Genus Thalurania Gould

If all genera were as well defined as that of Thalurania, the ornithologist would be far less perplexed than he frequently is with regard to the position of the species of which they are composed. All the members of this extensive group are characterized by great elegance of contour, the bill, wings, and tail being well proportioned, and in harmony with the size of the body; green and blue are the prevailing hues of the under-surface, while the crown and throat, and sometimes the shoulders, are ornamented with blue. The females are less elegant in form, and not so beautifully attired, all those parts which are green and blue in the males being, in every instance, I believe, of a dull grey.

The extent of country ranged over by the members of this group is very great: one, and one only, has been found to the north of Panama; the remainder inhabit all the countries southward to the latitude of Rio de Janeiro.


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