Painted Sandwiches

555 Recipes from 1909 and 1927

Eva Green Fuller’s Up-To-Date Sandwich Book from 1909 contains 400 sandwich recipes ranging from fried oysters to orange marmalade. It was later expanded in 1927 with 155 additional recipes. Each recipe was written in a brief no-frills manner using simple ingredients readily available at the time.

Painted Sandwiches includes illustrations for all 555 original recipes, using simple painted brushstrokes to represent each ingredient. Painted ingredients are stacked as sandwiches in the order they appear in each recipe, starting from the bottom.

A poster of the entire sandwich collection is also available for sandwich-lovers everywhere.

  • White bread
  • Butter
  • Lettuce
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Green pepper
  • Thousand island dressing
Tomato Sandwich Egg & Green Pepper Sandwich


Ingredients for all sandwiches are represented as brushtrokes with colors sampled from photos. Garnishes appear as smaller brushstrokes.


Explore the entire collection of painted sandwiches and their recipes.


Decorate your home with the entire collection of sandwiches from Eva Green Fuller’s Up-To-Date Sandwich Book.

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