Thalurania Eriphyle

Brazilian Wood-Nymph

Eastern Brazil

The Thalurania Eriphile is one of the two Brazilian representatives of the genus, the other being the T. glaucopis; and these, so far as I am aware, are the only species of the form inhabiting at least the eastern part of that great country.

The present bird is tolerably common both in Minas Geraes and Bahia, as is proved by the great numbers that are sent to Europe from those districts. It is a stout robust bird, not so graceful in form as many of its allies. Although the colouring is showy and attractive, the green of the crown must yield in brilliancy to that of its mountain representative, the T. verticeps.

In the T. Eriphile the entire face, ear-coverts and throat are uniform uninterrupted green, while the under surface is beautiful smalt-blue; and the shoulders are but slightly tipped with this hue, in which respect it differs from all its allies.

Although an inhabitant of that comparatively well-known country, Brazil, I find little or nothing has been recorded respecting its history, which is very singular, considering the numbers of scientific travellers that have visited that country.

Forehead, face and throat shining grass-green; upper surface deep green, washed with blue on the tips of the shoulders, and with bronze on the greater coverts of the wing and the upper coverts of the tail; under surface beautiful blue; wings purplish brown; tail bluish black.

The figures are of the natural size. The plant is the Galipea macrophylla.


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