Picturesque Views of Seats of Great Britain and Ireland

A complete reproduction and restoration of the six-volume collection of country mansions in idyllic landscapes

In 1880, author F.O. Morris partnered with illustrator Alexander Lydon and printer Benjamin Fawcett to compile A Series of Picturesque Views of Seats of Noblemen and Gentlemen of Great Britain and Ireland. The six-volume set comprises detailed illustrations of country mansions in idyllic surrounding landscapes accompanied by descriptions of their architecture, artworks adorning the interior, owners? lineage, and geography.

This reproduction was created in an effort to breathe new life into an aging classic and make it more widely available. The original books are still available from many sellers but many are missing a couple volumes and while they’ve been excellently preserved over the past 100+ years, the illustrations have weathered with time. By restoring them and reproducing them here, the hope is that others will enjoy taking a journey across Great Britain and Ireland to explore beautiful architecture.

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Illustration of Alnwick Castle

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Published October 13, 2019

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