Thalurania hypochlora

Citado Wood-Nymph

The discovery of this fine Wood-Nymph is due to Mr. Buckley, who procured both sexes at Citado, in Ecuador.

Soon afterwards these specimens came into my possession, and, I am happy to say, are in fine condition. If we examine the adult male it will be found that the crown of the head is a beautiful green like the under surface, the uniform green colour of which forms one of this bird’s chief characteristics. The Brazilian bird, Thalurania glaucopis, somewhat resembles it; but that bird has the crown blue and not green like T. hypochlora or many other Wood-Nymphs. It also has been compared to T. verticeps, and others have been considered somewhat like it. It is in the green colour of the crown being the same as that of the under surface that T. hypochlora differs from any other Wood-Nymph. As might be expected in a bird so recently discovered, nothing has been recorded of its habits, which must be like those of its near allies.

The colouring of the male may be thus described:—Three parts of the crown and entire underparts of the body a beautiful green; upper surface (that is, from the occiput to the tail-coverts) deep grassgreen, with a beautiful patch of blue on the shoulder extending for a short distance onto each side of the breast; under tail-coverts blackish blue, edged with white; bill black; feet brownish black.

Female. All the upper surface grass-green; throat, abdomen, and under tail-coverts grey, darker and inclining to green on the flanks; tail purplish black, slightly tipped with white, the white tipping being of lesser extent than on the outer feathers. Size rather less than that of male.

Total length of male 4 inches, bill \(\frac{7}{8}\), wing 2\(\frac{1}{2}\), tail 1\(\frac{3}{4}\).

Habitat. Citado, in Ecuador.

The Plate represents two males and a female, of the natural size.


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