Amazilia lucida

Elliot’s Amazili

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Mr. Elliot described the type of the species, which was said to be from Colombia, in the following words:—

This seems to be a very distinct species, belonging to that section of the Amaziliæ to which Cabanis gave the generic term of Pyrrophæna, and apparently comes nearest to the species generally known as P. devillei, Bourc., but differs from it, and, indeed, from every other member of the genus Amazilia, by the coloration of the tail and its coverts. The crown resembles somewhat that of the bird called by Mr. Gould Erythronota feliciæ; but there is no further resemblance between them save that, as with several others of these closely allied birds, the underparts are shining green.

Adult. Crown of head dark metallic grass-green; upper surface shining grass-green, lighter than the head. Upper tail-coverts golden bronze. Throat, breast, abdomen, and flanks metallic grass-green 5 a light mouse-coloured spot on the lower part of the abdomen. Thighs white, feathers fluffy. Under tail-coverts dark bronzy brown, edged with white. Wings dark purple. Tail reddish bronze, darkest on the centre portion of the feathers along the shafts, with the tips of the lateral rectrices bluish black, their edges reddish bronze. This bluish-black colour almost resolves itself into a subterminal bar, and is especially conspicuous on the underside of the tail. Bill apparently brownish red, perhaps flesh-coloar in life, with a dark tip. Total length 3\(\frac{1}{2}\) inches, wing 2\(\frac{1}{8}\), tail 1\(\frac{1}{4}\), culmen \(\frac{3}{4}\).

[R. B. S.]


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