Genus Heliothrix Boié

This, like the last, is a very well-marked form, of which two species are natives of Central America and New Granada, one of the regions of the upper Rio Negro, and two of the rich country of Brazil. They are all distinguished by being decorated with beautiful blue tufts on the sides of the neck, relieved by glittering green cheeks and snowy breasts. In addition to this fine display of colours, two of them have rich blue crowns; there is yet another character common, I believe, to the whole—that of the tail of the females being much larger and more lengthened than that of the males; the young males, too, have this organ much more prolonged than the adult males; they have all peculiarly sharp wedge-shaped bills, lengthened wings, and small feet. Judging from these points in their structure, I believe these birds to be endowed with the power of more rapid flight than any other members of the family.

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