Amazilia iodura

White-vented Amazili

Illustration not included in supplement volume

We have not seen an example of this Humming-bird, nor has Mr. Elliot, who refers it to the neighbourhood of A. mariæ and A. cyanura, but considers that the purplish-violet colour of the tail and the white under tail-coverts will serve to distinguish it.

The habitat is stated to be Colombia, and the following is a translation of the original description:—

Head, neck, breast, upper back, and wing-coverts brilliant green, the throat a little mixed with white; wings bluish green, very broadly edged with pale fulvous; tail bright purplish violet; abdomen fulvescent; vent white. Total length 3 inches 3 lines, wing 2 inches, tail 1 inch 2 lines, culmen 9 lines,

[R. B. S.]


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