Thalurania furcatoides

Para Wood-Nymph

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The species of Thalurania from the Lower Amazons seems to differ constantly from T. furcata of Cayenne in being smaller, in having the tail less forked, and the breast ultramarine blue instead of purplish blue.

We have seen some specimens from Para which bore out these differences; but whether it is true T. furcata or T. furcatoides which was procured by Natterer at Barro do Rio Nigro, only an examination of specimens can decide (cf. Pelzeln, Orn. Bras. p. 30).

The type of Th. forficata of Cabanis and Heine was sent from Berlin and examined by the late Mr. Gould, but he did not identify it for certain with his T. furcatoides. Messrs. Salvin and Elliot (l. c.) have, however, no doubt as to its being synonymous.

[R. B. S.]


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