Blog posts tagged “CSS”

Apple's clever counter
April 11, 2009

Apple's counting down to it's one billionth app downloaded and while that's amazing, what intrigued me wasn't the milestone but how they did that neat flipping effect with the counter. It's surprisingly simple.

CSS variables on the horizon
April 9, 2008

Apple and Disruptive Innovations submitted a proposal today for CSS variables and I'm excited to see this first step taken. Having the ability to define variables in CSS is something I and just about every other designer have wanted for quite some time.

CSS Naked Day 2008
April 9, 2008

Like many sites around the world, I'm stripping the site for the third annual CSS Naked Day. It's a tribute to Web designers and Web standards. Without either, I wouldn't have a job!

Drop caps in the wild
March 1, 2008

Anyone who's created drop caps on Web sites knows they can be challenging to say the least. Every browser displays them their own way, requiring a variety of CSS hacks or conditional comments to give them some semblance of what was originally designed. The other day, I came across an obscure variation of the :first-letter inheritance bug present in IE that had me really scratching my head.

Tips for organizing your CSS
September 10, 2006

While CSS is a powerful technology, managing it can be tricky—especially when working with someone else's style sheet or an old one you haven't looked at in a while. There's a lot going on in style sheets so organization is key. I've worked with CSS for several years now have developed a few simple techniques that work really well for me.

Check it, don't select it
December 17, 2005

Usability and accessibility are all the rage right now and that's great because it's slowly making the web a better place. Unfortunately, some of the goodies in our bags of tricks aren't quite up to snuff when it comes to these two areas. One such goody is the good old select element—specifically with the multiple attribute enabled. How about we do away with them and try something different?

April 16, 2005

I recieved an unexpected but wonderful email this afternoon. It was from Dave Shea and it informed me that my submission titled Zenfandel has been accepted into to the CSS Zen Garden as an official design.