Annals of printing

The following are the dates of the principal events in connection with the History of printing:—

  1. 1451.—Printing introduced at Harlem by John Gutenberg.
  2. 1455.—The Mazarin Bible is printed by Gutenberg.
  3. 1457.—Faust and Schœffer print the Psalter.
  4. 1462.—Count Adolphus of Nassau takes Mentz, and compels the printers to remove to other towns, whereby the art is diffused.
  5. 1465.—Printing introduced at Subiaco, in Italy. The first book printed here contained the Greek characters among its quotations.
  6. 1466.‐Sweynheym and Pannartz establish the first press at Rome.
  7. 1467.—They introduce Roman types.
  8. 1468.—A book is said to have been printed at Oxford in this year, but the Librarian of the British Museum has satisfactorily proved it to be erroneous.
  9. 1469.—The first press is established at Paris, being the second in France, the first being introduced into Tours to years earlier.
  10. 1470.—“Signatures” are first employed by Antonio Zarot, at Milan.
  11. 1471.—Caxton, who sets up the first press in England, at Westminster, prints the “Game of Chesse,” which was finished in 1474.
  12. 1475.—Printing is introduced into Spain, at Barcelona.

    The first printed Almanack was composed by Regiomontanus, who received a munificent donation from the King of Hungary for his trouble.

  13. 1476.—The first work wholly in Greek type is printed in Milan.
  14. 1488.—The first Bible in Hebrew characters is printed at Sorocino in Italy.
  15. 1495.—The art of printing Music is introduced into England.
  16. 1500.—Aldus Manutius invents Italic type about this year.

    The first patent of King’s Printer was granted to Richard Pinson by Henry VII. He was afterwards succeeded by Thomas Berthelet.

  17. 1501.—Printing is introduced into Scotland.
  18. 1515.—Ottavio de Petrucci invents Music Printing from Metal Types.
  19. 1526.—The New Testament, being the first English Bible, is printed at Antwerp.
  20. 1539.—The Great, or Cromwell’s Bible, the first printed by authority in England.
  21. 1540.—The “Byrth of Mankynd,” the earliest English work in which Copper-plate Printing is employed, is printed.
  22. 1542.—The “Imprimerie Royale” is established at Paris by Francis I.
  23. 1551.—Humphrey Powell introduces printing into Ireland.
  24. 1560.—A Russian merchant introduced the art into that country, but it was some time before any progress was made.
  25. 1637.—By order of the Star-Chamber the businesses of Printer and Type Founder are ordered to be kept distinct, and only four Type Founders are permitted in the Kingdom.
  26. 1639.—Printing first performed in the United States of America by the Rev. Jesse Glover. It had previously been introduced by Stephen Daye, from London, in Massachusetts, but no work had been performed.
  27. 1720.—Type-founding is first practised with success in England by William Caslon.
  28. 1725.—Stereotype-printing is invented by Ged, of Edinburgh.
  29. 1726.—Printing is introduced into Turkey
  30. 1776.—The printing of Maps Moveable Types is invented by Conrad Sweynheym.
  31. 1778.—Henry Johnson invents Logographic Printing.
  32. 1780.—Tilloch invents an improved system of Stereotype.
  33. 1784.—Valentine Haüy invents Embossed Typography and applies it to Printing Books for the Blind.
  34. 1785.—The Daily Universal Register (afterwards The Times) is brought out, January 13, as a specimen of Logographic Printing.
  35. 1790.—W. Nicholson Patents a Self-acting Printing Machine.
  36. 1800.—Lord Stanhope invents the Stanhope Press.
  37. 1804.—König directs his attention towards the improvement of the Printing Press.
  38. 1811.—The sheet h of the “Annual Register” for 1810, printed in April, is the first work printed by a machine.
  39. 1814.—The Times is the first Steam-printed Newspaper. König’s machine being the first apparatus employed, Nov. 28th.
  40. 1815.—Composition Balls for Inking Type are invented by Benjamin Franklin.

    Cowper commences his inventions connected with the Press, and introduces the Inking Roller.

  41. 1817.—R. Ackerman introduces Lithographic Printing into England.
  42. 1818.—George Clymer, of Philadelphia, patents the Columbian Press in London.

    Applegath takes out a Patent for Improvements in Cylindrical Printing Machines.

  43. 1827.—Gall, of Edinburgh, invents a system of Printing for the Blind.
  44. 1840.—Anastatic Printing introduced.
  45. 1852.—Andrew Worsing, of Vienna, invents Nature Printing.
  46. 1858.—Hoe’s American Printing Machine is introduced into England.
  47. 1862.—Grüner’s Folding, Stitching, and Glazing Machine introduced into England.
  48. 1863.—Bonelli’s Printing Telegraph invented.

    The Printer’s Register (proprieter, Mr. Jos. M. Powell) is established.

  49. 1869.—Marinoni’s French Printing Machines are introduced into England.

    Bullock’s French Printing Machine is introduced into England, and used for the first time in printing the London Daily Telegraph in December.

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