Amazilia warszewiczi

Warszewicz’s Amazili

Illustration not included in supplement volume

As Amazilia sophiæ differs from A. saucerottii in the richer blue colouring of its upper and under tail-coverts and tail, so does this species differ from A. sophiæ in having the tail and its coverts both above and beneath of a still richer violet-blue.

It is also of a smaller size; and the green of its under surface is different from that of both, being purer and deeper. The examples in the Gould collection were obtained by M. Warszewicz on the banks of the Magdalena.

Mr. Elliot places the species in close proximity to A. sophiæ, from which it is said to differ in having the rump “green like the back,” instead of “bronzy purple.”

[R. B. S.]


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