The Color Printer


Showcasing all 239 color illustrations from John Earhart’s 1892 treatise on color printing in beautiful detail.

Of the many colors Earhart created, 166 were featured in his treatise. Collected here are the decorative illustrations Earhart created to showcase the best colors he produced: 112 two-color mixtures, 8 three-color mixtures, 16 half-tones made from mixing a full color or another mixture with white, and 30 tints. Additionally, he printed illustrations for 42 overprinted colors and 18 overprinted tints to show how two colors interacted with each other when they were overprinted instead of mixing.

His decorative illustrations and colors have been carefully reproduced from scans of the original publication below with descriptions of the colors used by number or name.

Closeup of poster showing details

Closeup of poster showing details