cave, W. C., Wellington Lodge, Harborne, Birmingham
  253. Brown-Westhead, T. C., Cauldon House, Stoke-on-Trent
  254. Browne, Rev. T. G., Tilford Vicarage, Farnham, Surrey
  255. Browne, T., Manor House, Titchwell, Norfolk
  256. Brownhill, Joseph, 9 Vicarage Place, Walsall
  257. Brownhill, R. W., Bentley Moor, Walsall
  258. Brownhill, William, jun., 4 Bridgeman Place, Walsall
  259. Brownrigg, Ada, White Waltham, Maidenhead
  260. Brundsden, Thomas, High Street, Brentford
  261. Brunner, John T., Winnington Old Hall, Northwich
  262. Brunner, Joseph B., Oaklands, Bottle, Liverpool
  263. Bryant, A., 10 Ladbroke Grove Road, Notting Hill W.
  264. Bryant, Wiliam M., Ilchester, Somerset
  265. Brydone, John B., 32 Seymour Street, Liverpool
  266. Bryham, William, J.P., Ince Hall, Wigan
  267. Buck, Rev. R. H. K., St. Dmonick Rectory, Callington
  268. Buckell, Ernest H., North Pallant, Chichester
  269. Buckland, Francis B., High Street, Windsor
  270. Buckle, J. W., Lincoln Road, Peterborough
  271. Budge, Rev. H. S., The Shortlands, St. Neots, Hunts
  272. Bull, Lieut.-Col. John J., Marlborough, Falmouth
  273. Bull, W. Simms, Northlands, Cheltenham
  274. Bull, William E., Islip, Oxon
  275. Bullock, Theodore M., West Bromwich
  276. Bullock, W. Thornton, Ringslow, Westgate-on-Sea
  277. Bullows, Alfred, 32 Birmingham Street, Walsall
  278. Bulteel, James C., Looseleigh House, Tamerton, Plymouth
  279. Bulwer, Captain W. E. G. Lytton, J.P., Quebec House, East Dereham
  280. Bunning, William, 4 Falfield Terrace, Acton, W.
  281. Bunting, Arthur, Fenstanton, St. Ives, Hunts
  282. Burbury, John, Wooton Grange, Kenilworth
  283. Burchett, James D., Brazil Mill House, Isle Worth
  284. Burgess, E. A., Trinity Hall, Southport
  285. Burgess, Frederick R., Liverpool Road, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent
  286. Burkett, Ruben L., Pennfields, Wolverhampton
  287. Burley, William, Park Road, Moseley, Birmingham
  288. Burnett, Percy C., Bird Street, Lichfield
  289. Burnett, Wildman, Haunch Hall, Rugeley
  290. Burnside, Henry W., 22 Finborough Road, South Kensington, S.W.
  291. Burrell, William, Hill Street, Richmond
  292. Burrill, Robert, Cosham, Hants
  293. Burrowes, Arnold, Kent’s Bank, Grange-over-Sands
  294. Burrows, G. H., Lancaster Bank, Preston
  295. Burrows, M., Moor View, Biddulph, Congleton
  296. Burt, George, Swanage, Dorset
  297. Burt, Henry C., Witchampton, Wimborne
  298. Burt, Robert, Milton, Witchampton, Dorset
  299. Burwood, J. W., L.R.C.P., Strathmore, Ealing, Middlesex
  300. Bury, Rev. William E., Braintree, Essex
  301. Bury, John C., M.D., York Row, Wisbeach
  302. Busby, Daniel, 63 Edge Lane, Liverpool
  303. Bush, M. A., National Provincial Bank, Middlesborough
  304. Bushby, Joseph, Rainhill, Liverpool
  305. Butcher, George, 4 Saw Close, Bath
  306. Butcher, W. Henry, St. John’s Street, Devizes
  307. Butcher, William, Grey Friars, Norwich
  308. Butler, George, 48 Stafford Street, Walsall
  309. Butlin, Charles H., Camborne
  310. Butt, Captain John W., J.P., Elmhurst, Street, Somserset
  311. Byam, Samuel, Willesley, Tetbury, Gloucestershire


  1. Cadge, Edwin, Loddon, Norwich
  2. Cadge, John P., Bracondale, Norwich
  3. Cadge, Williams, St. Giles’ Street, Norwich
  4. Caffin, John, J.P., North Street, Chichester
  5. Caird, David, Underfield, Ulverston
  6. Cale, Benjamin G., Goscote Hall, Walsall
  7. Calvert, Richard, Walton-le-Dale, Preston
  8. Calyon, Edmund, Palkyth, St. Austell
  9. Camm Brothers, Smethwick, Birmingham
  10. Campbell, J., M.D., 5 Barton Street, Gloucester
  11. Candy, Captain Henry, 16 Park Lane, London, W.
  12. Cann, Francis M., Sefton House, Dawlish
  13. Cannell, John P., High Street, Sevenoaks, Kent
  14. Carlyon, Alexander R., Crinnis House, St. Austell
  15. Carnochan, T. H., Hirst Priory, Doncaster
  16. Carpenter, John, Brook House, Brentford
  17. Carr, Martin, Cleveland Terrace, Middlesborough
  18. Carrick, George, The Crescent, Wisbeach
  19. Carrington, E., 4 College Lawn, Cheltenham
  20. Carson, J. Simpson, Springfield, Great Marlow
  21. Carter, George, Lewknor, Tetsworth, Oxon
  22. Carter, R. H., 7 Strangways Terrace, Truro
  23. Carter, Samuel, Bury Farm, Great Missenden, Bucks
  24. Carter, Thomas, Catton, Norwich
  25. Carthew, Frank R., Queen’s Hotel, Ilfracombe
  26. Cartland, John, J.P., King’s Heath, Birmingham
  27. Cartwright, Joseph R., Ludstone Hall, Bridgenorth
  28. Case, Charles A., 11 London Raod, Maidstone
  29. Castle, John, 1 Ruston Street, Birmingham
  30. Cathcart, James, M.D., 16 Hartington Street, Barrow-in-Furness
  31. Catlow, Samuel, Stanley Villa, Colne
  32. Caton, Thurston B., Denvilles, Havant
  33. Catt, George, Bow Villa, Southtown, Yarmouth, Norfolk
  34. Caunter, Henry, Liskeard
  35. Cavendish, Francis W. H., J.P., St. Margaret’s Eastbourne
  36. Cavendish, William T., J.P., Thornton Hall, Buckingham
  37. Cawley, T., Welsh Row, Nantwich
  38. Chadwick, S. B., J.P., Crofton Lodge, Higher Runcorn, Cheshire
  39. Chadwick, Thomas M., Sandringham School, Southport
  40. Chafy Chafy, Rev. W. K. W., Junior Carlton Club, London
  41. Challinor, Arthur, The Mall, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent
  42. Chamberlain, Alexander R., The Grove, Norwich
  43. Chamberlain, George, J.P., Helenshome, Birkdale, Southport
  44. Chambers, T. L., Oak Street, Fakenham
  45. Chambers, William O., London Road, Lowestoft
  46. Chancellor, Albert, The Retreat, Richmond, Surrey
  47. Chapham, Edward, Stile Farm, Kew Bridge Road, Brentford
  48. Chapman, David, Lightwood, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent
  49. Chapman, E., The Limes, Ashford, Kent
  50. Chapman, James, Westbury, Brackley, Northants
  51. Chapman, John P., Woodeaton, Oxon
  52. Charlesworth, James, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent
  53. Chater, W., 20 Hertford Street, Coventry
  54. Chatwin, John F., 8 Frederick Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham
  55. Chavasse, J. H., Kingswinford, Dudley
  56. Cheadle, George, Oaken, Codsall, Wolverhampton
  57. Cheese, John, Amersham, Bucks
  58. Cheesman, Walter, 10 Oxford Terrace, St. leonards-on-Sea
  59. Child, J. N., Grove Road, Smethwick, Birmingham
  60. Chimmo, Captain William, R.N., Westdown, Weymouth
  61. Chirm, Joseph, Fair View, Beech Lanes, Birmingham
  62. Cholmondeley, J. E., Hurley House, Great Marlow
  63. Christie, Thomas B., M.D., Elm Grove, Ealing, W.
  64. Clark, Charles F., Perton Grove, Wolverhampton
  65. Clark, E. R., Knowsley Lodge, Chelsea
  66. Clark, Frederick, East Hill, Ashford
  67. Clark, James M., 4 Regent Street, Cheltenham
  68. Clark, Samuel, Malmesbury
  69. Clark, William W., Wellingborough
  70. Clarke, Rev. J. G., Odiham Vicarage, Hants
  71. Clarke, Edward G., Woodside, Redland Grove, Bristol
  72. Clarke, Edward Hyde, The Firs, Frimley, Surrey
  73. Clarke, Edwin, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent
  74. Clarke, George, Boston Lodge, Little Ealing, Middlesex
  75. Clarke, J. E. H., Birkdault, Haverthwaite, Ulverston
  76. Clarke, J. W., 2 White Street, Coventry
  77. Clarke, Joshua, Saffron Walden, Essex
  78. Clarke, Lancelot, Northwick Park, Chipping Campden
  79. Clarke, R. E., Shrewsbury
  80. Clarke, William, The Tannery, Kenilworth
  81. Clarke-Thornhill, W. C., J.P., Rushton Hall, Kettering
  82. Clarkson, John, Oak Street, Wolverhampton
  83. Claughton, Rev. T. L., Danbury Palace, Chelmsford
  84. Clegg, John, Portsmouth
  85. Clerke, F. W., Royal Mills, Esher, Surrey
  86. Clewes, James, Nixton House, Fowey
  87. Clift, Henry, Cometa House, Hounslow
  88. Clitherow, Col. E. J. Stracey, J.P., Boston House, Brentford
  89. Clutterbuck, C. H., 3 Spa Road, Gloucester
  90. Clutton, J. H., 9 Whitehall Place, London
  91. Coates, John, 35 London Road, King’s Lynn
  92. Cochrane, A. Dundondald, Hampton Lodge, Stourbridge
  93. Cock, F. Hearle, Tullimaar, Perranarworthal, Truro
  94. Coldicott, H., Tansley Hill House, Dudley
  95. Cole, Robert, Bishop’s Stortford
  96. Cole, Samuel H., Norfolk Street, Sheldon, Stoke-on-Trent
  97. Cole, Sydney, Norwood Court, Southall
  98. Colebourn, William H., Watrloo Road North, Wolverhampton
  99. Coleman, Edward J., J.P., Stoke Park, Slouth
  100. Coleman, Frederick C., Cumberland House, Kew
  101. Collett, Elizabeth, Bourne End, Maidenhead
  102. Colley, Captain R. H., St. James’ Priory, Bridgnorth
  103. Collinge, James, Kinnerton Lodge, Chester
  104. Collingnon, F., 29 Slater Street, Liverpool
  105. Collings, Thomas G., Collingwood House, Dunstable
  106. Collins, Charles, 34 Chain Street, Reading
  107. Collins, Thomas, Twekesbury
  108. Collins, William, Aston, Stone, Stafford
  109. Collinson, James, Low Wood, Ulverston
  110. Commins, Edward, Bodmin
  111. Conolly, C., Moor Mill, Chorley
  112. Coode, Arthur, Trevarthian, St. Austell
  113. Cook, B., Blickling, Aylsham, Nofolk
  114. Cook, Edmund, 17 Lombard Street, Portsmouth
  115. Cook, Frederick L., 3 Cromwell Place, Brompton, London
  116. Cook, John W., 162 Cromwell Road, S.W.
  117. Cook, Thomas, Wellingborough
  118. Cooke, Frederick, Temple Chambers, Crewe
  119. Cooke, J. Wood, Barnstaple
  120. Cooke, John H., Winsford, Cheshire
  121. Cooke, Richard, Westfield, Luton
  122. Cooke, W. H., M.D., Aldridge, Walsall
  123. Coombe, George A., 241 Lord Street, Southport
  124. Coop, James P., West Park, St. Helen’s
  125. Cooper, Archibald, Harefield Lime Works, Uxbridge
  126. Cooper, Charles, Winton Square, Stoke-on-Trent
  127. Cooper, Elijah, Edensor Works, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent
  128. Cooper, George H., Quebec Road, East Dereham
  129. Cooper, Henry, Castle Hill, Maidenhead
  130. Cooper, Henry, Highfield Villa, Over Darwen
  131. Cooper, J. Groves, Wear Gifford, Bideford
  132. Cooper, John V., Acklam Terrace, Middlesborough
  133. Cooper, R. J., Tansley Hill House, Dudley
  134. Cooper, Sarah, Embsay, Skipton-in-Craven
  135. Cooper, William, 7 Union Court, Liverpool
  136. Cooper, William, King Street, King’s Lynn
  137. Coote, Thomas, jun., Huntingdon
  138. Cope, S. P., Park Side, Waterloo, Liverpool
  139. Copestake, George, Dresden, Stoke-on-Trent
  140. Corbett, Joseph, Pinfold Street, Darlaston
  141. Corbett, T., Grove Road, Kingston-on-Thames
  142. Corbett, William, Westgate-on-Sea, Thanet
  143. Corden, A. H., Brineton, Shifnal
  144. Cornish, Thomas, 4 Clarance Place, Penzance
  145. Corrae, John, 2 Belmont Street, Southport
  146. Corte, Arthur A., 16 Paradise Street, Blackburn
  147. Coryton, Colonel A., J.P., Pentillie Castle, Saltash
  148. Costin, John, Market Harborough
  149. Cotrell, E. C., 142 Grenvile Terrace, REading
  150. Cotterell, George, Mellish Road, Walsall
  151. Cotterell, James, 67 Lichfield Street, Walsall
  152. Cotterell, William, 17 Park Street, Walsall
  153. Cottew, John C., Sandwich
  154. Cottier, J. H. T., Tithebarn Street, Liverpool
  155. Cottom, Joseph T., Victoria Terrace, Walsall
  156. Cottrell, John B., Hungerford, Berks
  157. Coulman, E., Plains House, Thorne, Doncaster
  158. Coulson, James B., Regent Square, Penzance
  159. Coulthard, Thomas, Edward Street, Preston
  160. Coupe, Edward, Dicconson Street, Wigan
  161. Court, A. R., J.P., Newton Manor, Middlewich
  162. Cowell, Robert W., Dewsmead, Bishop’s Stortford
  163. Cowl, Arthur E., South Quay, Yarmouth
  164. Cowles, Edward, Malvern Villa, Hounslow
  165. Cowley, Charles, Fairford, Swindon, Wilts
  166. Cox, Henry, Bromfield House, Camp Hill, Birmingham
  167. Coxwell, William, Lymington, Hants
  168. Coxwell-Rogers, R. R., J.P., Dowdeswell Court, Cheltenham
  169. Cozens, Leolin, Denmark Road, Walsall
  170. Cragg, Richard B., Skipton-in-Craven
  171. Craik, E., 28 Stafford Street, Liverpool
  172. Craine, John, Ramsay, Isle of Man
  173. Crane, A., Eaton Hall Works, Chester
  174. Cranke, John, Fountain Street, Ulverston
  175. Cranmer, Charles, Kettering
  176. Crapper, Elias, Lime House, Walsall
  177. Creery, Leslie, Belmore, Ashford, Kent
  178. Creese, James, Cirencester
  179. Crellin, Catherine, Aubron House, Ramsay, Isle of Man
  180. Cresswell, C. E., J.P., Pinkney Park, Malmesbury
  181. Cribb, Henry, High Stret, Bishop’s Stortford
  182. Critchell, Charles, 81 East Street, Chichester
  183. Croad, Charles W., Portland Street, King’s Lynn
  184. Crockford, Allen L., The Limes, Sutton Coldfield
  185. Cromar, Captain James C., Ballure, Ramsey, Isle of Man
  186. Cronshey, James, Thetford, Norfolk
  187. Cropper, Edward, J.P., Swaylands, Penshurst, Kent
  188. Cross, W. F., Castle Street, Oxford
  189. Crosse, E. M., 21 Soho Square, London
  190. Crosse, R. J., South Molton
  191. Crossley, Eliza, Sandfield House, Southport
  192. Crow, George B., Stoneleigh, Rock Ferry, Cheshire
  193. Crowe, William, 14 Shrewsbury Road, Oxton, Birkenhead
  194. Croxford, Thomas, Wendover, Tring
  195. Croydon, Thomas, Penkridge, Wolverhampton
  196. Cruso, Robinson, New Conduit Street, King’s Lynn
  197. Culshaw, James B., Southbourne, Southport
  198. Cumberland, T., Hole Farm, Northfield, Birmingham
  199. Cundey, Howard, 5 Old Burlington Street, W.
  200. Curtis, J. C. P., Chineham, Basinstoke
  201. Curwen, Eldred, Twyford Abbey, Ealing, Middlesex
  202. Cutlack, Charles, Priestgate, Peterborough


  1. D’Aeth, N. H., J.P., Knowlton Court, Wingham, Kent
  2. D’Arcy, Colonel G., Stanley Villa, Penzanze
  3. Dakin, Alfred, Grappenhall, Warrington
  4. Dakin, W. H., 2 Chester Place, Norwich
  5. Dalgairns, H. A., St. Mildred’s, Westgate-on-Sea
  6. Dalton, Lieutnant-General C. Gas., Percy House, Twickenham Park
  7. Dando, Thomas, Kate’s Hill, Dudley
  8. Dandy, Henry, Oak Cottage, Tarleton, Preston
  9. Dandy, Robert J., Priestgate, Peterborough
  10. Daniel, Colonel Edward S., Odiham, Hants
  11. Daniell, Henry, High Street, Lymington, Hants
  12. Daniels, W., 4 Portland Terrace, Coatham, Redcar
  13. Darby, Alfred, 9 Brook Road, Walton, Liverpool
  14. Darby, George G., High Street, Fareham, hants
  15. Darken, James, 39 London Street, Norwich
  16. Darling, John, Beau Desert, Rugeley
  17. Darlington, John S., Springfield House, Wigan
  18. Daubeny, William, Stratton House, Park Lane, Bath
  19. Davenport, Thomas, Bath Row, Birmingham
  20. Davey, Alexander G., M.D., 9 Belvidere Street, Ryde, Isle of Wight
  21. Davey, Arthur W., The Greeen, Wtickenham
  22. Davey, Ephraim, 1 York Villas, Maidenhead
  23. Davey, George, Lion House, Barnstaple
  24. Davey, R. Staines, M.D., Hill House, Walmer, Kent
  25. Davies, Jabez, Cotford Place, York
  26. Davies, John P., 75 Crane Street, Chester
  27. Davies, William, High Street, Huntingdon
  28. Davis, Benjamin, Huyton, Chorley
  29. Davis, Henry, Oswestry
  30. Davis, Thomas, The Hollies, West Bromwich
  31. Davis, W. Henry, Southampton
  32. Davison, W. H., 8 Sefton Street, Liverpool
  33. Davy, Robert C., Norfolk Park, Maidenhead
  34. Daw, Catherine, Holmfield, Ealing, Middlesex
  35. Dawes, George A., Columbia Lodge, Leamington
  36. Dawes, Joshua H., The Hall, Kenilworth
  37. Dawes, William H., jun., Red House, Moseley, Birmingham
  38. Dawes, William J., Denbeigh House, Florence, Stoke-on-trent
  39. Dawson, T. E., The Wergs, Wolverhampton
  40. Day, Rev. John G., Swindon Rectory, Cheltenham
  41. Day, Alexander, Runcorn, Cheshire
  42. Day, Edward, 28 Warstone Lane, Birmingham
  43. De Legh, Henry, Lostwithiel
  44. De Rothschild, Leopold, Gunnersbury Park, Acton
  45. De Winton, Charlotte A., 20 Brunswick Buildings, Weymouth
  46. Deakin, A. B., Pride Hill, Shrewsbury
  47. Deakin, J. Buckley, Fairfield Lodge, Oxton, Birkenhead
  48. Dean, Edwin, 5 Stanley Terrace, Preston
  49. Deans, Effingham, Park View, Fairfield Crescent, Liverpool
  50. Dearle, John G., Old Town, Eastbourne
  51. Debenham, Arthur, 28 Union Street, Ryde, Isle of Wight
  52. Deeley, William A., Curzon Park, Chester
  53. Dendle, George, New Road, Barnstaple
  54. Denman, Thomas J., Yeovil
  55. Denne, Rev. R. H., Mavesyn, Ridgware, Ruguely
  56. Dennis, John C., Quay Place, Ilfracombe
  57. Denton, William H., Wood Lane, Falmouth
  58. Derham, John J., Brookside, Wilpshire, Blackburn
  59. Devenish, M. Henry, Rodwell, Weymouth
  60. Dick, W. B., Carlton House, Putney
  61. Dickinson, Samuel, Woodfield, Wolverhampton
  62. Dignum-Mitchell, F. B., 43 Arundel Gardens W.
  63. Dike, G. T., 11 Sydney Buildings, Bath
  64. Dilworth, William, Charlecode, Warwick
  65. Dingle, Albertus, Fowey
  66. Ditchfield, William, Brae Side, Blackburn
  67. Dixon, James, 17 York Terrace, Blackburn
  68. Dixon, Thomas, Littleton, Chester
  69. Dixon, William, 11 Lord Street, Liverpool
  70. Dobell, Robert, Royal Hotel, Truro
  71. Doherty, Major-Gen. H. E., Vernon House, Weston Park, Bath
  72. Dollar, Thomas A., 56 New Bond Street, London W.
  73. Doubleday, G. F., Fern Bank, Spring Grove, Isleworth
  74. Douglas, H. D., North Street, Chichester
  75. Dove, William, Crown Cottage, York
  76. Dow, A. Graham, 2 Coronation Square, King’s Lynn
  77. Downs, Edwin, St. Helena House, Richmond
  78. Dowsett, Richard, 46 Broad Street, Reading
  79. Drake, T. Tyrwhitt, J.P., Shardeloes, Amersham, Bucks
  80. Drane, William, Castle Meadow, Norwich
  81. Drew, J. E., Cornwall House, Penzance
  82. Druce, Henry, 50 High Street, Witney
  83. Dryland, John W., Kettering
  84. Duck, E., Malmesbury
  85. Duff, Benjamin, Seel Street, Liverpool
  86. Dugdale, Edward, Park Hey, Blackburn
  87. Dugdale, Joseph, Park House, Blackburn
  88. Dugdale, William S., J.P., Merevale Hall, Atherstone
  89. Duke, John, Causeway, Penshurst, Kent
  90. Duke, May A., Horrington, Wells, Somserset
  91. Dulley, Frances, Linden House, Wellingborough
  92. Dulley, James, Wellingborough
  93. Duncan, Arthur, Coldrey, Bentley, Hants
  94. Duncan, Charles W., 64 Bridge Street, Chester
  95. Dunlop, Mathew, Bristol
  96. Dunlop, Briant, & Co., 3 Old Place Yard, Westminster
  97. Dunn, John G., Waterloo Street, Birmingham
  98. Dunn, N. N., Charlton Cottage, Maidenhead
  99. Durrant, George, Surrey Street, Norwich
  100. Dyer, Arthur E., Malcom Ghur, Cheltenham


  1. Easby, William, March, Cambs
  2. East, Charles, The Villas, Stoke-on-Trent
  3. Eastaugh, H. J., 11 London Road, Lowestoft
  4. Eastes, James S., Fairlawn, Ashford, Kent
  5. Eaton, C. E., Abbott’s Grange, Birkenhead
  6. Eburne, William E., 37 Smithford Street, Coventry
  7. Eccles, T. Mitchell, Westwood, Blackburn
  8. Eccles, William, Withy Grove, Bamber Bridge, Preston
  9. Eckford, Florence, 8 Lansdown Terrace, Cheltenham
  10. Eddowes, Thomas S., Clifton Park, Tranmere, Birkenhead
  11. Ede, F., 69 Castle Street, Canterbury
  12. Eden, Captain F. M., Boughton House, Kettering
  13. Edgar, James B., 26 Buc’s Road, Douglas, Isle of Man
  14. Edge, Joseph, J.P., Elder House, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent
  15. Edgvean, Robert P., Bodmin
  16. Edisbury, J. F., Belgrave House, Wrexham
  17. Edmondson, Thomas, 17 North John Street, Liverpool
  18. Edwards, E. M., 42 London Street, Norwich
  19. Edwards, George, 257 Hagley Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham
  20. Eggar, J. Alfred, Farnham, Surrey
  21. Egginton, John, Savings’s Bank, Reading
  22. Eland, A. S., Hatfield Woodhouse, Doncaster
  23. Elias, Daniel, 11 Hoghton Street, Southport
  24. Elkington, William, Goldthorn Hill, Wolverhampton
  25. Ellam, Rev. J., The Vicarage, Herne Bay
  26. Elliot, Edward, Market Hill, Buckingham
  27. Elliot, Robert, The Cedars, Ashford, Kent
  28. Elliot, Thomas L., Wellesley Villas, Ashford, Kent
  29. Ellis, A. B., Helston
  30. Ellis, George R., Buckingham
  31. Ellis, John, jun., Rosefield House, Smethwick, Birminghtam
  32. Ellis, William, Crown Hotel, Brackley, Northants
  33. Elphinston, T. P., Cranemore, Christchurch
  34. Elvin, Charles N., M.A., Eckling Grange, East Dereham
  35. Elwell, John, Timberley, Castle Bromwich
  36. Elwes, R. H. H., Stoke College, Clare, Suffolk
  37. Emberton, James, Wesley Place, Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent
  38. Emberton, Thomas I., Prince’s Street, Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent
  39. Embley, John, 40 Wellington Street, St. John’s Blackburn
  40. Emerson, M. S., Surrey Street, Norwich
  41. Emery, J. P., Port Hill, Longport, Stoke-on-Trent
  42. Emery, James, Field Gate, Walsall
  43. Emmerson, Richard Joynes, Sandwich
  44. Empson, William, 71 Gower Street, Lozells, Birmingham
  45. England, T. T., J.P., Herr’s House, Colne
  46. Errington, G. H., Lexdon Park, Colchester
  47. Evans, Rev. Arhur, Douglas House, Wigan
  48. Evans, A. G., Towcester, Northants
  49. Evans, Thomas, 68 Lichfield Street, Walsall
  50. Evans, Thomas C., 1 Rose Vale, Liverpool
  51. Eve, Thomas H., 15 High Street, Bath
  52. Evelyn, John, Camelford
  53. Evelyn, W. J., J.P., Wotton House, Dorking
  54. Evers-Swindell, Charles, J.P., The Quarry, Stourbridge
  55. Evers-Swindell, E. M., Heathland, Stourbridge
  56. Evers-Swindell, J. S., Clent Hall, Stourbridge
  57. Every, John, Lewes
  58. Ewen, Amos S., Farley Hill, Luton


  1. Fagg, William A., White Hart Hotel, Margate
  2. Fairbank, Charles S., Solihull, Warwickshire
  3. Fairbank, F. Royston, M.D., Doncaster
  4. Fairhurst, Thomas, Gladstone House, Wigan
  5. Fairley, John, 37 Craven Street, Coventry
  6. Farey, Henry K., Kettering
  7. Farncombe, Edward, Ashbrook Park, Hollington, Hastings
  8. Farrant, J., Ash Hill, Ramsay, Isle of Man
  9. Faulkner, J. Ross, 33 Ladbroke Grove Road, Notting Hill, W.
  10. Fawcett, Henry, 7 Stone Buildings, London
  11. Feddern, J., 35 Berkely Street, Liverpool
  12. Feilden, Rev. John R., Baconthorpe Rectory, Holt, Cromer
  13. Fellows, Edgar, Graisley Cottage, Wolverhampton
  14. Fellows, Thomas, Pool Street, Wolverhampton
  15. Field, Colonel W., Shelton Oak, Shrewsbury
  16. Field, Barclay, 26 Hill Street, Berkeley Square, London W.
  17. Field, William, New Edmund Street, Birmingham
  18. Figg, J. F., St. Michael’s, Lewes
  19. Finch, Jacob, Market Place, Swaffam
  20. Fisher, Benjamin, Bradley Hall, Standish, Wigan
  21. Fisher, Charles A., St. David’s, Saltney, Chester
  22. Fisher, Edward, Hill Crest, Market Harborough
  23. Fisher, Gabriel, Great Torrington
  24. Fisher, Henry F., Fern House, Walton Road, Liverpool
  25. Fisher, Richard, Bridge Lane, Preston
  26. Fisher, Richard, King’s Coughton House, Alcester
  27. Fisher, Robert, St. George’s, Norwich
  28. Fisher, Samuel, 45 Francis Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham
  29. Fitch, Octavius, Baythorn Grove, Haverhill, Essex
  30. Fitter, Joseph, Trafalgar Road, Moseley, Birmingha
  31. Fitz-Gerald, Eliza, Shalstone Manor House, Buckingham
  32. Fleck, Frederick, Castle Hotel, Windsor
  33. Fleming, Miss The Grove, Cookham, Maidenhead
  34. Fleming, John, J.P., Kidwell Park, Maidenhead
  35. Fletcher, Rev. R. C., Tarleton Rectory, Preston
  36. Fletcher, Algernon, Hartford, Northwich
  37. Fletcher, J. Bell, M.D., Dorridge House, Knowle, Warwickshire
  38. Fletcher, James, Eling Wharf, Southampton
  39. Fletcher, John, Tower Road, Aston, Birmingham
  40. Fletcher, Thomas, 46 Fishergate, Preston
  41. Flint, Arthur, 11 Adrian Square, Westgate-on-Sea
  42. Flint, James, 52 London Road, Canterbury
  43. Fluder, Arthur E., Cromer, Norfolk
  44. Foll, Hattel, J.P., Beckford Hall, Tewkesbury
  45. Foot, Rev. Jeffrey R., Hanbury Vicarage, Burton-on-Trent
  46. Foottit, Charles M., High Street, Great Marlow
  47. Forbes, James, Chartsey Bridge, Surrey
  48. Ford & Hesketh, 21 Aldermanbury, London
  49. Forder, Alfre, Lonsdale, Leighton, Buzzard
  50. Forder, Frederick, St. Georg’s Square, Wolverhampton
  51. Forder, Thomas, jun., Bugle street, Southampton
  52. Forest, Samuel, Fenwick Chambers, Liverpool
  53. Forge, R. W., Twickenham
  54. Forshall, F. H., 5 Adrian Square, Westgate-on-Sea
  55. Forwood, W. B., Blundelsands, Great Crosby
  56. Fosbroke, Captain T. D., Queen’s Hospital, Birmingham
  57. Foss, E. W., Frencham House, Croydon
  58. Foster, Rev. F. D., Wells, Somerset
  59. Foster, J. Nelson, Allt Denai, Bayshill, Cheltenham
  60. Foster, John A., Seaforth Cottage, Barnstaple
  61. Foster, Mary G., 208 Edgware Road, London
  62. Foster, Reginald L., Wells, Somerset
  63. Fowler, John, Thornwood Lodge, Kensington W.
  64. Fowler, Robert, Montrose House, Petersham, Surrey
  65. Fowler, William, J.P., Whittington Hall, Chesterfield
  66. Fox, Edward, Bancroft Road, Mile End, London
  67. Fox, F. F., Melbourne, Derby
  68. Fox, John, Castle Hill, Harwarden
  69. Fox, R. Reynolds, Westbrook, Lamerton, Plymouth
  70. Fox, Robert, Grove Hill, Falmouth
  71. Fox, S. A., Wodehouse Place, Falmouth
  72. Fox, Wilson L., Falmouth
  73. Foyster, T. L., Attleborough, Norfolk
  74. France-Hayhurst, Lieut.-Col. C.H., Bostoke Hall, Middlewiich
  75. Francis, John D., Chesham, Bucks
  76. Franklin, W. E., Clarndon Hotel, Leamington
  77. Franklin, W. T. & T., Ascott, Wallingford, Oxon
  78. Fraser, Thomas R., M.D., The Lodge, Knutsford
  79. Frazer, George T., Cirencester
  80. Freeman, Rev. William, The White Hall, East Dereham
  81. Freeman, C. F., Wellingborough
  82. Freeman, H., Brewery House, South Malling, Lewes
  83. Freeman, J. A., Falmouth
  84. Freeman, Joseph, 7 Calverley Park, Tunbridge Wells
  85. Freeman, R. Selby, 27 Millbank Street, Westminster, London
  86. Fremlin, Walter T., Rocklands, Maidstone
  87. French, John T. P., Whitfield, Northants
  88. Freshwater, C. B., The Willows, Colnbrook
  89. Frome, W., Beach House, Birkdale, Southport
  90. Frost, Matthew, Wolverhampton Road, Bilston
  91. Frostick, Wiliam, 7 Harold Road, Westgate-on-Sea
  92. Fulcher, A. E., The Abbey, Bury St. Edmunds
  93. Fulcher, W. H., 51 Wilton Road, Salisbury
  94. Fuller, F. S., Germains, Chesham, Bucks
  95. Fuller, Robert W., Holly Wood, Duppas Hill, Croydon
  96. Funnell, Richard, Holt, Cromer
  97. Furley, Charles J., 3 Elwick Road, Ashford, Kent
  98. Furley, George, Barton Fields, Canterbury


  1. Gaches, G. F. D., North Street, Peterborough
  2. Gainsford, R., Broadway, Hanwell
  3. Galpin, George R., Stanley Villa, Oxford
  4. Gandy, George, Bracondale, Norwich
  5. Gardner, George, Eastry Court, Sandwich
  6. Gardner, J. W., Tetbury, Gloucestershire
  7. Gardner, Richard, 5 Bairstow Street, Preston
  8. Garlick, Henry, Slades, Newnton, Tetbury, Gloucestershire
  9. Garlick, James, Beverstone Castle, Tetbury, Gloucestershire
  10. Garrett, Job, Queen’s Cross, Dudley
  11. Garrett, John, Chorlton Lodge, New Hampton, Middlesex
  12. Garton, Jane, The Priory, Southport
  13. Garton, William, Woolston, Southampton
  14. Gaskell, J., Port View, Saltash
  15. Gatis, Thomas, Coven, Wolverhampton
  16. Gaydon, John, 1 Nelson Terrace, Barnstaple
  17. Gayfer, Arthur G., The Grammar School, Uxbridge
  18. Gee, William C., Denmark Road, Norwich
  19. Gell, Inigo, Westfield House, Lewes
  20. Gem, Edward C., Bell Vue, Halesowen, Worcestershire
  21. Gent, George, M.D., Wellington House, Clevedon, Somerset
  22. Gent, Richard, Haunch Place, Walsall
  23. Gepp, Thomas N., Chelmsford
  24. Gerard, Captain Frederic, J.P., Kinwarton House, Alcester
  25. Gerring, R., Blenheim Park, Oxon
  26. Gibbons, J. S., Trinity Road, Birmingham
  27. Gibbs, Carr C., Pembroke Hotel, Bournmouth
  28. Gibbs, Robert R., 135 St. James’ Street, Liverpool
  29. Gibson, Adam, Queen Street, Wigan
  30. Gibson, Alexander, Queen Street, Wigan
  31. Gibson, Edmund P. J., Saffron Walden, Essex
  32. Gibson, G. S., J.P., Saffron Walden, Essex
  33. Gibson, George, St. James’ House, King’s Lynn
  34. Gidley, Ann, 2 St. Michael’s Terrace, Plymouth
  35. Giles, F. Thresher, Marsh House, Bentley, Hants
  36. Gill, Ribert, 13 Rumford Street, Liverpool
  37. Gill, W. N., Comprigney, Truro
  38. Gimson, J., Great Fenton Hall, Stoke-on-Trent
  39. Gittens, Edward, Dock Office, Liverpool
  40. Glaister, E. H., Tregenna, Camelford
  41. Glover, John, Park Street, Walsall
  42. Goddard, Samuel, 27 High Street, Brentford
  43. Goddard, T. B., Old Bank, Cheltenham
  44. Godding, Rev. John, The Manor House, Hayes, Middlesex
  45. Godfrey, C., Bank House, Thorne, Doncaster
  46. Goggs, John B., Dersingham Hall, King’s Lynn
  47. Goldsmith, John B., Highworth, Worthing
  48. Goldthorpe, J. T., St. George’s Gate, Doncaster
  49. Gomm, J. B., Charlott Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham
  50. Good, William S., High Street, Lymington, Hants
  51. Goodwin, R. J., Bucknall, Stoke-on-Trent
  52. Gordon, Emily, Cluny Castle, Aberdeen
  53. Gordon, Frederick, Ellerslie, Buckhurst Hill, Essex
  54. Gornall, John H., Friar's Green House, Warrington
  55. Gorst, Richard, Huyton, Liverpool
  56. Gorst, W. Arthur, 10 Brown’s Buildings, Liverpool
  57. Goss, T. Buddulph, M.D., 36 Paragon, Bath
  58. Gothard, Joseph, 42 Wordsworth Road, Small Heath, Birmingham
  59. Gough, Henry, Goldthorn Hill, Wolverhampton
  60. Gough, Ralph D., J.P., Willenhall, Wolverhampton
  61. Gough, William J., White Hart Hotel, Buckingham
  62. Gould, William, Pilton Abbey, Barnstaple
  63. Gouldsmith, George, 2 Pont Street, Belgrave Square, W.
  64. Gradwell, William, Roose House, Barrow-in-Furness
  65. Graham, A. F., M.D., 59 Everton Road, Liverpool
  66. Graham, J. W., Huyton, Liverpool
  67. Graham, Peter, 2 Palace Green, Kensington
  68. Graham, Walter, 29 Porchester Square, W.
  69. Graham, Y. R., 3 Westbourne Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham
  70. Grant, Frederick, Market Harborough
  71. Grant, T. Muir, Brunswick Loedge, Norwich
  72. Granville, Rev. Roger, Charlecote Vicarage, Warwick
  73. Graveley, R., Newick, Lewes
  74. Gray, Charles, Lower Street, Penryn
  75. Greatrex, A. Charles, Moss Close, Walsall
  76. Greaves, Rev. Joshua, Great Missendeu Vicarage, Bucks
  77. Green, Charles, Northwich
  78. Green, H. Egerton, King’s Fort, Colchester
  79. Green, H. Martin, East Street, Havant
  80. Green, Isaac, 12 West Parade, Norwich
  81. Green, James, Landport, Portsmouth
  82. Green, John, 3 Pitt Street, Liverpool
  83. Green, John, Dresden, Stoke-on-Trent
  84. Green, John, Montford Place, Wolverhampton
  85. Green, John W., Luton
  86. Green, Thomas, Hardingstowe, Northampton
  87. Green, Thomas, St. John Street, Chichester
  88. Green, Thomas H., 8 Quadrant, Coventry
  89. Green, W. A., Waterloo Road North, Wolverhampton
  90. Greenham, Rev. F. J., Holy Trinity Vicarage, Halstead, Essex
  91. Greenhill, George W., Whist House, Ashford, Kent
  92. Greenland, Alfred J., Oundle
  93. Greensmith, Mary J., Lapley Hall, Penkridge
  94. Greenwood, Thomas, Eastington Manor, Tetsworth, Oxon
  95. Greey, James E., 1 St. Andrew’s Road, Deal
  96. Gregory, Henry L., Willow Grove, Southport
  97. Gregson, Edward, Ribble Place, Preston
  98. Griffin, Frederick, Fisherton, Salisbury
  99. Griffith, Rev. T., Ll., The Rectory, Deal
  100. Griffith, E., Hand Hotel, Chrk
  101. Griffiths, Alfred W., Woodbourne Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham
  102. Grimmer, Grantley C., St. John’s, Norwich
  103. Grove, John R., The Cedars, Sutton Colfield
  104. Grove, William R., M.D., St. Ives, Hunts
  105. Grover, Henry, High Street, Watford, Herts
  106. Groves, John, Roadwell Villa, Weymouth
  107. Groves, Thomas B., 80 St. Mary Street, Weymouth
  108. Grylls, William M., Falmouth
  109. Guest, Joseph, Frederick Street, Walsall
  110. Guest, Josiah, The Beeches, West Bromwich
  111. Gulliver, Benjamin, Totton, Southampton
  112. Gunn, Rev. W. E. B., 3 Blackurne Terrace, Liverpool
  113. Guppy, Thomas W. M. W., Brynsworthy House, Barnstaple
  114. Gurney, Frank, Northolt, Southall
  115. Gurney, John, J.P., Sprowston Hall, Norwich
  116. Gurney, Somerville A., Valley Field, King’s Lynn
  117. Guthrie, J., M.D., Ashley Lodge, Esher, Surrey


  1. Hadden, Thomas, Middlewich
  2. Haigh, Joseph, 7 Alexandra Drive, Liverpool
  3. Haines, J., Calne, Wilts
  4. Hale, Alfred T., Villa Cross Inn, Lozells, Birmingham
  5. Hale, George C., Knowsley, Prescot
  6. Hales, John, Holt, Cromer
  7. Hall, Edmund Z., Home Lode, King’s Heath, Warwickshire
  8. Hall, Ernest, Portsea
  9. Hall, Henry, Newhall Street, hanley, Stoke-on-Trent
  10. Hall, Marriott, Thorpe Salvin, Worksop
  11. Hall, Thomas C., Park Street, DEal
  12. Hall, W. Foley, Hall Road, Handsworth, Birmingham
  13. Hallett, Henry A., Kimbolton, Bucks
  14. Hambly, Samuel S., West Park House, Sladesbridge, Wadebridge
  15. Hambro, Charles, Milton Abbey, Dorset
  16. Hamerton, John, J.P., Hellifield Peel, Leeds
  17. Hamilton, J. De Courcy, Thornham Hall, King’s Lynn
  18. Hammersley, G. H., West Grove, Congleton
  19. Hammersley, Ralph, Brownhills Cottage, Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent
  20. Hammerton, Henry, Ford Street, Cventry
  21. Hammill, John, Windle House, St. Helen’s
  22. Hammond, Joseph S., Market Place, Romford
  23. Hammond, S. B., The Heathers, Great Marlow
  24. Hammond, Thomas, Wheatsheaf Hotel, Cheadle, Staffordshire
  25. Hamp, Thomas J., 24 Bloomsbury Square, W.C.
  26. Hamshaw, John E., Stanley House, Stoke-on-Trent
  27. Hanbury, Frederick J., Upper Clampton, London
  28. Hanbury, George, Blythewood, Maidenhead
  29. Hancock, Rev. William E., Tetsworth Vicarage, Oxon
  30. Hand, Samuel T., Moseley, Birmingham
  31. Handcock, Edmund, Tregear, Falmouth
  32. Hands, W. H., Washwood Heath, Birmingham
  33. Hannay, Charles, Sandbach
  34. Hard, John, jun., Stopham, Pulborough
  35. Harding, H. J., The Exchange, Birmingham
  36. Harding, J. R., Worple Road, Epsom
  37. Hardwick, A. F., Burgess Hill, Hustpierpoint
  38. Hardy, Benjamin, Gordon House, Chiswick
  39. Harford, J. Cardinal, 108 High Holborn, W.C.
  40. Hargreaves, Elizabeth, Leyland, Preston
  41. Hargreaves, J. D., J.P., Woodlands, Leedk
  42. Harley, Edward, Saffron Walden, Essex
  43. Harley, John, Waterloo Road, Wolverhampton
  44. Harlock, George, Townsend, Nantwich
  45. Harlock, Samuel, Brookfield, Nantwich
  46. Harman, Robert, Wooburn Green, Bucks
  47. Harmer, F. W., Cringleford, Norwich
  48. Harper, Joseph, Beau Street, Barnstaple
  49. Harper, Joshua, Trinity Road, Birthfields, Birmingham
  50. Harris, A., The Woodlands, Calne, Wilts
  51. Harris, Arthur B., M.D., J.P., Penlene House, Falmouth
  52. Harris, Henry, M.D., F.R.C.S., Trengweath, Redruth
  53. Harris, Henry G., 17 and 18 Upper George Street, W.
  54. Harris, J. E., Shelton Hall, Kimbolton, Bucks
  55. Harris, J. P., Woodlands House, Rock Ferry, Cheshire
  56. Harris, S. S., Swiss Villa, Weston-super-Mare
  57. Harris, W. T., Holland Street, Barnstaple
  58. Harris, William, Liverpool Road, St. Helen’s
  59. Harrison, Rev. David J., Ludgvan Rectory, Penzance
  60. Harrison, Rev. J., Bckford Vicarage, Cheltenham
  61. Harrison, Atthea N., Newby Bridge, Ulverston
  62. Harrison, E. H., 9 Rumford Street, Liverpool
  63. Harrison, George, Lincoln Road, Peterborough
  64. Harrison, John, 18 Warwick Street, Liverpool
  65. Harrison, Joseph, 6 Woodbine Terrace, Latchford, Warrington
  66. Harrison, M. J., 15 Everton Road, Birkdale, Southport
  67. Harrison, Thomas, Crosby Road South, Waterloo, Liverpool
  68. Harrison, Thomas W., The Hollies, Northwood, Stoke-on-Trent
  69. Harrisson, Richard, J.P., Sandwich
  70. Harrow, Samuel, 13 Portland Street, Soho, W.
  71. Hart, Rev. Robert S., Colton Vicarage, Ulverston
  72. Hart, Charles, The Magnolias, Dorking
  73. Hart, Mathew J., The Brierley House, Small Heath, Birmingham
  74. Hart, Thomas B., Trelaswell, Penryn
  75. Hart, W. H., Highfield Road, Saltley, Birmingham
  76. Hartley, George T., Kilsall Hall, Shifnal
  77. Hartshorne, George, The Grange Wrexham
  78. Harvey, Captain Thomas, East Cliff, Shanklin, Isle of Wight
  79. Harvey, Charles T., Hoghton Street, Southport
  80. Harvey, James, Windhill Lodge, Bishop’s Stortford
  81. Harvey, M. A., Handsacre Hall, Rugeley
  82. Harvey, Mathew, Mount Pleasant, Walsall
  83. Harvey, W. J., Haunch Place, Walsall
  84. Harward, Gainsborough, Old Swinford, Stourbridge
  85. Haselwood, Robert, The Wilderness, Norwich
  86. Haslewood, Edward W., The Green, Bridgnorth
  87. Hatcher, Harry, Royal Albert Hotel, Dawlish
  88. Hathaway, F. C., 15 Station Street, Walsall
  89. Hatherell, John C., Oldbury-on-the-Hill, Chippenham
  90. Hatton, Charles, Reachley Hall, Shifnal
  91. Hatton, T. S., Kingston, Tetsworth
  92. Hatton, W. G., Kingston, Tetsworth
  93. Hatton, William H., Meridale Crescent, Wolverhampton
  94. Haverfield, H. T., Great Torrington
  95. Havers, Charles, 4 Crescent, Norwich
  96. Hawkes, Henry, J.P., Elleray, Northfield, Birmingham
  97. Hawkins, Geoffry, Thrapston, Northants
  98. Hawkins, H., Glastonbury
  99. Hawkins, Henry, Springfield, Preston
  100. Hawkins, John G., Spring Grove, Hitchin, Herts
  101. Hawkins, Robert S., Town Hall, Oxford
  102. Hawkins, William, Brackley, Northants
  103. Hawksford, J., Graisley House, Wolverhampton
  104. Hawthorn, Stephen, Nile Street, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent
  105. Hayes, E. J., Ashley House, Handsworth, Birmingham
  106. Hayes, John, M.D., Manor House, Tittensor, Stoke-on-Trent
  107. Hayes, W. G., Vine Cottage, Southall, Middlesex
  108. Haynes, J. A., 42 Hagley Road, Birmingham
  109. Hayward, Jesse, 34 Belvedere, Bath
  110. Healey, Elizabeth J., Ladies’ Close, Watford, Herts
  111. Healey, Oliver, High Street, Watford, Herts
  112. Hearn, Henry, Buckingham
  113. Heath, E., Firmston, Congreve, Penkridge
  114. Heath, Robert, jun., Greenway Bank, biddulph, Congleton
  115. Hebblethwaite, A., Highfield South, Rock Ferry, Cheshire
  116. Hedgeland, Rev. Prebendary P., St. Clare House, Penzance
  117. Heeley, Neville J., Claremont Road, Soho, Birmingham
  118. Helsham, Gustavius, J.P., St. Mary’s Hall, King’s Lynn
  119. Hender, Thomas B., Kensey Vale House, Launceston
  120. Henderson, A. J., Rowling House, Wingham, Kent
  121. Henderson, Alexander, Norwood Green, Southall
  122. Henderson, Thomas, Hopeton House, Seaforth, Liverpool
  123. Hendry, Daniel, 241 Boundary Street, Liverpool
  124. Henly, Henry C., Calne, Wilts
  125. Henn-Gennys, J. Croad, Whitleigh Hall, St. Budeaux, Devon
  126. Hepherd, James, J.P., Walton Huse, Warrington
  127. Herbert, Dennis, J.P., The Priory, Huntingdon
  128. Herring, W. A., Chertsey
  129. Hewett, J., Uplands, Hughenden, Bucks
  130. Heygate, James, Wellingborough
  131. Hicks, Charles Cyril, 41 Cromwell Houses, South Kensington, S.W.
  132. Hicks, William, Cuxham, Tetsworth, Oxon
  133. Higginbottom, J. W., Weston, Coyney, Stoke-on-Trent
  134. Higgison, F. B., Cleveland Road, Wolverhampton
  135. Higson, Thomas, Holly Mount, Blackburn
  136. Hilder, Edward A., Harmer Street, Gravesend
  137. Hilder, Ernest A., Woking, Surrey
  138. Hilder, George, College Road, Brighton
  139. Hilditch, Thomas, Crewe Mills, Crewe
  140. Hill, Alfred, M.D., Winson Green, Birmingham
  141. Hill, Alfred C., Newcomen Street, Coatham, Redcar
  142. Hill, Charles, Clevedon Hall, Clevedon, Somerset
  143. Hill, Emma, Kingston, Tetsworth
  144. Hill, J., Wisterton Manor House, Nantwich
  145. Hill, Rowland, 5 Grosvenor Terrace, Coventry
  146. Hill, Thomas, Lower Beighterton, Shifnal
  147. Hill, W. Bliss, Newbridge, Wolverhampton
  148. Hill, William, Hitchin, Herts
  149. Hillman, Joseph, Paradise Street, Birmingham
  150. Hills, Arthur, Hammerwich Hall, Lichfield
  151. Hinde, Frank P., Thorpe Hamlet, Norwich
  152. Hingley, Benjamin, Hatherton Lodge, Cradley, Dudley
  153. Hinks, Joseph, Villa Como, Leamington
  154. Hitchcock, William, Chitterne, Heytesbury, Wilts
  155. Hitchens, M. T., St. Agnes, Scorrier, Redruth
  156. Hitchens, Thomas, Trevarrick, St. Austell
  157. Hobgen, Francis N., Chichester
  158. Hockin, George C., The Rectory, Hayle
  159. Hockley, Lucy M., Leicester House, Southport
  160. Hodges, Ronald, jun., 14 Lonsdale, Lozells, Birmingham
  161. Hodgkinson, Charles, Garston, Liverpool
  162. Hodgkinson, George W., Warton, Stone, Safford
  163. Hodgson, E. C., Ashburnham, Sussex
  164. Hodlen, Thomas E., The Beeches, West Bromwich
  165. Hogarth, F. R., J.P., Heston Hall, Hounslow
  166. Hogg, John, Caergwrle, Flintshire
  167. Holcroft, T. W., Sevenoaks, Kent
  168. Holdcroft, Joseph, St. Martin’s Lane, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent
  169. Holder, Captain H. L., R.N., St. Leonard’s, Deal
  170. Holdsworth, H. M., Wilton, Salisbry
  171. Holford, Robert S., J.P., Westonbirt House, Tetbury
  172. Holland, Herbert, 6 Smithford Street, Coventry
  173. Holland, Joseph S., Red Lion, Wendover, Bucks
  174. Hollest, William, Farnham, Surrey
  175. Hollins, Lt.-Col. M.D., J.P., Whitmore Hall, Newcastle-under-Lyme
  176. Hollinshead, Edward W., Piccadilly, Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent
  177. Holloway, George, Amersham, Bucks
  178. Holmes, Rev. J. R., Eastry House, Sandwich
  179. Holmes, Henry, Waverley Hotel, Cheltenham
  180. Homann, H. W., 60 Berners Street, W.
  181. Homer, Thomas, Colley Gate, Cradley, Stourbridge
  182. Hookway, R. T., Quay, Bideford
  183. Hooper, W. S., Blackwater, Scorrer, Redruth
  184. Hope, Henry, 55 Lionel Street, Birmingham
  185. Hopgood, Edward, Town Hall, Ryde, Isle of Wight
  186. Hopkins, J. L., 43 Ship Street, Brighton
  187. Hopkins, Thomas C., Little Brittox, Devizes
  188. Hopkins, W. R. Innes, J.P., Grey Towers, Middlesborough
  189. Hopson, Stephen M., Norwich Road, East Dereham
  190. Hopwood, Rev. Canon F. G., J.P., Winwick Rectory, Newton-le-Willows
  191. Horndon, David, J.P., Pencreber Houe, Callington
  192. Horne, J., Boundary Street, Liverpool
  193. Horner, C. Jared, Queen Street, Norwich
  194. Horner, Leonard, Westwood Lodge, Ilkley, Leeds
  195. Horner, William, Renfrew House, Waverly Road, Southsea
  196. Horsfall, Thomas B., J.P., D.L., Bellamour Hall, Rugeley
  197. Horton, Henry, Prince’s End, Tipton, Dudley
  198. Horton, Samuel, Springhead, Wednesbury
  199. Horton, W. J., Orford Villa, Orford Lane, Warrington
  200. Horwood, Thomas, Aylesbury, Bucks
  201. Hotham, Rev. Henry J., Trinity College, Cambridge
  202. Houghton, C. M., Victoria Road, Southsea
  203. Houlder, W., Elm Cottage, Southall, Middlesex
  204. How, J. Herbert, Woodville, Bideford
  205. Howard, Fitzalan, Osborne House, Wisbeach
  206. Howard, R. N., Greenhill House, Weymouth
  207. Howes, Ephriam J., St. Ann’s House, King’s Lynn
  208. Howes, William, Park Road, Moseley, Birmingham
  209. Howlett, John G., Unthank Road, Norwich
  210. Hubbard, Leut.-Col. Cecil J., Addington House, Winslow, Bucks
  211. Huddleston, Peter, J.P., Norton, Bury St. Edmunds
  212. Hudson, Alfred, Portland Place, Southsea
  213. Hudson, Harvey A., Bricklehampton Court, Pershore
  214. Hudson, W. H., Townsend House, Southall
  215. Hudson, William, Bagnall Street, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent
  216. Hughes, David, Bedford House, Deal
  217. Hughes, John, City Road, Chester
  218. Hughes, T. J., M.D., Rectory Place, Woolwich
  219. Hughes, Thomas, Alford, Chester
  220. Hughes, W. H., Plaskynaston Foundry, Ruabon
  221. Hughes, William, Causeway, Bishop’s Stortford
  222. Hughes-Hallet, Major F. C., Selwyn Court, Richmond, Surrey
  223. Hugoe, George, Claremont Terrace, Falmouth
  224. Humphris, Henry D., 5 Keynsham Bank, Cheltenham
  225. Hunt, Frank G., 7 Ribble Place, Preston
  226. Hunt, Henry, Fishergate, Preston
  227. Hunt, John A., Hawthorn, Woolston, Southampton
  228. Hunt, Richard, Ram’s Horn, Tarleton, Preston
  229. Hunt, Thomas, Middleton Cheney, Banbury
  230. Hunter, Edwin J., L.R.C.P.E., 37 Clarence Square, Gosport
  231. Hunter, R. H., Isleworth, Middlesex
  232. Hurford, A. S., Oxford
  233. Hurlbutt, Mary J., Wold House, Harwarden
  234. Hussey, George H., Plomer Hill, West Wycombe
  235. Hutchings, C. R., Devon Towers, Bournmouth
  236. Hutchings, Charles, Grappenhall, Warrington
  237. Hutchinson, George, 22 Wesley Street, Southport
  238. Hutchinson, Richard, Huntingdon
  239. Hutchinson, William, Kingsclere, Hants
  240. Huxtable, Arthur, Victora Hotel, Ilfracombe


  1. Ibbeson, John, Cemetary Road, Hanle, Stoke-on-Trent
  2. Iles, A. Hitchman, Fairford, Swindon, Wilts
  3. Iliffe, Charles W., Warwick Road, Coventry
  4. Imrie, William, Hayman’s Green, west Derby, Liverpool
  5. Ind, E. M., Coombe Lodge, Brentwood
  6. Ingram, James, Ades, Chailey, Lewes
  7. Ingram, W. H., New Grove, Petworth
  8. Inskip, Henry, Duke Street, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent
  9. Ireland, Walter S., 4 Upper Moira Terrace, Southampton
  10. Irvine, Thomas F., 4 York Buildings, Liverpool
  11. Irving, T. R., 23 Blackstock Street, Liverpool
  12. Irving, William, M.D., Park Gate, Blackburn
  13. Isley, F., Castle Meadow, Norwich
  14. Ismay, Thomas H., 10 Watr Street, Liverpool
  15. Ives, Robert, Calthorpe, Hanworth, Norwich
  16. Ivimey, Henry J., 8 Staple inn, Holborn, London
  17. Izon, H. G., Parade, Birmingham


  1. Jackaman, H. M., London Road, Ipswich
  2. Jackaman, W. B., Solent Street, Ipswich
  3. Jackman, Edwin, Lymington, Hants
  4. Jackman, George, The Hollies, Woking, Surrey
  5. Jackson, George, Beau Street, Liverpool
  6. Jackson, Henry, Lombard Street, West Bromwich
  7. Jackson, James, 5 Chapen Street, Preston
  8. Jackson, John, jun., Portland Street, King’s Lynn
  9. Jackson, Œmilius, Bellinge View, Blackburn
  10. Jackson, Ralph, Bellinge View, Blackburn
  11. Jackson, Richard, Hartswood, Chorley
  12. Jackson, Thomas, 47 Fishergate Hill, Preston
  13. Jackson, Thomas, Jackson’s Square, Wigan
  14. Jackson, William, High Street, Skipton-in-Craven
  15. Jacoby, Henry, The Manor House, Teversal, Nottingham
  16. Jagger, A. E., Stoke Green, Coventry
  17. James, H., Imperial Hotel, Plymouth
  18. James, Jabez, Lambourne House, Bagshot, Surrey
  19. James, Robert R., 4 King’s Road, Southsea
  20. James, Thomas, Shushings Manor, Penkridge
  21. James, Thomas J., Gold’s Hill, West Bromwich
  22. Jameson, R. F., North Brink, Wisbeach
  23. Jarratt, Rev. W. L., Offchurch Vicarage, Leamington
  24. Jeffcoat, William, 9 Grand Parade, Brighton
  25. Jefferson, John, 22 Derby Square, Douglas, Isle of Man
  26. Jeffery, George A., M.D., Trinity House, Eastbourne
  27. Jelf, John, East Vale, Handsworth, Birmingham
  28. Jemmett, Rev. J. F., Feltham Vicarage, Middlesex
  29. Jenkin, Silvanus C. E., Liskeard
  30. Jenkins, James B., Christchurch, Hants
  31. Jenkins, Thomas M., 5 Tavistock Street, Strand
  32. Jenks, Isaac, jun., Sunnyside, Wolverhampton
  33. Jenks, Walter, Dunstal, Wolverhampton
  34. Jenner, Tom, Bridgen Hill, Ashburnham, Surrey
  35. Jennings, Edward, Sunnyside, Norwood Green, Southall
  36. Jennings, Isaac, 179 Broad Street, Birmingham
  37. Jennings, James, 93 Smallbrook Street, Birmingham
  38. Jerrett, Edwin, 244 Broad Street, Birmingham
  39. Jessett, Louisa, High Street, Hungerford
  40. Jessop, Charles H., 5 Park Place, Cheltenham
  41. Jevons, Henry, Penkridge, Wolverhampton
  42. Jewell, Edward W., Winkfield, Southsea
  43. Jewkes, Joseph, Oaks Crescent, Wolverhampton
  44. Johnson, A. H., Hanger Hill Farm, Ealing, Middlesex
  45. Johnson, Alfred, Wellington House, Birthfields, Birmingham
  46. Johnson, Henry, 5 Trindle Road, Dudley
  47. Johnston, James, 48 High Street, Skipton-in-Craven
  48. Johnstone, Thomas B., M.D., Holland House, Ealing
  49. Jones, Charles, Windsor Road, Ealing
  50. Jones, Edward, Rhosymedre, Ruabon
  51. Jones, Edward G., Cawney Bank House, Dudley
  52. Jones, Fredereick, 101 Park Street, Grosvenor Square, W.
  53. Jones, George, Dudley House, Dudley
  54. Jones, John, 28 Brown’s Buidlings, Liverpool
  55. Jones, John, Belton House, Oswestry
  56. Jones, Lewis, Madeley House, Birchfields, Birmingham
  57. Jones, Richard J., 8 Lind Terrace, Ryde, Isle of Wight
  58. Jones, Thomas P., The Hollies, Dudley
  59. Jones, Vickers H., Holly Cottage, Edgbaston, Birmingham
  60. Jones, W. R., 59 Denmark Road, Lowestoft
  61. Jones, Walter D., Field House, Harborne, Birmingham
  62. Jones, William P., Elm Green, Cirencester
  63. Joplin, A., Huyton, Liverpool
  64. Jordan, T. J., Sunny Bank, Cookham Dean, Maidenhead
  65. Jordan, Thomas, Great Barr, Birmingham
  66. Jose, John, Mellingey, Parranarworthal, Truro
  67. Joseph, G. W., M.D., The Infirmary, Warrington
  68. Joynson, William, 5 Clayton Square, Liverpool
  69. Julian, C. J. H., Helston
  70. Julian, Frederick M., Liverpool Road, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent
  71. Jump, David, Oxford Street, Preston
  72. Jupp, Alfred, Brentford, Middlesex
  73. Jupp, George H., Brentford, Middlesex
  74. Just, William, 7 India Buildings, Liverpool


  1. Kail, Charles, Long Crichel, Cranborne
  2. Kay, Christopher, J.P., Davenham Hall, Northwich
  3. Kay, John D., Winsford Lodge, Winsford, Cheshire
  4. Kay, Sam H., Abbot’s Hay, Cheadle, Staffordshire
  5. Kealy, John R., M.D., Ashley House, Gosport
  6. Keane, Charles F., 9 Chepstow Villas W.
  7. Keel, George, Moseley Road, Birmingham
  8. Keeling, Annie, Hampton House, Penkridge
  9. Keeling, Herbert, Great Fenton House, Stoke-on-Trent
  10. Keen, John, Alsager, Cheshire
  11. Keen, John, Ewell, Surrey
  12. Keiller, J. W., Tetbury, Gloucestershire
  13. Keller, F. E., The Limes, Elmdon, Birmingham
  14. Kellet, R. G., Halstead, Essex
  15. Kempson, Donald J., Coleshill, Warwickshire
  16. Kempthorne, John, F.R.C.S., Callington
  17. Kendal, Thomas, 90 Great George Street, Plimco, S.W.
  18. Kendle, G. R., Broadlands, Romsey, Hants
  19. Kendrick, David, Oxley House, Wolverhampton
  20. Kendrick, Samuel, The Beeches, West Bromwich
  21. Kendrick, Thomas, Birchfields, Birmingham
  22. Kendrick, William, 6 Trindle Road, Dudley
  23. Kennard, J. W., Orchard House, Sunbury, Middlesex
  24. Kent, Alfred, St. Andre’s, Norwich
  25. Kent, George C., Orchard Street, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent
  26. Keppel, William H. A., J.P., Lexham Hall, Swaffam, Norfolk
  27. Kerfoot, H., 3 Fishergate Hill, Preston
  28. Kerr, R. Hutchinson, Oakfield, Higher Whitley, Northwich
  29. Kershaw, John J., Bedford Villa, Luton
  30. Kevern, James T., 16 Regent Terrace, Penzance
  31. Kewley, Rev. J. W., Armitage Rectory, Rugeley
  32. Kidd, Charles N., West Hill House, Dartford
  33. Kieth, F. T., Bracondale, Norwich
  34. Killby, William W., Southampton
  35. Kiln, John, Havant
  36. Kilner, C. W., Dorking
  37. Kimber, Thomas, Essex Road, Basingstoke
  38. King, Charles, Bedfont, Middlesex
  39. King, Fanny G., Belle Vue House, Herne Bay
  40. King, Henry, Odiham, Hants
  41. King, John C. R., Lymington, Hants
  42. King, William, 13 Argyle Street, Bath
  43. Kinleside, Rev. R. V., Sunbury House, Tunbridge Wells
  44. Kirk, James, 6 Canterbury Street, Liverpool
  45. Kitchen, Isaac, The towers, Douglas, Isle of Man
  46. Kitson, Rev. John F., Antony Vicarage, Devonport
  47. Kitton, M. C., Lower Bracondale, Norwich
  48. Knaggs, H. Guard, M.D., 189 Camden Road, London, N.W.
  49. Knight, Rev. Charles E., Chawton Rectory, Alto, Hants
  50. Knight, Major Philip H., 39 St. Margaret’s Street, Canterbury
  51. Knight, G. C., Hale, Surrey
  52. Knight, George S., Town Hall Buildings, Northwich
  53. Knight, James, Farnham, Surrey
  54. Knight, Thomas, Beaconsfield, Lansdown, Bath
  55. Knight, W. F., Winson Green, Birmingham
  56. Knocker, Sydney, Willaston, Nantwich, Cheshire
  57. Knott, Thomas, Holly Cottage, Havertree, Liverpool
  58. Knowles, John, J.P., Herne Hill, Surrey
  59. Knowles, John, Red Lees, Burnley
  60. Knowles, John, Walsall Road, Wednesbury
  61. Knowles, Margaret, Stamford Hill, London
  62. Knyfton, T. T., J.P., D.L., Uphill, Weston-super-Mare


  1. Lacey, J. W., Surrey Street, Norwich
  2. Ladds, James, Cambridge Hall, Harmondsworth, Middlesex
  3. Ladyman, George H., King Street, King’s Lynn
  4. Ladyman, J. H., Unthank Road, Norwich
  5. Ladyman, William, 1 West Cliff Terrace, Preston
  6. Lafone, Alfred W., Hatton, Middlesex
  7. Lainson, Thomas, 5 St. John’s Terrace, Brighton
  8. Lake, E., Parrock Street, Gravesend
  9. Lake, George J., 1 Thorn Park Terrace, Plymouth
  10. Lake, R., Royal Clarence Hotel, Ilfracombe
  11. Lake, Thomas H., Moresk, Truro
  12. Lakin, Abraham V., Rampside, Ulverston
  13. Lamb, Charles, 14 Ship Street, Brighton
  14. Lamb, George W., Kettering
  15. Lamb, Thomas, Elm Cottage, Andover
  16. Lambe, R., Lewes
  17. Lander, James, 4 Glebe Place, Chelsea, S.W.
  18. Lander, Tertius, Rydal Place, Soho Hill, Birmingham
  19. Lane, Col. H. Bagot, J.P., King’s Bomley Manor, Lichfield
  20. Lane, C. Pelham, Moundsley Hall, King’s Norton, Warwickshire
  21. Langdon, Henry W., St. John’s Street, Devizes
  22. Lankester, Charles, 136 High Street, Southampton
  23. Larkin, John, 24 Charterhouse Square, London
  24. Larmer, Edward, Springfield Reigate
  25. Lathbury, Robert, Park House, Chiswick
  26. Lawley, John, Dudley Road, West Bromwich
  27. Lawrence, Arthur, Great Marlow
  28. Lawrence, L., Leese Hall, Uttoxeter
  29. Laws, Thomas, Bushey Heath, Herts
  30. Lay, George W., Richmond, Surrey
  31. Layton, Thomas, Kew Bridge, Middlesex
  32. Le Mottée, W., Avenue Road, Camberwell
  33. Lea, Samuel, Staple Hall, Witney
  34. Leach, W. J., Dot Meadows, Over Darwen
  35. Lean, M. E., 3 Tehidy Terrace, Falmouth
  36. Lean, W. H., Armyn Villa, Falmouth
  37. Lee, Captain John, Woolley Firs, Maidenhead
  38. Lee, Harry, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight
  39. Lee, Thomas, 15 North John Street, Liverpool
  40. Lee, Thomas S., Brineton, Shifnal
  41. Leech, William, 34 St. Mary Axe, London
  42. Lees, Charles, Beacon View House, Hill Top, West Bromwich
  43. Lees, Samuel, jun., Beacon View House, Hill Top, West Bromwich
  44. Leigh, Timothy, 22 Newgate Street, Chester
  45. Leith, Frederick, J.P., Liverpool House, Walmer, Kent
  46. Leman, H., Gurney’s Bank, Lowestoft
  47. Lennard, James H., 1 Digbeth, Birmingham
  48. Lester, Charles L., Stowe House, Dudley
  49. Leverton, H. Spry, J.P., 63 Lemon Street, Truro
  50. Lewin, C. H., Greenway Meadows, Runcorn, Cheshire
  51. Lewis, Abel, Prospect Hill, Douglas, Isle of Man
  52. Lewis, Edwin, Goldthorn Hill, Wolverhampton
  53. Lewis, Frederick, Penn Fields, Wolverhampton
  54. Lewis, Henry, Sandwell Road, West Bromwich
  55. Lewis, J. P., M.D., Basingstoke
  56. Lewis, John, St. Michael’s, Lewes
  57. Ley, Hugh H., Kenwyn, Truro
  58. Leycester, Captain E. M., R.N., White Place, Maidenhead
  59. Leyland, George R., 9 Esplanade, Waterloo, Liverpool
  60. Liddall, Bateman S., St. Stephen’s Villa, Yiewsley, Middlesex
  61. Lightbourne, J. A., Winckley Square, Preston
  62. Limbrick, William, Down Farm, Tetbury, Goucestershire
  63. Limmer, William, Cromer, Norfolk
  64. Linaker, W. H., Bleak House, Frodsham, Cheshire
  65. Lines, Benjamin A., Water Stratford, Buckingham
  66. Linnell, W. H., Towcester, Northants
  67. Lintott, William, jun., Horsham
  68. Lithgow, R. A. Douglas, M.D., North Brink, Wisbeach
  69. Little, James, 9 Vernon Street, Liverpool
  70. Little, Lewis D., Ramhill, Cirencester
  71. Little, Michael, Stratton Terrace, Falmouth
  72. Little, Robert, Oakley House, Slouth
  73. Lloyd, Leonard, Stafford Street, Willenhall
  74. Lloyd, Samuel, jun., Pennfields, Wolverhampton
  75. Loam, Matthew, Moditonham, Botus Fleming, Saltash
  76. Loch, George, Q.C., Bishopsgate, Cottage, Staines
  77. Lock, Robert, South Street, Bishop’s Stortford
  78. Lock, Thomas, Instow, Bideford
  79. Lockett, John, Great Fenton Hall, Stoke-on-Trent
  80. Lockwood, Alfred, Eccleston, Westgate-on-Sea
  81. Lockwood, Thomas M., 30 Foregate STreet, Chester
  82. Lofts & Warner, 99 Mount Street, Gosvenor Square, W.
  83. Logan, Edward, Grove Hill, West Kirby, Cheshire
  84. Lomas, Samuel, Royal Hotel, Douglas, Isle of Man
  85. Long, Captain William, jun., Congresbury, Somerset
  86. Long, L., Oldbury-on-the-Hill, Chippenham
  87. Long, William, jun., J.P., Threlwall Heys, Warrington
  88. Long, William, Windmill Lodge, Oldbury-on-the-Hill, Chippenham
  89. Longcroft, E. N., Hull Place, Havant
  90. Longton, Edward J., M.D., The Priory, Southport
  91. Looney, James, Liscard Lodge, Upper Brighton, Cheshire
  92. Lord, Thomas, St. George’s Middle Street, Norwich
  93. Lorraine, R. S., Yiewsley Mill House, West Drayton
  94. Loveridge, Samuel, Danes Court, Wolverhampton
  95. Lovering, Maria S., The Grove, Charlestown, St. Austell
  96. Lovidee, George, 36 Birstol Road, Birmingham
  97. Lowe, John, M.D., King Street, King’s Lynn
  98. Lowndes, Captain Joseph, The Moor Farm, Chesham, Bucks
  99. Lowndes, Hugh, 10 Exchange Alley, Liverpool
  100. Lowndes, William, J.P., The Bury, Chesham, Bucks
  101. Loynes, Edward B., High Street, Wells-next-the-Sea
  102. Lucas, William, Hitchin, Herts
  103. Luce, C. R., Halcombe Malmesbury
  104. Lucock, John, Howard Road, Dorking
  105. Lucy, Berkely, Wellesbourne, Warwick
  106. Lucy, H. Spencer, J.P., Charlecote Park, Warwick
  107. Luke, Alfred, Charlestown, St. Austell
  108. Luke, W. H., Charlestown, St. Austell
  109. Lundy, Louis F., Feltham, Middlesex
  110. Lunnon, William, Bourne End, Maidenhead
  111. Lushington, Rev. T. G. L., Farnham, Surrey
  112. Lynch, John, 8a Lord Street, Liverpool
  113. Lynes, Rev. John, Sandesfort House, Wyke Regis, Weymouth
  114. Lynes, Rev. Robert, Boulton Villa, Wyke Regis, Weymouth
  115. Lyster, George F., Coburg Dock, Liverpool


  1. M‘Clean, Rev. Donald S., Norwood Rectory, Southall
  2. M‘Clure, Thomas, Worle, Somerset
  3. M‘Connell, James E., J.P., Woodlands Park, Great Missenden, Bucks
  4. M‘Corquodale, George, The Willows, Newton-le-Willows
  5. M‘Farlane, Robert, Kildare, Rickmansworth
  6. M‘Guire, D., 155 Pethrton Road, Highbury New Park, N>
  7. M‘Ilquham, J. H., Staverton House, Staverton, Cheltenham
  8. M‘Intyre, Andrew J., Odiham, Hants
  9. M‘Intyre, William, Odiham, Hants
  10. M‘Lellan, William, Church Street, Wigan
  11. M‘Michael, W. C., 2 Nelson Place, Bath
  12. M‘Veigh, Denis, M.D., Bishop Street, Coventry
  13. Mackay, James, Victoria Road, Walton, Liverpool
  14. Mackenzie, Austin, Halliford, Shepperton
  15. Mackenzie, David E., 26 Alfred Street, Liverpool
  16. Mackenzie, J. F., 7 Camden Crescent, Bath
  17. Mackillop, Edward, 14 Royal Crescent, Bath
  18. Macleay, Alexander D., 42 Onslow Gardens, London
  19. Macmeikan, John, Little Missenden Abbey, Bucks
  20. Mainwaring, C. H., Whitmore Hall, Staffordshire
  21. Mair, Hugh, Phyllis Court, Henley-on-Thames
  22. Malin, George, Harvington, Evesham
  23. Mallet, Henry L., Blenheim Villa, Great Torrington
  24. Mallory, Daniel, Bretforton Villa, Cheltenham
  25. Malony, W. A., 63 Claverton Street, Pimlico, S.W.
  26. Mander, Edwin, Holly Lodge, Paradise Street, Coventry
  27. Mander, Samuel S., Glen Bank, Wolverhampton
  28. Mangles, Frank, Littleworth, Tongham, Surrey
  29. Mann, James, 85 Mount Street, Grosvenor Square, W.
  30. Manners-Sutton, J. H., J.P., Kelham Hall, Newark-on-Trent
  31. Mansfield, Alfred, Copers Cope Road, New Beckenham
  32. Manton, Mary, Ardmore Lodge, Isleworth
  33. Marchant, Robert, Clayton Croft, Dartford
  34. Marrack, Richard, 2 Strangways Terrace, Truro
  35. Marrian, Henry, 12 Francis Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham
  36. Marriott, J. J., Mellish Road, Walsall
  37. Marriott, Walter H., Stoke Green, Coventry
  38. Marsh, Edwin, Burnt Tree, Dudley
  39. Marsh, John, Nursteed Lodge, Devizes
  40. Marsh, William, Eaton Green, luton
  41. Marshall, Arthur W., Buckden Tower, Huntingdon
  42. Marshall, C. A., Charles Hill, Farnham, Surrey
  43. Marshall, Charles, 69 Holland Park, Notting Hill, W.
  44. Marshall, Charles, Woodlands, Sunbury-on-Thames
  45. Marshall, E., South Road, Smethwick, Birmingham
  46. Marshall, Jabez, The Green, Bloxwich, Walsall
  47. Marshall, James, Heston Mills, Hounslow
  48. Marshall, John, Red House, Great Barr, Birmingham
  49. Marshall, Samuel N., Globe Hotel, King’s Lynn
  50. Marshall, Thomas, High Wycombe, Bucks
  51. Marshall, W. A., Christchurch, Hants
  52. Marshall, William, Capethorn, Smethwick, Birmingham
  53. Marshall, William, Hill House, Ely
  54. Marshall, William, North Lynn Hall, King’s Lynn
  55. Marson, John, Acton Trussell, Stafford
  56. Marson, William, Butterhill, Penkridge
  57. Martin, Edward, Nansladron, St. Austell
  58. Martin, H. A., M.D., The Lodge, Cosham, hants
  59. Martin, H. J. C., Glendower Lodge, Gosport
  60. Martin, S. T., Oakham House, Dudley
  61. Martin, T., The Brake St. Austell
  62. Martin, William H. P., Fairmantle Strect, Truro
  63. Marton, George B. H., Capernwray Hall, Lancastr
  64. Martyn, Rev. Charles J., Long Melford Rectory, Suffolk
  65. Masfen, R. H., Pendeford, Wolverhampton
  66. Mason, D. K., 48 Sackville Street, Piccadilly, W.
  67. Mason, Phillip H., Sandford House, Swindon, Wilts
  68. Mason, Richard, 41 West Street, Farnham, Surrey
  69. Mason, Thomas, Victoria Road, Aston, Birmingham
  70. Mason, Tom J., 23 Bridge Street Row, Chester
  71. Massey, Frederick, 6 Bewsey Road, Warrington
  72. Mathews, Charles E., Oakgate, Augustus Road, Birmingham
  73. Mathews, William, Manor House, Nantwich, Cheshire
  74. Mathieson, Charles, Hurst Street, Liverpool
  75. Matthews, George, Elsinore, Douglas, Isle of Man
  76. Matthews, J. W., Acton Trussell, Stafford
  77. Matthews, John, Ivy Cottage, Weston-super-Mare
  78. Maude, William W., Fleets, Rylstone, Skipton-in-Craven
  79. Maule, Edward, Godmanchester, Huntingdon
  80. Mawdsley, William, 13 Queen’s Road, Southport
  81. May, Arthur P., Moor House, Great Crosby
  82. Maybank, John T., Dorking
  83. Maycock, William F., 391 Bristol Road, Birmingham
  84. Mayne, J. T., Tuckingmill, Camborne
  85. Mayo, Henry, Paradise Street, Coventry
  86. Mayo, Maria, 361 Pershore Road, Birmingham
  87. Mayo, Robert, Richmond Villa, Handsworth, Birmingham
  88. Meaby, George, LL.D., Cartmel Grammar School, Carnforth
  89. Meade, Rev. R. C., The Vicarage, St. Neots
  90. Meade, Farrer, Anglesey, Gosport
  91. Meakin, William, Westwood Manor, Leek
  92. Medley, Mrs. George, Oakwood, Chislehurst
  93. Medlicott, Charles W. C. M., M.D., County Asylum, Wells, Somerset
  94. Meek, A. Grant, The Ark, Devizes
  95. Meek, Alexander, J.P., Hillworth House, Devizes
  96. Mellor, W. C. J., High Street, Huntingdon
  97. Menzies, Graham, Philliphaugh, Selkirk
  98. Mercer, Cecil J., 108 High Street, Ramsgate
  99. Mercer, Nicholas, Henley-on-Thames
  100. Mercer, Richard, Sandling Place, Maidstone
  101. Merrett, William G., M.D., Dalton House, Beckford, Cheltenham
  102. Merrick, John, Marlborough, Wilts
  103. Meynell, Edward J., Bath Road, Wolverhampton
  104. Michell, A. O., Chymorvah, Marazion
  105. Michell, Henry, Worthing Road, Horsham
  106. Michelmore, T. H., Berrywood, Bournmouth
  107. Middleton, J. H., Meir Green, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent
  108. Midgley, Edward J., Colman’s Villa, Ipswich
  109. Midlane, W. W., Boyton Lodge, Andover, Hants
  110. Midlen, E. J., Higher Spargo, Mabe, Penryn
  111. Miles, E. M., 145 Bridge Street, Birkenhead
  112. Miles, T. J., 45 King Street, Southsea
  113. Millbourn, Joseph T., Phœnix Mill House, Dartford
  114. Miller, John, 92 Horn Street, Reading
  115. Miller, R. M., Culverden Grove, Tunbridge Wells
  116. Miller, W. A., The Wilderness, Bracondle, Norwich
  117. Millington, Samuel L., Merridale Grove, Wolverhampton
  118. Millington, Thomas, Dore House, Harborne, Birmingham
  119. Mills, Henry, 38 Robertson Street, Hastings
  120. Mills, Joseph, The Beeches, Kingswinford, Dudley
  121. Mills, Robert, High Street, Maidenhead
  122. Mills, Thomas, The Shrubbery, Kinswinford, Dudley
  123. Mills, William, 47 Windsor Street, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent
  124. Millward, John, Yew Tree House, Stechford, Birmingham
  125. Milne, J. de B., The Palace, Bendwan, India
  126. Milroy, John, Boutport Street, Barnstaple
  127. Milyard, T. W., Pendarves, Camborne
  128. Mitchell, George O., Norfolk Street, King’s Lynn
  129. Mitchinson, J. G., Park Clies, Gulval, Penzance
  130. Mitton, E. M., Fernie Lea, Moseley, Birmingham
  131. Moger, Robert A., 19 Macaulay Buildings, Bath
  132. Molyneux, William, F.G.S., Burton-on-Trent
  133. Monckton, W., Medway House, Maidstone
  134. Monins, John H., Ringwould House, Dover
  135. Monk, Rev. Joseph, Irchester Vicarage, Northants
  136. Montgomrey, James, J.P., D.L., Hartlands, Cranford, Middlesex
  137. Monument, William, J.P., Norfolk Street, King’s Lynn
  138. Moodie, Captain Edwin R., Rock Ferry, Cheshire
  139. Moody, Charles, Fisherton Street, Salisbury
  140. Moon, John P., 37 High Street, Croydon
  141. Moorcraft & Cox, 22 Cockspur Street, London
  142. Moore, Captain John C., Bell Vue House, Winchester
  143. Moore, George, Tudor House, Harborne Road, Birmingham
  144. Moore, W. F., 19 Catherine Street, Liverpool
  145. Moore, William J., Small Heath, Birmingham
  146. Moorhead, J., M.D., 4 Frederick Place, Weymouth
  147. Morant, Boyd & Blanford, 91 New Bond Street, W.
  148. More, James, M.D., Rothwell, Kettering
  149. Morphew, M., Royal Crown Hotel, Sevenoaks, Kent
  150. Morris, H. A., Beach House, Gorleston, Yarmouth, Norfolk
  151. Morris, Herbert, Lewes
  152. Morris, Joseph O., 37 Digbeth, Walsall
  153. Morris, Pryce, Corporation Road, Birkenhead
  154. Morris, Thomas, Bridge House, Bewsey Road, Warrington
  155. Morton, Rev. Richard, Rothwell Vicarage, Kettering
  156. Moss, John, Shallowford, Stone, Stafford
  157. Moss, Samuel, Bocundle, St. Austell
  158. Moulds, Mary Jane, Empson Farm, Haldenby, Goole
  159. Mounsey, Edward, 3 Lord Street, Liverpool
  160. Moyes, Louisa, Bull Hotel, Cambridge
  161. Mullings, John, Cirencester
  162. Mumford, George, 9 Wellington Terrace, Weymouth
  163. Munden, Charles, Ilminster, Somerset
  164. Mundie, George, M.D., Stafford House, Eastbourne
  165. Munroe, Matthias, Guide, Blackburn
  166. Murdoch, James, 12 Rumford Place, Liverpool
  167. Murfet, Thomas W., Wiggenhall, St. Mary-the-Virgin, King’s Lynn
  168. Muriel, Charles E., St. Giles Treet, Norwich
  169. Murray, A. D., Rickmansworth
  170. Murray, D., Calvert Street, Norwich
  171. Murray, William, 25 Cockspur Street, London
  172. Muspratt, E., Eaton Hall Works, Chester
  173. Muspratt, E. J., Eaton Hall Works, Chester
  174. Myatt, A., Ronton, Eccleshall
  175. Myburgh, Philip A., High Beeches, Frimley, Surrey


  1. Nairn, Alexander, 16 Daulby Street, Liverpool
  2. Nalder, Frederick, Falmouth
  3. Nalder, John, Shepton Mallet, Somerset
  4. Naldrett, J. T., Norfolk Hotel, Bognor
  5. Narramore, R. E., Springfield House, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent
  6. Nash, H. D., Royston, Herts
  7. Naunton, Herbert C., Tuesday Market Place, King’s Lynn
  8. Naylor, Joseph, 3 Victoria Terrace, Walsall
  9. Nelson, E. M., Hanger Hill House, Ealing, Middlesex
  10. Nelson, Samuel C., Sydney Mount, Douglas, Isle of Man
  11. Nesbit, A. Anthony, 38 Gracechurch Street, E.C.
  12. Nevett, Thomas, 3 Walton’s Parade, Preston
  13. Newark, George, Jesson Street, Coventry
  14. Newbury, Robert, Manor Lodge, Feltham, Middlesex
  15. Newland, Henry P., Stuart House, Luton
  16. Newlyn, N. S., Christchurch, Hants
  17. Newman, D., Conway, Winchcombe, Cheltenham
  18. Newman, E. P., Bell Vue House, Hillingdon, Middlesex
  19. Newman, F. M., Malvern Place, Cheltenham
  20. Newman, Francis, St. Paul’s, Ryde, Isle of Wight
  21. Newman, James, Pell Street, Sandown, Isle of Wight
  22. Newman, Philip, Stillingflete, Leamington
  23. Newsholme, John W., Hellifield Green, Leeds
  24. Newton, Rev. Horace, Heworth Vicarage, York
  25. Nicholl, D. C., Market Hill, Wisbeach
  26. Nichols, Edward, Handley House, Colton, Rugeley
  27. Nichols, Joseph, Park Hill, Moseley, Birmingham
  28. Nicholson, Robert, Abbotsford, Chester
  29. Nicholson, William, 20 Mill Street, Ventnor, Isle of Wight
  30. Nicklin, A. B., The Poplars, Smethwick, Birmingham
  31. Nicks, John, Leek Wootton, Warwick
  32. Nicolls, Edmund P., St. Stephen’s, Launceston
  33. Nicolls, Edward, Callington
  34. Nind, Jane, The Villa, Beckford, Tewkesbury
  35. Noakes, Frederic, Battle, Sussex
  36. Noble, Walter, Amersham, Bucks
  37. Nock, James B., Mayfield, Chester Road, Birmingham
  38. Nock, Thomas F., High Street, Bridgnorth
  39. Nock, W. H. P., Burlington, Newport, Salop
  40. Norden, Richard, 1 High Street, Maidstone
  41. Norman, Stewart, West Street, Havant
  42. Norris, Anne, Blakemore House, Norbury, Newport, Salop
  43. Norris, George, 16 North John Street, Liverpool
  44. Norris, Robert, 16 North John Street, Liverpool
  45. North, David, Coton House, Wolverhampton
  46. North, William, Dixon’s Green House, Dudley
  47. Northcote, C. E., Barnstaple
  48. Northey, Leut.-Col. W. B., The Mount, Sevenoaks, Kent
  49. Nottage, T. Alston, 17 Sweeting Street, Liverpool
  50. Nunneley, J. A., Market Harborough
  51. Nuthall, Edwin, Carlton Terrace, Norwich
  52. Nuttall, Robert W., Catsfield Place, Battle, Sussex
  53. Nye, Thomas, Oakville, Ealing, Middlesex


  1. O’Connor, J. B. H., 7 King’s Terrace, Southsea
  2. Oakley, Christopher, Chiselhurst
  3. Oakley, John, Dartmouth House, Blackheath
  4. Oakshott, E. G., Northleigh, Craven Road, Reading
  5. Odlum, Michael, Warksworth House, Isleworth
  6. Odlum, P., York House, Bath
  7. Oerton, Edward, Lysways Street, Walsall
  8. Oerton, F., Harborne Hill, Birmingham
  9. Oerton, John B., The Ferns, Walsall
  10. Ogden, S. R., Lorne Terrace, Blackburn
  11. Okell, George, Over Lodge, Winsford, Cheshire
  12. Oldham, Samuel, Waterloo Road, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent
  13. Oldrieve, William, Eaton Hall Works, Chester
  14. Oliver, John L., Kent Lodge, Uxbridge
  15. Oliver, Thomas, Horsham
  16. Oliver, W. C., Cross Street, Barnstaple
  17. Oliverson, Richard, 37 Goucester Square, W.
  18. Olivey, Rev. Edward, St. Day Vicarage, Redruth
  19. Olivier, Rev. Dacres, Wilton Rectory, Salisbury
  20. Orams, Edward, 4 St. Peter’s Street, Norwich
  21. Orgill, William, Mavesyn, Ridware, Rugeley
  22. Ormandy, William, King Street, Wigan
  23. Orton, J. S., 2 Chelmsford Villas, St. Leonards
  24. Osborn, F. B., 205 Hagley Road, Birmingham
  25. Osborne, Reginald M., St. Ives, Hunts
  26. Osborne, W. G., 113 High Street, Ramsgate
  27. Osman, James, Union Terrace, Barnstaple
  28. Ottley, Thomas, Wellington Road, Harborne, Birmingham
  29. Ourvry, Frederic, 66 Lincoln’s In Field, W.C.
  30. Owen, Herbert C., Compton Hill, Wolverhampton
  31. Owen, J., Edgbaston, Birmingham
  32. Owen, John, Dixon’s Green, Dudley
  33. Owen, Richard, Great Barr, Birmingham
  34. Oxley, John T., Stowe, Buckingham


  1. Pack, Mrs. Reynell, Avisford, Arundel
  2. Pack, Frederick W., Prebend End, Buckingham
  3. Packard, C. L., 10 Park Street, Deal
  4. Packer, J. M., Huyton, Liverpool
  5. Packman, William G., Docking, King’s Lynn
  6. Padley, Rev. Charles, Enville Rectory, Stourbridge
  7. Page, Alfred, Sprowston, Norwich
  8. Page, Frank, 5 Suffolk Place, Sevenoaks, Kent
  9. Page, George W., National Provincial Bank, Kin’s Lynn
  10. Page, John, Finchfield House, Wolverhampton
  11. Page, John J. G., The Elms, Heighton Grove, Norwich
  12. Page, Samuel W., Penn Fields, Wolverhampton
  13. Page, Thomas, Yew Tree House, Great Barr, Birmingham
  14. Paget, Frances, Rowlands, Farnham, Surrey
  15. Paget, John C., Potter’s Bar, Middlesex
  16. Paige, Rev. Lewis, Whitfield Rectory, Northants
  17. Paine, Henry E., Chertsey
  18. Paine, Thomas, Frencham, Surrey
  19. Palmer, G. J., 39 Camden Square, N.W.
  20. Palmer, T. W. Gascoigne, 1 Royal Crescent, Cheltenham
  21. Palmer, Thomas, Beech, Cottage, Swaffam
  22. Papayanni, M. G., Claremont, Sandown Park, Wavertree
  23. Parish, John, Walnut Tree House, Erith, Kent
  24. Park, James, Lightburn, Ulverston
  25. Park, Joseph, Mount Pleasant, Norwich
  26. Parke, George H., Barrow-in-Furness
  27. Parker, Ellen, 7 Lansdown Villas, Weymouth
  28. Parker, Henry, Bleak Hill House, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent
  29. Parker, J., Midhurst, Sussex
  30. Parker, Robert, Church Street, Malpas, Cheshire
  31. Parkes, Edwin, Maney, Sutton, Coldfield
  32. Parkes, Frederick, Bridge House, Walsall
  33. Parkes, Thomas, Ladywood Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham
  34. Parkes, William, Clarendon Place, Handsworth, Birmingham
  35. Parkhouse, John, Frogmore, Rickmansworth
  36. Parkinson, C. H., Watts, West Gate, Wimborne
  37. Parkinson, George W., South Parade, Doncaster
  38. Parlett, John, London and County Bank, Huntingdon
  39. Parr, Rev. Edward R., Haslington Vicarage, Crewe
  40. Parr, J. Charlton, J.P., Grappenhall Heyes, Warrington
  41. Parr, John, New Park Street, Devizes
  42. Parsons, Arthur D., Matham, Dawlish
  43. Parsons, Daniel W., M.D., 31 Everton Crescent, Liverpool
  44. Parsons, Frederick W., M.D., The Rowans, Wimbledon
  45. Parton, M., Reule House, Gnosall, Stafford
  46. Parton, Thomas, Dudley Road, West Bromwich
  47. Passingham, George A., Hitchin, Herts
  48. Patchett, J., Green Fields, Shrewsbury
  49. Paterson, R. O., Ness House, Cheltenham
  50. Paterson, William, M.D., Park Road, Chorley
  51. Paton, William, Woodcote, Rock Ferry, Cheshire
  52. Patterson, Alfred, Dresden, Stoke-on-Trent
  53. Patteson, Henry S., D.L., Cringleford, Norwich
  54. Pattisson, J., 20 Clifton Gardens, Maida-hill, London
  55. Paul, E. Watson, M.D., Street, Somerset
  56. Paul, J. Dawson, Newmarket Road, Norwich
  57. Paulet, Charles W., Wellesbourne Hall, Warwick
  58. Paull, Henry, Ilminster, Somserset
  59. Paull, Joseph, Ilminster, Somserset
  60. Pawley, William, Calverley Hotel, Tunbridge Wels
  61. Payne, Henry, Penn Fields, Wolverhampton
  62. Payne, R. Sowden, Lansdowne House, Weymouth
  63. Payne, William, Woodleigh, The Thicket, Southsea
  64. Payton, Francis W., Hall Road, Handsworth, Birmingham
  65. Payton, George J., Hamstead Road, Birmingham
  66. Payton, Henry, Woodbourne, Handsworth, Birmingham
  67. Peace, Marshall W., Ashfield, Standish, Wigan
  68. Peacey, William, Chedgslow, Tetbury, Gloucestershire
  69. Peachey, John, Fittleworth, Pulborough
  70. Peake, T. W., 25 Mulgrave Place, Woolwich
  71. Pears, Andrew, Greenbank, Spring Grove, Isleworth
  72. Pearson, Justly, Drayton House, Walton, Liverpool
  73. Pearson, William, Red Hill House, Stourbridge
  74. Peed, William, Impington, Cambs
  75. Peel, Archibald R., The Orchard, Bathford, Bath
  76. Peele, A. J., Oakley House, Bellevue, Shrewsbury
  77. Peele, E. Cresswell, Prestfelde, Shrewsbury
  78. Pegg, J. W. G., Blackwell Hall, Chesham, Bucks
  79. Pegg, Mary, Chesham, Bucks
  80. Pemewan, J., Chapel Terrace, Redruth
  81. Pender, George G., Lansdown Road, Falmouth
  82. Peniston, Edward, Belmont House, Doncaster
  83. Penny, William, West Beach, Lytham
  84. Percival, Thomas M., Towcester, Northants
  85. Percy, Cornelius M‘Leod, The Grove, Standish, Wigan
  86. Perkin, William H., The Chestnuts, Sudbury, Middlesex
  87. Perkins, F. W., Eastcott, Wells, Somerset
  88. Perrins, Enoch, The Villas, Stoke-on-Trent
  89. Peters, Rev. M. N., Penwarne, Falmouth
  90. Peters, Charles A., Claremont, Westbury-upon-Severn
  91. Peters, Henry T., Bridge House, Thames Street, Windsor
  92. Petter, C. H., Barnstaple
  93. Phelps, William, Freshwater, Isle of Wight
  94. Phelps, William, High Wycombe, Bucks
  95. Phillipps, J. D., Knowsley Buildings, Liverpool
  96. Phillips, Frederick G., St. Joseph’s Villa, St. Leonard’s-on-Sea
  97. Phillips, George T., Wisbeach, Cambs
  98. Phillips, Guy T., Sheriff Hales Manor, Newport, Salop
  99. Phillips, John, Royston, Herts
  100. Phillips, John D., Holly Hall, Dudley
  101. Phillips, Thomas, Heston, Middlesex
  102. Phillips, Thomas, Magdala Terrace, Dudley
  103. Phillips, Thomas, The Green, Hughenden, Bucks
  104. Phillips, Thomas M., Earlswood, Wolverhampton
  105. Phillips, W. J., Easebourne, Midhurst, Sussex
  106. Pickering, John, Melton House, Holgate, York
  107. Pickering, Parker, Holgate, York
  108. Pickford, William, Downham Market
  109. Pickmere, J. R., Cedar Lawn, Latchford, Warrington
  110. Pinniger, F. G., Water Side, Henley-on-Thames
  111. Pinson, Alfred, Goldthorn Hill, Wolverhampton
  112. Piper, Thomas, High Street, Brentford
  113. Pitowsky, Arnold, Boutport Street, Barnstapel
  114. Pitt, William, Willenhall, Wolverhampton
  115. Pizey, George, Rutland Lodge, Clevedon, Somerset
  116. Pizzey, Thomas, Swan Street, Kingsclere
  117. Place, John E., 46 Sudell Road, Over Darwen
  118. Plaistowe, R. H., Loudwater, Bucks
  119. Plant, George, Broughton, Wrexham
  120. Plant, Robert, Cheadle, Staffordshire
  121. Platt, M. A. E., Stoberry Park, Wells, Somserset
  122. Plummer, Alfred, Swindon, Wilts
  123. Podger, William, Isleworth, Middlesex
  124. Podmore, Frederick, Bleak Hill, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent
  125. Podmore, H. R. B., 145 High Street, Croydon
  126. Polglase, Joseph, Treneere House, Penzance
  127. Ponting, W. George, Burton Hill Cottage, Malmesbury
  128. Poore, Philip H., Highfield, Andover
  129. Pope, Edwin, Dorchester
  130. Port, Henry, Whitmore Road, Small Heath, Birmingham
  131. Porter, Joseph L., 57 Calthorpe Road, Edgbastion, Birmingham
  132. Porter, Robert, Westfield House, Bath
  133. Porter, Thomas, 3 Westminster Chambers, Victoria Street, S.W.
  134. Potter, Robert, Commercial Road, East Dereham
  135. Potts, Edward, Temple House, Bath Row, Birmingham
  136. Potts, Edward B., Broseley, Salop
  137. Potts, R. A., Stoneleigh, Kenilworth
  138. Powell, Frederick, Montague House, High Wycombe
  139. Powell, George B., Peachey Terrace, Nottingham
  140. Powell, Thomas, Fairford, Swindon, Wilts
  141. Powell, Thomas, Hesketh Park, Southport
  142. Powell, William, Lanthony Lodge, Handsworth, Birmingham
  143. Power, Frederick, J.P., Franks Hall, Farningham
  144. Powers, Edward, Coundon, Coventry
  145. Pratt, David, Palace Gate, Odiham, Hants
  146. Preston, Arthur, Bank Street, Norwich
  147. Preston, Donald W., Carlsburg, Bournmouth
  148. Prestor, S. A., Bellfield House, Weymouth
  149. Price, Charles, Broomfield, Stanmore, Middlesex
  150. Price, J. Lowe, Kettering
  151. Price, Philip, 5 Cleveland Place, Bath
  152. Price, Robert, West View, Handsworth Wood, Birmingham
  153. Prideaux, Charles, Brookfield, Tamerton, Plymouth
  154. Prince, Henry W., Crumpwood, Alton Towers, Staffordshire
  155. Pritchard, Edwin, Rose Mount, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton
  156. Proctor, James, Well House, Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent
  157. Proctor, Robert, Hetton, Skipton-in-Craven
  158. Pryce, Edward, Clifton Road, Birkenhead
  159. Pugh, John, Alma Street, Aston New Town, Birmingham
  160. Pullman, Anne C., Grove End, Chiswick
  161. Purnell, John, West Street, Haveant
  162. Pursall, John, 109 Vyse Street, Birmingham
  163. Puttick, Arthur R., Peascot Street, Windsor
  164. Puttock, George C., Abingdon House, Bury Road, Gosport
  165. Pyecroft, Thomas T., Half Moon Hotel, Ptworth


  1. Quack, Emil, 11 Dale Street, liverpool
  2. Quartermaine, John, Tetsworth, oxon
  3. Quayle, John, 6 Windsor Terrace, Douglas, Isle of Man
  4. Quin, James, Golden Hill, Leybourn, Preston


  1. Radcliffe, Annie, Warleigh, Plymouth
  2. Radcliffe, C. L., Derriford, Plymouth
  3. Radcliffe, William, Spring Bank, Prince’s Park, Liverpool
  4. Rae, M. J., M.D., St. John’s Lodge, Blackburn
  5. Rail, William, Helland, Mabe, Falmouth
  6. Ramsay, Belvile, J.P., Croughton House, Brackley, Northants
  7. Randal, J. L., F.R.I.B.A., Betton House, Shrewsbury
  8. Ransom, Henry S., Holt, Cromer
  9. Ratcliffe, E. T., Beaufort Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham
  10. Rattray, Eliza, The Elms, Roe Lane, Southport
  11. Rawcliffe, Henry, Euxton Hall, Chorley
  12. Rawlins, T. J. D., Buckland, Lymington, Hants
  13. Rawlins, Thomas D. B., Wimborne
  14. Rawlinson, Alfred W., Horsham
  15. Rawson, Elizabeth, Nydd Hall, Harrogate
  16. Rawson, John, Great Marlow
  17. Raynbird, Robert, Basingstoke
  18. Raynes, J. T., Rock Park, Rock, Ferry, Cheshire
  19. Read, James B., Prospect Place, Penryn
  20. Read, William H., Swindon, Wilts
  21. Reade, Rev. Henry, St. John, Oundle
  22. Reading, F. F., Hamstead Road, Birmingham
  23. Reading, Samuel A., Albert Road, Aston, Birmingham
  24. Reading, William, Oakville, Haven Green, Ealing, W.
  25. Redhead, John A., Chertsey
  26. Redington, William A., Harlow House, High Wycombe, Bucks
  27. Reed, John S., Helston
  28. Reed, R. J., Victoria Hotel, St. Leonard’s-on-Sea
  29. Reid, William, 4 Bewsey Place, Warrington
  30. Remington, George, Ulverston
  31. Reynardson, Henry B., J.P., Adwell House, Tetsworth, Oxon
  32. Reynolds, Edwin, Chesham, Bucks
  33. Rhoades, Robert R., Bridge Street, Walsall
  34. Rhodes, A., Cleveland Villa, Handsworth, Birmingham
  35. Richards, Joseph, Yew Tree Cottage, Perry Barr
  36. Richardson, Thomas R., Woodville House, Woolwich
  37. Richardson, William, Oundle
  38. Richmond, William H., 74 Bank Road, Bootle, Liverpool
  39. Rickman, Thomas M., 8 Montagu Street, W.
  40. Rigby, John, Birkdale Park, Southport
  41. Rigby, John, The Hollies, Great Barr, Birmingham
  42. Rigby, Samuel, J.P., Bruche Hall, Warrington
  43. Ripley, M., Hilcote Hall, Eccleshall
  44. Rising, Rev. B., Moreton Vicarage, Newport, Salop
  45. Robb, William, Orange Villa, Cato Street, Birmingham
  46. Robbins, William M., 107 High Street, Ilfracombe
  47. Roberts, Henry, Deanhanger, Northants
  48. Roberts, John, Well House, Saltney, Chster
  49. Roberts, John L., Workingham, Berks
  50. Roberts, Rawton, M.D., Ruabon
  51. Roberts, Samuel, The Grange, West Bromwich
  52. Roberts, William D., 50 Princes Road, Liverpool
  53. Robertson, Captain Struan, The Grove, Batheaston, Bath
  54. Robinson, Alfred, Mill House, Southall
  55. Robinson, George, West Derby Road, Liverpool
  56. Robinson, J., Midhurst, Sussex
  57. Robinson, James, Heston, Middlesex
  58. Robinson, William, Lymme, Warrington
  59. Robson, Edward, Middlesborough
  60. Roche, E. B., Surrey Street, Norwich
  61. Rodason, Thomas, Beacon House, Handsworth, Birmingham
  62. Rodgett, John, Darwen Bank, Walton-le-dale, Preston
  63. Roe, John, The Bank, Twickenham
  64. Roger, Rev. Wesley A., 152 Chapen Lane, Wigan
  65. Rogers, Rev. William, Mawnan Rectory, Falmouth
  66. Rogers, A. C., 132 High Street, Southampson
  67. Rogers, Emily, High Lea, Oswestry
  68. Rogers, Henry, Helston
  69. Rogers, J., The Beeches, Edgbaston, Birmingham
  70. Rogers, J. W., 30 King Street, Covent Garden, W.C.
  71. Rogers, W. F., Tetbury, Gloucestershire
  72. Rogerson, Frank, Dorking
  73. Rogerson, George R., 5 Cook Street, Liverpool
  74. Romney, John O., Whitestock Hall, Ulverston
  75. Rooke, Charles H. B., Exeter Street, Teignmouth
  76. Roper, Edwin, Highfield Shepperton, Walton-on-Thames
  77. Roper, James, Rydal Mount, Oxton, Cheshire
  78. Rosaman, J. H., 13 Portland Street, Soho, W.
  79. Rose, Richard, J.P., The Chestnuts, Aylesbury, Bucks
  80. Rosenstreich, N., 154 City Road, London
  81. Ross, J., Surrey, Commercial Docks, Rotherhithe
  82. Rowcliffe, William, Northbrook, Farnham, Surrey
  83. Rowe, Captain R., M.H.K., Minydon, Douglas, Isle of Man
  84. Rowland, C. J., Holly Wood, Litherland Park, Liverpool
  85. Rowley, Samuel, Manor House, Sedgeley, Dudley
  86. Rowse, Thomas, Truro Road, St. Austell
  87. Rule, W. H., Veor House, Camborne
  88. Rumball, A., St. Peter’s St. Alban’s
  89. Runacres, William, 17 Park Lane, Norwich
  90. Rushout, Olivia C., 14 Portman Street, London
  91. Russell, Rev. H. C., Wollaton Rectory, Nottingham
  92. Russell, C. E., Worcester Wharf, Birmingham
  93. Russell, R. J., Brackley, Northants
  94. Russell, Samuel, The Limes, Walsall
  95. Russell, William, 8 Northampton Street, Birmingham
  96. Rust, Benjamin, Cromer, Norfolk
  97. Rust, H., Cromer, Norfolk
  98. Rust & Rayner, The Misses, Cromer, Norfolk
  99. Rutter, F. J., Parkfield, Hillingdon, Uxbridge
  100. Rutty, Rev. A. F., Queen’s School, Basingstoke
  101. Ryland, Frederick, 13 Noel Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham
  102. Rylands, Thomas G., J.P., Highfields, Thelwell, Warrington
  103. Ryley, Thomas C., 19 Sweeting Street, Liverpool
  104. Ryley, Thomas C., Trafalgar Road, Southport
  105. Rymill, Herbert, Knowle Green House, Staines


  1. Saddler, Thomas, 6a Vigo Street, Regent Street, W.
  2. Sainsbury, C. H. S., J.P., Bathford, Bath
  3. Sainsbury, W. Edward, Northgate House, Devizes
  4. Salter, Thomas, Sprinfields, West Bromwich
  5. Sampson, Edward W., Parson’s Hill, Woolwich
  6. Sanctuary, T., M.B., Hayle
  7. Sanders, James, 52 Chatham Street, Liverpool
  8. Sandford, William G., Cromer, Norfolk
  9. Sandoe, A. C., Royal Hotel, Bodmin
  10. Sandwith, George H. D., Poyle Mills, Slouth
  11. Santy, A. H., F.R.C.V.S., Castle Meadow, Norwich
  12. Sara, Nicholas, Bar House, Falmouth
  13. Sassoon, R. D., 95 Lancaster Gate, Hyde Park, W.
  14. Satterthwaite, S., Duke Street, Southport
  15. Saunders, Cecil, Ealing, Hants
  16. Sayers, James, South Pallant, Chichester
  17. Scales, George, 7 King Street, Cambridge
  18. Scargill, Frank, Bramingham Hall, Luton
  19. Scott, Rev. Charles, The Vicarage, Chertsey
  20. Scott, Edward J., 4 Montague Terrace, Ilfracombe
  21. Scott, Henry, Heathfield, Dartford
  22. Scott, William J., Duchess Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham
  23. Seaton, Joseph, M.D., Hlliford House, Sunbury-on-Thames
  24. Seckerson, Rev. E. B., High Offley Vicarage, Newport, Salop
  25. Sedgwick, Alfred, North End House, Watford, Herts
  26. Seex, John G., Reigate
  27. Segar, George X., 13 Harrington Street, Liverpool
  28. Segar, R. J., 19 Scarisbrick Street, Southport
  29. Selwood, Thomas, Eaton Hall Gardens, Chester
  30. Senior, James, Pennecroft, Stafford
  31. Seppings, Henry, 90 High Street, Lowestoft
  32. Seppings, James, Setch, King’s Lynn
  33. Settle, John, 150 Dalton Road, Barrow-in-Furness
  34. Seward, J. A., Strawberry Hill, Ashton, Preston
  35. Seymour, H. H. Culme, The Cloisters, Gloucester
  36. Shackle, C. H., Harlington, Middlesex
  37. Shackle, Edward H., Botwell Lodge, Hayes, Middlesex
  38. Shakespear, A., Holly Lodge, Burnham Bucks
  39. Shakespeare, William, The Hollies, Smethwick, Birmingham
  40. Sharman, N., Peake, Wellinborough
  41. Sharp, F. W., Abbey Square, Chester
  42. Sharp, William, 397 Bristol Road, Birmingham
  43. Sharp, William, J.P., Endwood Court, Handsworth, Birmingham
  44. Sharpe, Henry, Leveington, Wisbech
  45. Shaw, Anthony, Bank House, Congleton
  46. Shearburn, W. J., Dorking
  47. Shearly, Horace, Richmond, Surrey
  48. Shedden, William, 18 Brunswick Street, Liverpool
  49. Sheldon, T. Steele, M.B., County Asylum, Wells, Somerset
  50. Sheldon, W. H., Wordsworth Villa, Small Heath, Birmingham
  51. Shelly, A. P., Kingston Villa, Leamington
  52. Shenton, Henry J., Oaken, Codsall, Wolverhampton
  53. Shenton, James, Codsall, Wolverhampton
  54. Shenton, William, Kingsland House, Winchester
  55. Sheppard, Charles, Battle, Sussex
  56. Sheppard, Frederick J., Towcester, Northants
  57. Sherard, E. C., Cotterstock, Oundle
  58. Sherwood, F., J.P., Ersham Lodge, Hailsham, Sussex
  59. Shilcock, James, Hitchin, Herts
  60. Shinner, Arthur J., 160 High Street, Chetlenham
  61. Shoosmith, John, Billing Road, Northampton
  62. Shopland, James R., East View, Purton, Wilts
  63. Shore, Pharez, 31 Bradford Street, Walsall
  64. Showell, Walter, Knottsall Lodge, Oldbury
  65. Shutt, Richard, jun., Lichfield Road, Walsall
  66. Sich, William, Chiswick
  67. Siddons, George, Oundle
  68. Siddons, H. H., Hill Top, West Bromwich
  69. Siemens, C. William, F.R.S, D.C.L, 3 Palace Houses, Kensington, W.
  70. Siemens, Carl, 2 Palace Houses, Bayswater W.
  71. Sillett, Robert, Market Place, Fakenham
  72. Sillman, William, 18 Sydney Buildings, Bath
  73. Silvester, William, The Poplars, Great Barr, Birmingham
  74. Simmons, Charles, Henley-on-Thames
  75. Simmons, H. Argent, Bathwick Hill, Bath
  76. Simms, Alfred, Little Station Street, Walsall
  77. Simonds, William, Newlands, Aborfield, REading
  78. Simpkins, William, Weston Park, Bath
  79. Simpson, G. J. R., Corn Exchange Chambers, Chester
  80. Simpson, Joseph, Bescot Lodge, Walsall
  81. Simpson, Stephen, East Cliff House, Preston
  82. Simpson, W. Hirst, Higham Ferrers
  83. Singleton, C., 1 Vernon Place Birkenhead
  84. Skeate, Edwin, M.D., 16 Paragon, Bath
  85. Sked, James, Dacre Mount, Rock Ferry, Cheshire
  86. Skelsey, J., Hatfield House, Doncaster
  87. Skilleter, William, Old Falcon Hotel, Gravesend
  88. Skinner, W. George, Western Lodge, Portland Place, S.W.
  89. Skipper, Robert, Commercial Road, East Dereham
  90. Skipper, William, London Street, Norwich
  91. Skoyles, E., Thorpe Hamlet, Norwich
  92. Slade, Robert, Puddletown, Dorchester
  93. Slater, George, Highfield, Canterbury
  94. Slater, James, Bescott Hall, Walsall
  95. Slatter, William, Stratten, Cirrencester
  96. Small, George H., 6 Coulson Terrace, Penzance
  97. Smalley, James, 38 Upper Stanhope Street, Liverpool
  98. Smedley, L. W., Parkventon, Helston
  99. Smedley, William J., Birchfields, Birmingham
  100. Smethurst, Thomas C., Albert Road, Southport
  101. Smith, C. B., Wykeham House, Fareham, Hants
  102. Smith, Charles C., Sydney House, Golden Hillcock Road, Birmingham
  103. Smith, Charles J., 10 Waterloo Place, Pall Mall, S.W.
  104. Smith, Edward, Bridge Street, Wednesbury
  105. Smith, George, Mount Pleasant, Upper Beeding, Sussex
  106. Smith, George E., Norwich Road, East Dereham
  107. Smith, George J., Trevu, Camborne
  108. Smith, Henry, Acresfield House, Blackrod, Chorley
  109. Smith, Henry H., Thame, Oxon
  110. Smith, Hubert, Belmont House, Bridgnorth
  111. Smith, J., Maxfield, Lewes
  112. Smith, J. H., Dixon’s Green, Dudley
  113. Smith, James, Salemoor, Clapham Park, S.
  114. Smith, James E., 21 Newland, Northampton
  115. Smith, John, Birmingham Road, Walsall
  116. Smith, Joseph, Springhead House, Wednesbury
  117. Smith, Josiah T., Croslands, Barrow-in-Furness
  118. Smith, Lydia, The Laurels, Dunmow, Essex
  119. Smith, Mary Ann, Chroley Place, Lichfield
  120. Smith, R. Alexander, Redholme, Richmond
  121. Smith, R. Wagstaff, Heath Road, Harborne, Birmingham
  122. Smith, Rivers R., Royston, Herts
  123. Smith, S. P., 17 Price Street, Liverpool
  124. Smith, Sampson, Meir Villas, Longton
  125. Smith, Thomas, 35 Bradford Street, Walsall
  126. Smith, Walter, 28 Scarisbrick Street, Southport
  127. Smith, Walter P., Lostwithiel
  128. Smith, William H., Halliford, Shepperton
  129. Smith & Co., George, 9 Commercial Road, Pimlico
  130. Smither, Stephen, Down House, Odiham
  131. Smiths & Gore, 16 Whitehall Place, London
  132. Smyth, Major-General J. H., C.B., J.P., Frimhurst, Farnborough
  133. Smyth-Pigott, Blanche, Brockley Hall, Bristol
  134. Smythe, Lewis, St. Anne’s House, Lewes
  135. Snelgrove, John, 13 Holland Park, Notting Hill, W.
  136. Snelling, Edward, Waltham House, Winchester
  137. Sneyd, Rev. Walter, J.P., Keele Hall, Newcastle-under-Lyme
  138. Sneyd, Dryden H., J.P., Ashcombe Park, Leek
  139. Soames, Stephens, J.P., Cranford Hall, Kettering
  140. Somerville, J. H., Bloxwich, Walsall
  141. Southard, A., Fern Lodge, Ascot, Surrey
  142. Southerden, Holland, Hailsham, Sussex
  143. Southey, A. J., Colnbrook, Slouth
  144. Southwell, Horace B., Fairfield, Bridgnorth
  145. Spackman, Henry, Bloomfield House, Bath
  146. Spain, Henry G., High Street, Deal
  147. Sparrow, John E., Anne Street, Newbridge, Wolverhampton
  148. Sparrow, John W., Beckminster House, Wolverhampton
  149. Speakman, C. E., 129 Nantwich Road, Crewe
  150. Spenceley, Castle, Elm House, Knowsley, Prescott
  151. Spencer, David, Warwick Row, Coventry
  152. Spencer, Henry, 37 Earl Street, Coventry
  153. Spencer, John, Chelmscote, Brailes, Shipston-on-Stour
  154. Spink, Joseph, Stafford Street, Wolverhampton
  155. Spode, Joseiah, J.P., D.L., Hawkesyard Park, Rugeley
  156. Spooner, Edwin C., Portland Square, Plymouth
  157. Sprakeling, R. J., 3 Derby Road, Bootle, Liverpool
  158. Spruce, William, Wall Heath, Dudley
  159. Squarey, A. T., Dock Office, Liverpool
  160. St. Aubyn, M., Monk’s Grove, Chertsey
  161. Stacey, E., Penenden Cottage, Maidstone
  162. Stafford, J. F., M.D., Rose Villa, Windlesham, Bagshot, Surrey
  163. Standley, Frederick W., Wymondham, Norfolk
  164. Stanier, Mary, Madeley Manor, Newcastle-under-Lyme
  165. Stanley, Edward, The Height, Grange-over-Sands
  166. Stanley, H. A., 5 vicarage Place, Walsall
  167. Stanley, Henry, jun., Upton, Shifnal
  168. Stanley, Joseph, Norwich
  169. Stansfeld, Rev. John, J.P., Coniston Vicarage, Skipton-in-Craven
  170. Starling, Nainby, Saffron Walden, Essex
  171. Startin, Thomas, Benacre Street, Birmingham
  172. Steed, Henry, Royal Sussex Hotel, Tunbridge Wells
  173. Steele, Robert, The Old Rectory, Odd Rode, Cheshire
  174. Steggall, Frederick C., Rodwell Lodge, Weymouth
  175. Stelfox, George, High Street, Winsford
  176. Stephen, R. F., High Cross House, St. Austell
  177. Stephens, C. D., Crandford Lodge, Cranford, Middlesex
  178. Stephens, Clement, The Willows, Bourne End, Maidenhead
  179. Stephens, Edward, Ilminster, Somerset
  180. Stephens, Edward W., Southgate, Maidstone
  181. Stephens, Joseph, 48 Bradford Street, Walsall
  182. Stephenson, William H., Derwent Place, Blackburn
  183. Stevens, George A., Thorpe Hamlet, Norwich
  184. Stevens, James, The Woodlands, Birchfields, Birmingham
  185. Stevens, Robert, Woodstock, Oxon
  186. Stevens, T. Woodhouse, Yarnton, Oxford
  187. Stevenson, Thomas S., Clenchwarton, King’s Lynn
  188. Stevenson, W. A., Zetland Buildings, Middlesborough
  189. Stewart, A. W., High Street, King’s Lynn
  190. Stewart, Houston, C.E., Great Barr, Walsall
  191. Stewart, John, Pennfields, Wolverhampton
  192. Stewart, M., Sandringham, King’s Lynn
  193. Stewart, W. M., Derby Square, Douglas, Isle of Man
  194. Stewart, William, Market Square, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent
  195. Stilwell, Henry, M.D., Moorcroft House, Hillington, Middlesex
  196. Stimpson, R. H., Imperial Brewery, Uxbridge
  197. Stirrup, J. R., Meir House, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent
  198. Stockdale, E. O., Queen Street, King’s Lynn
  199. Stocker, Alexander D., The Villas, Stoke-on-Trent
  200. Stockings, George, Oxford Hill, Norwich
  201. Stockley, Thomas, 17 Water Street, Liverpool
  202. Stokes, John H., Great Bowden House, Market Harborough
  203. Stokes, S., Fairyfield, Great Barr, Birmingham
  204. Stone, Thomas, 73 Bridge Road West, Battersea
  205. Storr, Henry, Branchley, Kent
  206. Stourton, Henry, Holme Hall, York
  207. Strangways, Captain E. L., R.N., Oak Park, Dawlish
  208. Streatfield, Richard J., J.P., The Rocks, Uckfield
  209. Strickland, William, Holley Lodge, Hailsham, Sussex
  210. Stringer, A. Dudley, The Leasowes, Moseley, Birmingham
  211. Stringer, Edwin H., Beech Moutn, Edbaston, Birmingham
  212. Strongitharm, Major George, Rushall, Walsall
  213. Strongitharm, Augustus H., Newbarns, Barrow-in-Furness
  214. Stroud, J. W., 66 High Street, Gosport
  215. Stuart, Peter, jun., Elm House, Seaforth, Liverpool
  216. Stuart, Richard, Tithebarn Street, Liverpool
  217. Stubbs, J. R., Coatham, Redcar
  218. Styan, Captain Arthur, 28 Norfolk Crescent, Hyde Park, W.
  219. Styan, Harry S., 4a Albany Piccadilly, W.
  220. Style, Albert, Hayle Cottage, Maidstone
  221. Suffield, Thomas, Tanfield Lodge, Bedale
  222. Surman, J. S., J.P., Swindon Hall, Cheltenham
  223. Sutherland, Gilbert W., LL.D., 13 Wilson Patten Street, Warrington
  224. Sutton, Daniel S., Newport House, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent
  225. Sutton, Francis, Lakenham Terrace, Norwich
  226. Sutton, Thomas, 3 Palmyra Square, Warrington
  227. Swan, Captain J. G., Upsall Hall, Middlesborough
  228. Swann, John, 3 Rose Cottages, Cheltenham
  229. Swatman, Francis J., Nelson Street, King’s Lynn
  230. Swayne, R. A., The Dingle, Small Heath, Birmingham
  231. Swayne, Walter T., Ynyswytryn, Glastonbury
  232. Swinburne, Edmund, King Street, Knutsford
  233. Swire, Samuel, J.P., Crown House, Southport
  234. Sykes, Margaret, Boltgate House, Eastoft, Goole
  235. Symington, Samuel, Market Harborough
  236. Symington, William, Market Harborough
  237. Symonds, R. J., 10 Honey Hill, Bury St. Edmunds
  238. Symons, Anna H., Myon House, Land’s End
  239. Symons, George H., Bar Terrace, Falmouth


  1. Tailby, Edward, Church Hill, Handsworth, Birmingham
  2. Tailby, James, Bristol STreet, Birmingham
  3. Tailby, John, 42 Belgrave Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham
  4. Tams, John, Ricardo Street, Dresden, Stoke-on-Trent
  5. Tanner, Daniel, Long Newnton, Tetbury, Gloucestershire
  6. Tanner, Richard H., Skipton Magna, Tetbury, Gloucestershire
  7. Tapley, A. M., Queen Street, Deal
  8. Tapley, S. G., Globe Hotel, Great Torrington
  9. Tapper, William, 13 Marine Parade, Dawlish
  10. Tate, A. Norman, 7 Hackin’s Hey, Liverpool
  11. Tayloe, Edward, South Loedge, Clapham Common, S.
  12. Taylor, Charles T., 11 Bushell Place, Preston
  13. Taylor, F. H. H., The Square, Emsworth, Sussex
  14. Taylor, George, The Terrace, Leighton Buzzard
  15. Taylor, Henry, 2 Pepper Street, Chester
  16. Taylor, Herbert, Saffron Walden, Essex
  17. Taylor, J. O. Howard, Walpole House, Thorpe, Norwich
  18. Taylor, James, 18 Newgate Street, Chester
  19. Taylor, James, J.P., Whitley Hall, Wigan
  20. Taylor, James J. B., 20 Queen’s Street, Ulverston
  21. Taylor, John, 23 Daulby Street, Liverpool
  22. Taylor, John, 32a Rectory Place, Woowich
  23. Taylor, R. Minton, Hartshill, Stoke-on-Trent
  24. Taylor, Thomas, Beachfield, Birkdale, Southport
  25. Taylor, W. H., Clipstone House, Hounslow
  26. Taylor, William, Lenworth, Maidstone
  27. Taylor, William G., Teddington, Middlesex
  28. Teague, William, jun., Tincroft House, Redruth
  29. Teague, William H., North Hill House, Torpoint, Devenport
  30. Teare, Richard, Glentrammon, Ramsay, Isle of Man
  31. Teebay, Robert G., 8a Lord Street, Liverpool
  32. Tellet, Frederick S., M.D., Ramsay, Isle of Man
  33. Tennyson, Captain J., Cambridge Park, Twickenham
  34. Terry, G. T., The Firs, Dudley
  35. Terry, W. L., 21 High Street, Coventy
  36. Thackthwaite, H. H., Holland Lodge, Hanworth, Middlesex
  37. Thatcher, James, Elruge, West Drayton
  38. Thirlby, Frederick, Broadlands, Romsay, Hants
  39. Thistlethwaite, J. A., 13 Queen’s Terrace, Middlesborough
  40. Thom, William, M.A., Harwarden Hall, Chester
  41. Thomas, Edwin, The Chesnuts, Wooburn, Bucks
  42. Thomas, Eliza, The Elms, Bourne End, Maidenhead
  43. Thomas, George, Bloxwich, Walsall
  44. Thomas, Joel, 3 Carlton Place, Cheltenham
  45. Thomas, Owen R., Belmont, Twickenham
  46. Thomas, Richard, jun., Bloxwich, Walsall
  47. Thomas, Richard D., Tolverth House, Gulval, Penzance
  48. Thomason, John, Westwood House, Handswoth, Birmingham
  49. Thompson, Rev. George T., Heacham Vicarage, King’s Lynn
  50. Thompson, John, Badminton, Chippenham
  51. Thompson, Joseph, Montrose Villa, Ashton, Preston
  52. Thompson, Stephen, Penn Manor, Wolverhampton
  53. Thompson, Stephen, Union Hote, Liverpool
  54. Thompson, Stephen J., 14 Waterloo Road South, Wolverhampton
  55. Thompson, William, 12 Valinger’s Road, King’s Lynn
  56. Thompson, William, Gloucester Row, Weymouth
  57. Thomson, George, Ellingham House, Cheltenham
  58. Thomson, John, Kingswinford, Dudley
  59. Thomson, Wiliiam, Wrenbury, Nantwich, Cheshire
  60. Thomson, William, M.D., Westgate, Peterborough
  61. Thorne, Edward H., Haughton, Shifnal
  62. Thorneycroft, Lieut.-Col. T., J.P., D.L., Tettenhall, Wolverhampton
  63. Thornton, Reginald, Birkin House, Dorchester
  64. Thornycroft, John J., Eyot Villa, Chiswick
  65. Thrale, Richard A., George Street, Croydon
  66. Threlfall, Henry, 83 Lord Street, Southport
  67. Throup, John, Black Horse Hotel, Skipton-in-Craven
  68. Tibbetts, Edward, Islip, Oxon
  69. Tickle, William, 79 Naylor Street, Liverpool
  70. Tillett, Edward A., Unthank Road, Norwich
  71. Tillotson, Robert, Mount House, Burns STreet, Nottingham
  72. Tilly, Charles E., Claremont House, Maidenhead
  73. Tilly, Harry, Boslowick, Falmouth
  74. Timmis, John, Rugeley
  75. Timmis, Joseph, Meaford Old Hall, Stone
  76. Timothy, P. V., Dalkeith Street, Barrow-in-Furness
  77. Tindal, Acton, Aylesbury, Bucks
  78. Tizard, George, Daish’s Hotel, Shanklin, Isle of Wight
  79. Todd, George, High Street, Bideford
  80. Toller, W. H., Barnstaple
  81. Tollerton, W. R., M.D., Sherston Magna, Malmesbury
  82. Tomlinson, Richard, Nelson Villas, Gunnersbury, Middlesex
  83. Tommas, Robert, Winson Green, Birmingham
  84. Tommas, Robert J., Winson Green, Birmingham
  85. Tomson, Albert S., Grey Friar’s Green, Coventry
  86. Tonkin, Captain James, Blandford Villa, Mannamead, Plymouth
  87. Toole, J. L., London
  88. Toomer, John, Apsley House, Swindon, Wilts
  89. Tootell, George H. L., West Cliff, Preston
  90. Tooth, Frederick, 36 St. Aubyns, Brighton
  91. Tooth, John, 38 St. Aubyns, Brighton
  92. Topham, F. W., The Poplars, Hill Top, West Bromwich
  93. Toplass, Williams S., St. John’s, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent
  94. Torr, Elizabeth, Garbrand Hall, Ewell, Surrey
  95. Townsend, Joseph, Bull Hotel, Preston
  96. Treffry, J. de Courcy, Place, Fowey
  97. Trench & Murray, 21 Whitehall Place, S.W.
  98. Trethewy, William, Tregoose, Brobus, Truro
  99. Trevail, Silvanus, Tywardreath, St. Austell
  100. Treweek, James, Chatham Cottage, Falmouth
  101. Trezise, W. R., Marazion
  102. Trimble, Robert, M.D., Walton-le-Dale, Preston
  103. Trimmer, George, Farnham, Surrey
  104. Trollope & Sons, George, Halkin Street West, London
  105. Trumper, Richard, The Warren, Hanwell
  106. Trythall, William, 3 St. Mary’s Place, Penzance
  107. Tuck, Cranston, Highgate Street, Birmingham
  108. Tucker, Admiral J. Jervis, J.P., Trematon Castle, Saltash
  109. Tudor, Mary, Park House, Lapley, Penkridge
  110. Tudway, C., Cirencester
  111. Tugwell, H. W., J.P., Crowe Hall, Bath
  112. Tuke, Harrington, M.D., The Manor House, Chiswick
  113. Turner, Henry, 14 Eaton Road, Claughton, Birkenhead
  114. Turner, Hubert F., North Town, Maidenhead
  115. Turner, J. Edward, Avishayes, Gunnersbury, Chiswick
  116. Turner, John, Oaklands, Wimbledon Park, Surrey
  117. Turner, R. S., 1 Park Square, Regent’s Park, London
  118. Turner, Thomas, 19 Market Street, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent
  119. Turner, William, 230 Lodge Road, Birmingham
  120. Turner, William, Bromesis, Carnarvon
  121. Turney, John, Alexandra Park, Nottingham
  122. Turney, William J., Park Hill, Stourbridge
  123. Turpin, Thomas J., 4 South John Street, Liverpool
  124. Tussaud, Victor F., 58 Baker Street, London, W.
  125. Tuttiett, H. B., M.D., Montpellier House, Ventnor, Isle of Wight
  126. Tweedy, Charles, Redruth
  127. Tweedy, Robert M., Falmouth
  128. Twigg, Henry, Weeping Cross, Stafford
  129. Twigg, W. B., Morton House, Colwich, Stafford
  130. Twist, Charles, 224 Coventry Road, Small Heath, Birmingham
  131. Tyacke, Rev. J. Sidney, The Vicarage, Helston
  132. Tyler, J. B., Bear Hotel, Maidenhead
  133. Tyrer, Alfred, 46 Hanover Street, Liverpool
  134. Tyrrell, Captain George, Fordhook, Ealing, W.
  135. Tyrrell, John, The Hurst, Harborne, Birmingham


  1. Udall, William, jun., 329 Bristol Road, Birmingham
  2. Upcher, Henry R., J.P., D.L., Sherringham Hall, Cromer


  1. Vanderkiste, R. J., 33 Slatey Road, Cloughton, Birkenhead
  2. Varley, John, Swadford Street, Skipton-in-Craven
  3. Vass, George, 8 Gloucester Place, Liverpool
  4. Vaughan, Edward M., Lapley, Penkridge
  5. Vaughan, Henry, Wood Street, Willenhall, Wolverhampton
  6. Vaughan, R., The Lindens, Handsworth, Birmingham
  7. Veale, Rev. William C., Hampton House, Clevedon, Somerset
  8. Veevers, Richard, Woningworth, Preston
  9. Veevers, S. J., Brakenbury House, Skipton-in-Craven
  10. Venn, Alfred E., Athelney, Erith, Kent
  11. Verdin, W. H., Highfield House, Winsford
  12. Vergette, Edward, jun., North Street, Peterborough
  13. Vergette, Francis, Market Place, Peterborough
  14. Vergette, William, Long Causeway, Peterborough
  15. Verity, Arthur H., 9 Duke Street, St. James’, S.W.
  16. Vernon, Arthur, Borshams, High Wycombe, Buck
  17. Vernon, J., Tushingham House, Whitchurch, Cheshire
  18. Verrall, Frank, St. Michael’s, Lewes
  19. Vickers, J. S., High Street, Harwarden
  20. Victor, R. R., Cornwall Terrace, Penzance
  21. Viles, Edward, Pendryl Hall, Codsall, Wolverhampton
  22. Villar, H., Cheltenham
  23. Villar, J., jun., Notgrove Villa, Cheltenham
  24. Vinall, Isaac, High Street, Lewes
  25. Vincent, Henry, High Street, Southampton
  26. Vincent, John, 86 St. Mary Street, Weymouth
  27. Vowe, T. W., Hillside, Great Marlow
  28. Vye, Nathaniel, J.P., Rosemount, Ilfracombe
  29. Vyvyan, E. W., J.P., Chandos Villa, Cheltenham


  1. Wace, George, College Hill, Shrewsbury
  2. Wacher, J. J., 11 St. George’s Terrace, Herne Bay
  3. Wacher, Thomas, Wincheap, Canterbury
  4. Waddington, Joseph, Mapfield, Roose, Barrow-in-Furness
  5. Wade, John, Trongille, Bournmouth
  6. Wade-Gery, C. R., St. Neots
  7. Wainwright, B., 21 Oxford Street, Liverpool
  8. Wainwright, Thomas T., Leigh Street, Liverpool
  9. Walcott, Lyons R, Maidenhead
  10. Wales, T. Gurneys, Downham Market
  11. Walford, John S., Rose Hill, Handsworth, Birmingham
  12. Walker, David, 11 Dale Street, Liverpool
  13. Walker, Edward, 3 Montpelier Terrace, Liverpool
  14. Walker, Edward J., 48 Sloane Street, S.W.
  15. Walker, George F., Nechells Cottage, Saltley Road, Birmingham
  16. Walker, Mary, Stowell Park, Cheltenham
  17. Walker, R. G., Lester Place, Tower Street, Dudley
  18. Walker, Robert, Melrose Cottage, Norwich
  19. Walker, Stephen, Park Lodge, Brentford
  20. Walker, William, 70 Park Road South, Birkenhead
  21. Wallis, George A., C.E., Blackwater Lodge, Eastbourne
  22. Wallis, John, Kettering
  23. Wallis, Richard, J.P., Eastlands, Basingstoke
  24. Wallis, Thomas, Kettering
  25. Wallis, W. L., The Wish, Eastbourne
  26. Walmisley, Captain John, Hoghton, Preston
  27. Walmisley, Ellen, Broughton Cottage, Preston
  28. Walmisley, T. W., 118 Hanover Street, Portsea
  29. Walmisley, William, Marsh Villas, Over Darwen
  30. Walsh, George, Orchard Mill, Over Darwen
  31. Walter, Charles A., Zetland Villa, Hammersmith
  32. Walter, Frederick J., 195 London Road, Liverpool
  33. Walters, Albert S., 21 High Street, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent
  34. Walters, William A., 137 Bath Row, Birmingham
  35. Wane, Marshall, Finch Road, Douglas, Isle of Man
  36. Wansbrough, G. B., West Mount, Barrow-in-Furness
  37. Ward, James C., Holme Lodge, Stanwell, Middlesex
  38. Ward, Owen C., Willey Park, Farnham Surrey
  39. Ward, Robert A., Zetland House, Ray Park, Maidenhead
  40. Ward, William, Aylesbury, Bucks
  41. Ward, William H., Soho Road, Handsworth, Birmingham
  42. Warden, Francis H., Sawbridge House, Handsworth, Birmingham
  43. Warklaby, W. Wade, Market Harborough
  44. Warn, William, Tetbury, Gloucestershire
  45. Warner, E., Bowldown, Tetbury, Goucestershire
  46. Warner, W., Nesley, Tetbury, Gloucestershire
  47. Warner, William W., St. Ives
  48. Warraker, George S., Duke Street, Barrow-in-Furness
  49. Warren, E. S. H., Great Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent
  50. Warren, Frederick, St. Ives, Hants
  51. Warren, Joseph, Market Place, East Dereham
  52. Waterer, John, Bagshot, Surrey
  53. Waterer, Michael, Belle Vue House, Bagshot, Surrey
  54. Waterer, Robert, Chertsey
  55. Waters, Reynolds, 59 South Bank Road, Southport
  56. Waters, Susan, Gyllyngdune, Falmouth
  57. Watkinson, William J., 28 Bold Street, Southport
  58. Watson, Abraham, Lee Manor House, Tring
  59. Watson, James, J.P., Langley House, Slough
  60. Watson, Matthew, Bank Parade, Burnley
  61. Watson, William, Farnell, Redlees, Isleworth, Middlesex
  62. Watts, Francis, Stoneleigh, Newton, Abbot
  63. Watts, W. H., St. Michael’s Hamlet, Liverpool
  64. Wavish, Richard, 2 Alexandra Terrace, Torpoint, Devonport
  65. Way, William A., Kenilworth House, Southsea
  66. Waylen, G. S. A., High Street, Devizes
  67. Wayling, G. C., 85 Whiting Street, Bury St. Edmunds
  68. Webb, C. Frere, New Street, Basingstoke
  69. Webb, Henry, Belmont House, Stoke-Newington, N.
  70. Webb, L. E., Great Barr, Birmingham
  71. Webb, M. J., Summer Hill House, Kingswinford, Dudley
  72. Webb, W. F., J.P, Newstead Abbey, Nottingham
  73. Webb, William G., Woodfield, Kingswinford, Dudley
  74. Webber, F. G. J., Cheglinch, Ilfracombe
  75. Webber, L .C., Ineledon, High Street, Ilfracombe
  76. Welch, Alfred, Southall, Middlesex
  77. Welham, John C., 64 Denmark Road, Lowestoft
  78. Wellborne, Charles, 12 North Terrace, Camberwell
  79. Weller, Edward, The White House, Amersham, Bucks
  80. Weller, William, Spingfield, Hughenden, Bucks
  81. Wellings, Joseph, New Priestfield, Willenhall, Wolverhampton
  82. Wells, Anne E., Warkton, Kettering
  83. Wells, Frederick, Oaklands, Chelmsford
  84. Wells, George, Langley Place, Small Health, Birmingham
  85. Wells, Henry C., Broomfield House, Chelmsford
  86. Wells, Thomas, Russell Road, Moseley, Birmingham
  87. Welsby, W., Houghton Street, Southport
  88. Welsh, F. F., Saffron Walden, Essex
  89. Welstead, B., Kimbolton House, Kimbolton, Hants
  90. Wenn, Thomas H., Dial House, Downham Market
  91. West, Eliza, 19 Queen’s Road, Southport
  92. West, William, St. Blazey
  93. Westaway, Mark, Old Inn Brewery, Great Torrington
  94. Westbrook, Edward, 34 Mathew Street, Liverpool
  95. Weston, Arthur, Brackley, Northants
  96. Weston, John, Market Place, Northwich
  97. Weston, William, Adstock Fields, Winslow, Oxon
  98. Whale, W. E., 23 Aldermanbury, London
  99. Whall, W. B., St. John’s Terrace, King’s Lynn
  100. Wheatsone, C. P., 51 Torriano Avenue, N.W.
  101. Wheeler, Thomas, High Wycombe, Bucks
  102. Whitby, George, The Limes, Little Missenden, Bucks
  103. White, Alfred D., Avenue House, West Drayton
  104. White, Archibald, Dorking
  105. White, Charles, Norton, Southport
  106. White, Charles A., Dorking
  107. White, David, Basingstoke
  108. White, Edward, Warstone Lane, Birmingham
  109. White, George, Unthank Road, Norwich
  110. White, Henry B., Bank Villa, Warrington
  111. White, Monckton, Thorne House, St. Albans
  112. White, R. Wentworth, St. Giles Street, Norwich
  113. White, William, Quelfurlong, Tetbury
  114. White & Berry, 1 Halkin Street, London, S.W.
  115. Whitehall, George, Portsea
  116. Whitehead, F. V., Doubleton, Penshurst, Kent
  117. Whitehouse, F. J., Stafford Street, Walsall
  118. Whitehouse, James, Burnt Tree, Tipton, Dudley
  119. Whitfield, F. B., Old Bank, Lewes
  120. Whitfield, James, Golden Hillock, Small Heath, Birmingham
  121. Whitley, John, Wilderspool, Warrington
  122. Whittaker, Edmund F., Springfield House, Blackburn
  123. Whittaker, Thomas, J.P., Prospect Hill, Walton-le-dale, Preston
  124. Whitton, William, Towcester, Northants
  125. Whitty, Charles R., Minna Lodge, Hunstanton St. Edmunds
  126. Whitworth, Henry, M.D., St. Agnes, Scorrier, Redruth
  127. Wickenden, John, Queen Street, Gravesend
  128. Wicksteed, Frances Wm., Chester House, Weston-super-Mare
  129. Wight, C. Boycott, Rudge Hall, Wolverhampton
  130. Wilcox, Frank, 3 Abbey Churchyard, Bath
  131. Wilcox, R., Wilson, Aylesbury, Bucks
  132. Wild, William, Exchange Alley, Liverpool
  133. Wiling, George F. Button, M.D., The Woodloes, Grove Park, Chisick
  134. Wilkes, Job, Lonsdale House, Walsall
  135. Wilkins, W., Westgate, Peterborough
  136. Wilkinson, George, Holt, Cromer
  137. Wilkinson, J. R., Burnside, Skipton-in-Craven
  138. Wilkinson, Samuel, Spring Hill, Walsall
  139. Willacy, Robert, Penwortham Priory, Preston
  140. Willcock, Robert, Stourbridge, Kiddermisnster
  141. Willett, E. Sparshall, M.D., Wyke House, Isleworth
  142. Willett, George W., 2 Royal Crescent, Brighton
  143. Williams, Charles, Moseley Lodge, Birmingham
  144. Williams, Charles H., Devonshire House, Moseley, Birmingham
  145. Williams, Edward, 10 Denmark Road, Walsall
  146. Williams, Frederick, Exchange Place, Middlesborough
  147. Williams, Georgiana S., Eaglehurst, Bathford, Bath
  148. Williams, John, Birchills, Walsall
  149. Williams, R. H., C.E., Cuddra House, St. Austell
  150. Williams, Thomas, Wooburn, Bucks
  151. Williams, Walter, J.P., Sugnall Hall, Eccleshall, Stafford
  152. Williamson, Henry, Chace Town, Walsall
  153. Willis, Cottingham, Holly Cottage, West Winch, King’s Lynn
  154. Willis, Frederick, 45 Binfield Road, Clapham, S.
  155. Willmore, F. W., Hatherton Street, Walsall
  156. Willows, John G., Rushton, Kettering
  157. Wills, George, 1 Norwood Terrace, Nelson Road, Southsea
  158. Willshire, Charles S., J.P., Taw Vale Parade, Barnstaple
  159. Willson, Thomas, Knaptoft House, Oundle
  160. Wilmot, John, Derwent Lodge, Spring Grove, Isleworth
  161. Wilson, Rev. J. R., Broadoaks, Windermere
  162. Wilson, Edward, Broughton House, Preston
  163. Wilson, James, Glen Avon, Lansdown, Bath
  164. Wilson, John, The Priory, Cheltenham
  165. Wilson, John H., Woodville, Lansdown, Bath
  166. Wilson, T. Newby, The Landing, Ulverston
  167. Wilson, William, Grafton House, Leyland Road, Lee, Kent
  168. Wilton, George, Spring Gardens, Wadebridge
  169. Wilton, Thomas, Hampton Hall, Bath
  170. Windover, C. S., Huntingdon
  171. Windridge, James, 1 Swanwell Terrace, Coventry
  172. Winslow, Thomas, Park Road, Dorking
  173. Winter, W. G., Goodcop, Thorne, Doncaster
  174. Wintle, James, 7 Barton Street, Gloucester
  175. Winton, H. Hare, Round House, Weybridge
  176. Withy, John, Tyndall Villa, Bath
  177. Witts, Rev. William F., Ringwood Vicarage, Hants
  178. Womersley, J., Thorpe Hamlet, Norwich
  179. Womersley, John, Thorpe Hamlet, Norwich
  180. Wood, Ambrose, Regent House, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent
  181. Wood, C. B., Corn Exchange Chambers, Chester
  182. Wood, Frederick, 9 Riding Street, Southport
  183. Wood, George, Mill House, Wraysbury, Middlesex
  184. Wood, George F., Downham Market
  185. Wood, H. T., Fittleworth, Pulborough
  186. Wood, Henry G., Tetbury, Gloucestershire
  187. Wood, James, Haigh, Wigan
  188. Wood, John C. S., 23 and 25 Queen Victoria Street, E.C.
  189. Wood, L. Lambert, Bury Place House, Gosport
  190. Wood, Percy, 91 Denmark Hill, Surrey
  191. Wood, T. F., Wood Street, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent
  192. Wood, W. P., M.D., Woodville, Warrington
  193. Woodbridge, H. W., Old Bank, Uxbridge
  194. Woodbridge, Thomas A., St. Dunstans, Brentford
  195. Woodcock, Herbert S., The Elms, Wigan
  196. Woodger, G. E., 50 Westmorland Terrace, Newcastle-onTyne
  197. Woodhouse, Benjamin, 36 Blake Street, Barrow-in-Furness
  198. Woodhouse, Samuel, 117 Henry Street, Liverpool
  199. Woodman, M. H., The Priory, Langley, Slough
  200. Woods, Arthur W., 101 Denmark Terrace, Brighton
  201. Woods, Edward W., Academy Street, Warrington
  202. Woods, John, Barton Seagrave, Kettering
  203. Woods, John F., County Asylum, Wells, Somerset
  204. Woods, W. Henry, 31 Newmarket Road, Norwich
  205. Woodward, A. H., The Firs, Northwood, Birmingham
  206. Woodward, John, Uckington, Cheltenham
  207. Woodward, Thomas, Edgmont Terrace, Lozells, Birmingham
  208. Woodwark, George S., Tuesday Market Place, King’s Lynn
  209. Wooldridge, John H., Hungerford, Berks
  210. Wootton, Edward G., Clifton House, Harborne, Birmingham
  211. Worsley, Rev. Edward, Evenley Vicarage, Brackley, Northants
  212. Worsley, Samuel, 15 Ivy Street, Birkenhead
  213. Worthington, Edward, Wrightington, Wigan
  214. Wray, N. Sophia, Tudor Lodge, Brixton, Surrey
  215. Wright, Arthur J., North Pallant, Chiheter
  216. Wright, Edwin, Dixon’s Green, Dudley
  217. Wright, George, Park Lane, Doncaster
  218. Wright, Sydney H., Great Marlow
  219. Wright, T. A., Estate Offices, Turnham Green
  220. Wright, Thomas H., Thames Bank, Great Marlow
  221. Wright, Thomas J. P., Laburnam Grove, Walsall
  222. Wright, W. R., Croston, Preston
  223. Wright, William, 65 Houndsgate, Nottingham
  224. Wyatt, F., 37 King’s Road, Southsea
  225. Wyatt, Matthew, 77 Great Russel Street, Covent Garden, W.C
  226. Wyatt, Oliver N., St. John Street, Chichester
  227. Wyatt, Robert, Acton Hill, Stafford
  228. Wyley, H. J., Bridgnorth
  229. Wyllie, Joseph H., 9 Gosvenor Street, Cheltenham
  230. Wynne, S. C., Dresden, Stoke-on-Trent
  231. Wynniatt, T. W., J.P., Stanton Court, Winchcombe, Cheltenham
  232. Wynter, D. R., M.D., Castle Hill, Kenilworth


  1. Yates, Edwin J., St. Paul’s Terrace, Wolverhampton
  2. Yates, James, 2 Fishergate, Preston
  3. Yates, John W., Glenthorne, Birches Green, Birmingham
  4. Yates, Sydney R., St. Alban’s, Blackburn
  5. Yates, William J., Green Lanes, Erdington, Birmingham
  6. Yeats, T. M., Central Chambers, Liverpool
  7. Yeeles, J. Wedgwood, The Cottage, Bathford, Bath
  8. Youlton, G. F., Fore Street, Devonport
  9. Young, A., High Street, Sevenoaks, Kent
  10. Young, Alexander W., Tettenhall College, Wolverhampton
  11. Young, Ellen, Rose Cottage, Cheadle, Staffordshire
  12. Young, Herbert, Dorking
  13. Young, James, The Limes, North End, Kingston, Hants
  14. Young, William David, West Bere, Canterbury
  15. Youngman, William, 64 High Street, Lowestoft


  1. Zillwood, A., The Abbey, Romsey, Hants

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